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How to fix ‘GPS signal not found’ error in Pokémon Go”

Have you played the very iconic Pokemon Go? If yes, Welcome to the tribe! Getting the Pokemon GO ‘GPS not found’ error? You’ve come to the right place!

We’d have never known how powerful is Augmented Reality if Pokemon Go hadn’t hit the floors. The game is crazy for how it fuses the world of Pokemon with that of yours and provides a real-time hunt. The excitement of finding and smashing down your favorite pokemons is exceptionally rare, to say the least. The game is definitely what a child in all of us would have ever craved for. 

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Pokemon Go GPS Signal Goes Pfft

Playing Pokemon Go requires a decent network connection. This means, as you play the game, you need Wi-Fi hotspots or tethering to have your Pokemon run continue in the right stride. There’ve been instances when people complained of getting ‘GPS signal not found’ error in Pokemon GO, which eventually led to an abrupt halt. And, this has usually happened when they launched the game.

If you’re also struggling to fix the issue, we’ve got you this guide. Inside this, you’ll find  8 easy fixes to get the signals back and make you return to grabbing your favorite pokemon. Here, we’ve highlighted separate solutions to the GPS issue on both Android and iPhone devices.

Check them out!

Pokemon Go GPS Issues – What To Do When You’re On An Android Device?

The solution to, Pokemon Go GPS not found, is pretty simple for Android users. Below are step-to-step instructions on how to fix the problem.

  • Check GPS signal on your smartphone and see whether you’ve turned it ON or not. Remember, the GPS signal must be enabled to play Pokemon Go. It is OFF by default in most of the Android phones.
  • To turn the GPS on, you need to go to Settings >> Privacy and Safety >> Location.
Pokemon GO GPS Not Found


  • Make sure that the location toggle is ON. Now, head towards the Locating mode, and see for GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks.
  • You might also be given as High Accuracy, so keep this in mind.
  • You must ensure to keep the Wi-Fi of your device on, even if you aren’t connected to any network.

Note: The GPS signal option in most of the Android devices is OFF by default. It is done to save the battery of your device. If you’re turning it ON to play Pokemon Go, you’ll see your device’s battery draining faster than before.

Pokemon Go GPS Issues – What To Do When You’re On An iOS Device?

Pokemon Go has blown things out of the park and continues to remain one grand fashion in the gaming industry. Quite understandably, the game has swept the iOS users too, because of its amazing AI component and immersive gameplay. When it got launched for iOS devices, there was an immediate surge in the number of people, who installed the app. And, the present-day numbers advocates a great success story.

However, no matter which platform you’re using, be it Android or iOS, battery drain is a common issue while playing Pokemon Go, because the mobile GPS is in use longer than usual. That being so, even iOS users have been complaining about the “GPS signal not found” error in Pokemon GO.

If you’re an iOS user and have landed up in a GPS glitch, we’ve got you sorted with these quick fixes here. Read on.

Turning Off/On Location Services

Since Pokemon Go identifies your real world and offers you a hunt subsequently, it’s very important that you’re traceable all the time. This means, you need to keep your location settings on, so that you can get the GPS signals. To do that…

1. Go to Settings of your iOS device.

2. Click Privacy and head towards Location Services.

pokemon go gps signal not found
go to location services

3. Turn it OFF and then, turn it ON again.

Turn off the switch

This is the most basic and go-to solution when you’re on iOS. This should make things easier.

Other Solutions to Pokemon Go No GPS Issues

A. Go Outdoors

As a general case, GPS satellite signals go away when you choose to stay indoors for a long time while playing Pokemon Go. It is always advisable to go out, so that your device successfully catches the GPS signals. Doing this, you’ll make it easy for your device to locate you. Alternatively, if you’re outdoors, but still witnessing problems, turn on and off your Wi-Fi a few times. Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Toggle on/off. Also, ensure that your mobile data is on. Turning it on/off for a couple of times can help you fix the error – Settings >> Cellular >> Cellular data.

Fix of Pokemon GO GPS Signal

B. Enable Airplane Mode and Disable It Back

One of the ways is to turn on your device’s Airplane mode and then, turn if off after a couple of minutes. This can possibly mend the Pokemon Go GPS Signal error. You can also try re-switching the cellular data. There is a chance that the lost Wi-Fi signals come back to provide you a smooth, fuss-free gameplay.

Enable Airplane Mode and Disable It Back

C. Turn On Google Maps In Background

Google Maps can also be a recourse if your device is unable to find GPS. Several players have stories to tell as to how, by merely keeping Google Maps on in the background, they put the GPS issues to right.

D. Re-Launch the Game

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple shutdown and reopening of the app to get the GPS signals back. If nothing of the above works, you might be required to re-launch the game to fix the Pokemon Go error. To do the same, tap on the Home Button, open other apps on the device and use them for a couple of minutes. Now, double-click the Home Button to enter multitasking screen. Open the Pokemon Go app again by tapping on the card and check if GPS is found or not. This should get you sorted.

E. Try Reset Network Settings

This will reset your cellular settings, Wi-Fi networks and passwords, VPN/APN settings and much more. Below are the steps to help you know how to do it.

1. Go to Settings and tap on General.

2. Scroll down the menu inside to look for the option Reset. Once found, tap on it.

look for the option Reset

3. Now, click Reset Network Settings and then Confirm.

Reset Network Settings

F. Turn Off Your Device

If GPS signals are still out of reach, just switch off your smartphone and turn it on. Gamers have confessed to having found the GPS signals when they turned off their devices.

Here ends our guide to solving the Pokemon Go GPS signal not found error. Pokemon Go is the most addictive game in the recent time. There is some amazing fun involved in capturing Pikachu and Bulbasaur in your neighborhoods. Given so, we understand how sad it gets when the GPS signals behave adamant and don’t come down to your device. We hope, after reading this post, you can get rid of the problem and play the game with no hassles. For any query or suggestion, drop a line to us in the comments section below.