Private Browser App Review – Stay Anonymous & Surf with Freedom

Every once in a while we prefer hiding our online activity by activating private or incognito mode on the browser. Accessing the internet while private mode ensures that

  • Search history is not saved
  • Information we key into the website is not saved
  • Websites do not save cookies on your browser

Private mode browsing may hide your online activity from your browser but it does not hide the same from your internet service provider or your employer. Furthermore, some websites are still able to save cookies on your device while a private mode is on. You cannot depend on private mode as a means of online privacy.

If you are looking for more privacy as you browse, the Private Browser mobile app is a great web-surfing solution. The browser functions like your typical browser but is designed to protect your online activity as you browse the internet. The browser functions with an in-built virtual private network that masks your IP address and encrypts your online traffic as you navigate through different websites. Any data you thus send or receive is encrypted and cannot be intercepted. You can use this browser to

  • Keep your browsing information private
  • Access content that is restricted to a specific territory
  • Browse securely and anonymously
  • Encrypt online traffic
  • Keep your online activity secure from prying eyes

Anonymity is made possible by hiding the IP address of your device. The websites you visit interact with the IP address the app assigns you. Anonymous and secure browsing are only one free download away; the Private Browser app is available for download at the Apple App store andGoogle Play Store. What I like about this browser is the 7 days free trial period. You get the chance to sample the service, check on the speed and strength of the connection and explore the features of the browser. The recent software update extended the trial period time. Registered users will have up to a whole month of free private browsing with the app.

Having downloaded the app, you are asked to sign in to the app using different options such as your email address, KeepSoild ID and Facebook. I like to explore an app without having to first create an account and Private browser accommodates this by offering a skip sign in option. This does have a downside because you can only access the search engine, tabs, and history of the app. You need to sign in if you want to select a server, hide your IP address or generally access the security mode of the app. The registration process is easy, you simply provide an email address, create your password and you are ready to go.

Once the trial period is over, you can purchase a monthly, yearly or lifetime package. The pricing is reasonable and worth the great service and features that will be readily available to you. You have a 7-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

I highly recommend the app if you want to access territory-restricted content such as Spotify, Pandora Internet Radio, Netflix and Hulu. The browser recommends the best server you should choose depending on the content you want to stream.

The Private Browser app offers more features than those discussed. These features enable you to;

  • Create a security lock that is required every time you access the app. The security lock options available include a passcode, a pattern or a password.
  • Access your bookmarks by selecting the bookmark menu.
  • Simultaneously open over 25 tabs.
  • Clear all the browsing data.
  • Choose whether to hide or not to hide your IP address.

You have the option of deleting your browsing history but this is not as necessary. Thanks to the secure and encrypted nature of Private Browser and its security lock feature, you can save your browsing activity without worrying about other people viewing your history.

  • The app has over 400 servers in 70 locations which ensure that at any given time as you browse you are connected to an optimal server based on your location.
  • Depending on the server you choose to connect to, the speed of your internet connection could be slightly affected. The VPN connection could also affect the strength of your connection
  • It is important to note that the browser has an inbuilt VPN and is not VPN software. What’s the difference? Having an in-built VPN means that your online activity is protected only when you are using the Private Browser app; as soon as you exit the app, you are no longer protected.
  • VPN, on the other hand, give constant protection as long as you are connected to the internet and regardless of the apps and browsers you access. Both of these options offer better protection than the private mode of your ordinary browser. They both offer anonymous and protected browsing whereas your usual browser offers security by not saving history or cookies.
  • This browser App offers all the basic features of your ordinary browser but offers better online protection which includes data encryption. It is a good investment if you want a browsing experience that is more secure.

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