10 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android in 2023

If you are a graphics designer or a digital artwork enthusiast, you already know how amazing the Apple app Procreate is. With its excellent user interface and unique tools, you can create designs in ultra-HD settings. However, this fantastic tool is only accessible on iPhones and iPads.

This article will discuss some of the most exquisite Procreate alternative design apps for Android platforms and their unique features.

Discover Android Apps Like Procreate for Digital Artists

Procreate is a fantastic app that lets you draw, design and paint. It offers many brushes, tools, and a pro-level layering feature. Procreate is especially popular among professional artists and graphic designers.

Since the tool is not available for Android platforms, artists working on non-Apple platforms have been continuously looking for tools that can replace Procreate while fulfilling their requirements for a design tool.

Exploring Android Apps Similar to Procreate

I have explored some exquisite options that are similar to Procreate, if not exact copies, and offer several outstanding features. Read on to find out about these tools.

Top 10 Procreate Alternatives for Android: Detailed List

Here is a list of the best Procreate alternatives available for Android.

  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch
  • SketchBook
  • MediBang Paint
  • Concepts
  • ArtRage
  • Tayasui Sketches
  • Infinite Painter
  • Krita
  • Ibis Paint X
  • Clip Studio Paint

To learn more about these amazing apps, read on.

Introduction to Procreate Drawing Application

Procreate is an Apple design tool designed to fit well with their stylus tools, allowing users to design, correct or delete a creation easily and share the final work quickly.

You can use Procreate to create illustrations, sketches, and paintings. Procreate is a graphics editing software that lets you create new art, unlike many tools that only offer one or the other feature. Moreover, with Apple Pencil, this software becomes much like using paper to create art. It is a popular tool among professional artists and graphic designers. We also have a separate article on downloading Procreate for Windows.

List of Procreate Alternatives for Android

Here is a list of the best Procreate alternative apps you can easily access on your Android devices.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

The first one up on our list of Procreate alternatives is Adobe Photoshop Sketch, also known as a rival for Procreate. Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a professional tool offering precise work and a vast collection of tools, including pencils, pens, erasers, and several customisation options. The tool is also a good choice regarding flexibility in sending the artwork to Photoshop or Illustrator without disturbing the layers. 

You can also add several drawing layers to the artwork, allowing you to merge, restack, or rename files easily. Photoshop Sketch also provides 11 tools for fine-tuning details in the artwork, such as its colour, opacity, or sizing.


The next one is SketchBook, a free-of-cost app for iOS and Android platforms. The app offers several brush options and tools for customised drawing work. You can also zoom in by pinching the screen to add details to the artwork. Like Procreate, SketchBook offers a high-quality experience and a user-friendly interface. The menu option easily pops up when you tap on the screen, offering more space for drawing without any space restrictions.

You can also import photos from your phone’s gallery to create artwork. Moreover, SketchBook allows you to add layers and text to these images to create exciting art. It also offers intuitive features like predictive strokes that help with enhanced brush stroke quality. You can also add different font styles, create a time-lapse, or adjust the canvas as required.

MediBang Paint

MediaBang Paint is another efficient tool for designing comics and illustration work. While you can easily access this app for free, a paid subscription version is available with more features. With MediaBang Paint, you get 100+ free customisable brushes and can download more online. Further, you get over 800 present tones, backgrounds, and textures.

Since it is a cloud-based tool, you can access your artwork anytime, from anywhere, making it easier to save your work. Moreover, Media Bang Paint supports all devices and OS. For manga/comic lovers, this tool is just a fit for you.


Concepts is an exciting option for those who like Procreate for its storyboard creation or sketching work. With a clean user interface, Concepts provides some excellent layering options with controlled designing techniques. You also get a flexible vector sketching option, allowing you to move or adjust the artwork as required. Concepts also offer customisation options for tools, gestures, and canvas sizes. You can use its drag-and-drop feature to fasten the creation process.


ArtRage is another excellent alternative for Procreate, especially for those looking for oil and watercolour painting work. It has even been considered a better choice than Procreate, offering a mirrored version of actual paint and a natural flair that makes it more real. It also offers control regarding the thickness, light directions, wetness of the paint, etc. Specific features like gloop pen and glitter tube add to the special effects. But that’s not it; ArtRage is also compatible with S-Pen and lets you quickly draw on the Samsung Galaxy Note.  

Tayasui Sketches

The Tayasui Sketches is a versatile drawing app that is great for illustration work. You can add multiple layering to design a complex-looking artwork, which you can edit later easily. The tool supports various stylus options, zoom in to work on the details of your design, use accurate brush strokes, and customise the opacity of the brush to suit your requirement. Moreover, with Tayasui Sketches, you can also share your artwork on social media. 

The colour mixing feature helps customise the colour and create new shades for your art. Access to the Tayasui online community allows you to learn from artists and share your ideas. There is a pro version of Tayasui Sketches that unlocks several unique features, including gradients, unlimited layer options and cloud sync.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a Procreate alternative known for its variety of features. Along with 160+ real brush options, you also get to customize and create brushes or change the settings for the existing ones. This customization is the result of an in-depth app development process, focusing on the specific needs of digital artists. The app also offers cloning, gradients, clipping masks, perspective guide, etc. You can also import/export layers or files in PNG, JPEG, ZIP and PSD formats. However, some of these features are only accessible with a paid subscription.”


Another tool among professional artists is Krita. With features that support 2D animation and digital artwork, Krita has the best UI equipped with a freehand stabiliser, brushes, masks, and layer options. Krita is an open-source tool, hence making it accessible for anyone to use. Unlike the other Procreate, this is still available in beta and does not offer as much as the other Android alternatives. But it is still a good choice for professionals.

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is a famous painting app that offers 800+ font options, 100+ brushes, and several layering varieties to help you make fantastic art. You also get 40+ tones and over 66 filter options for a variety of canvases that you can choose from to create a design. With Ibis Paint X, you can also record the process of your design and convert it into a video. Also, you can learn different techniques by watching the recordings uploaded by others. However, the free app version has ads and can only be removed by accessing its paid subscription. The paid version also offers several unique features like premium font styles, gallery reordering features, etc. 

Clip Studio Paint

The last one on the list is Clip Studio Paint, one of the oldest and most used raster graphics tools. With this tool, you get several excellent tools to help you create comics, illustrations, 2D animations and digital art. However, the UI could be better for small screens, making some features too small to be visible on a small tablet, causing problems while creating or saving art. But it does offer 40000+ brush options that are customisable in terms of textures, sprays, effects and more. You also get over 10000 layering options and 28 layering effects. You can use its speech bubble feature and comic templates that make it easy to design a manga comic. But you can access the free version for a maximum of 1 hour per day or buy the paid subscription starting at $4.49/month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Procreate Alternatives

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Android alternatives for Procreate app.

Is there an Android version of Procreate?

No, Procreate is specifically designed for Apple iPhone and iPad only. Hence, if you are using an Android device, you cannot access this app.

Why is Procreate not available for Android?

Since the app is an Apple product, Procreate cannot be accessed on Android.

What is a similar app to Procreate?

Compared to Procreate, the closest Android alternative is Autodesk SketchBook, offering a similar user interface and a vast collection of efficient tools.

How much does Procreate cost on Android?

Since Procreate is not available for the Android platform, there is no paid/unpaid version accessible for Android users. 

Does Procreate cost 4.99 a month?

No, Procreate only charges a one-time fee of $12.99 and does not require further monthly subscriptions to access its features. However, you will need to make purchases for different brushes or colour palettes.

What is the best free drawing app?

Some of the best free drawing apps are Krita, Gimp, Lunacy by Icons8, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator and Sketchpad.

Final Thoughts

I hope the above article was insightful, and you found a competent tool for your Android device. Even though Procreate is not available for Android devices, these excellent apps are just as unique and can offer some high-quality design options for your designing needs.