How to use PS3 Controller on PC? (2019 Latest Guide)

You could argue that the PC is the best platform for playing video games. But what if you’re not used to the keyboard and mouse? If you’re playing old PlayStation games on your PC using an emulator or any classic title on Steam, you might be better off using a PS3 controller. Read how you can use PS3 controller on PC below.

How to use PS3 Controller on PC? (2019 Updated)

PS3 Controller Features:

– SIXAXIS motion-sensing system

– Ergonomic grips

– Can be used while charging

– Multiple color variations

– USB cable charging

– Bluetooth technology

– Vibration feedback

– 3.7-volt Lithium-ion battery

– Up to 30 hours of continuous gaming

– Compatible with third-party USB chargers

Hardware Requirements

– Bluetooth dongle

– Mini-USB cable

– PlayStation DualShock 3 Wireless Controller

Software Requirements

– Microsoft DirectX runtime

– Microsoft Visual C++2013 runtime

– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later

– Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 or later

– ScpToolkit v.

– Xbox 360 controller driver (if you use Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 OS)

How to Connect a PS3 Controller on PC (Windows 10, 8 & 7)

Step 1: Get the mini-USB cable and connect the PS3 Controller to PC.

Step 2: Allow Windows to install a set of drivers.

Step 3: Press the Windows button and the R key to open the Run command.

Step 4: Type in ‘cmd’ to open the Command Prompt.

Step 5: In the Command Prompt, type in ‘driverquery’.

Step 6: Look at the drivers you currently have installed.

The aforementioned software such as the .NET Framework and the Visual C++ should be there. You might have to manually install the Xbox driver if you have Windows 8.1 or older. Otherwise, your Windows 10 OS will automatically install the driver.

Step 7: Check if you have the latest SCP Toolkit.

Step 8: Extract the files.

Windows 10 will automatically do this. If you have an earlier Windows OS, you should search for a file extractor online.

Step 9: Right-click on the executable file and select ‘Run as administrator’.

Step 10: Let SCP Toolkit download more drivers.

Step 11: Run the SCP Toolkit installer.

Step 12: Check all the boxes on the new window that will appear.

Step 13: Look for the ‘Choose DualShock 3’ menu.

Step 14: Choose your Playstation DualShock 3 controller and the Bluetooth dongle.

Step 15: Click ‘Install’.

Step 16: Wait for the configuration to complete.

Afterward, you can use your PS DualShock 3 controller on your computer.


1) What do I do if I’m experiencing errors on Windows 10?

The SCP Toolkit will prevent many of the errors from happening while you’re using the PS3 Controller, but you might have problems during the installation. Backup your files, and then find the complete method online on how to disable the driver signature enforcement.

2) How can I create a profile to change the PS3 Controller settings on my computer?

Use the SCP Toolkit to change the controls and other settings. One of the apps included in the kit should allow you to go to the Profile Manager. Here, you can remap the DualShock 3 controller and even your keyboard and mouse. You can also change the settings for the thumbstick sensitivity and the LED display.

3) What do I do if the SCP Toolkit is no longer updated?

It’s unlikely that the SCP Toolkit will have an update this year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. You can still use it for your Dual Shock 3 controller. And to avoid confusion while playing, just remember that this PlayStation device is using Xbox 360 drivers to run on your PC.

4) Why isn’t my Bluetooth dongle working with the PS3 Controller?

Not all Bluetooth dongle is compatible with the controller. The dongle should be using at least Bluetooth 2.0 and is capable of using the Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) modulation scheme. Also, check if the dongle is correctly plugged in and if your PC has its Bluetooth activated.