How to Download Pubg for PC? (Windows 10 Updated Guide)

Do you love playing shooter video games? Before Fortnite and Apex Legends, it was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that was the go-to battle royal game. As of last year, there were more than 400 million people PUBG players. So if you’re raring to go, read below to find out how you can play and download Pubg for PC?

How to Download Pubg for PC/Windows? (Updated 2019 Guide)

PUBG Features

  • Colorblind adjustments
  • Supports NVIDIA ShadowPlay
  • Killcam during solo games
  • Ability to revive teammates
  • Spectator option
  • Custom servers for the solo, duo, and squad games
  • Weapon customization
  • Discord integration
  • Zombie mode
  • Game replays

System Requirements

Operating System: 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS 7 or later

Processor: Intel Core i5-6600k or AMD Ryzen 51600


Graphics Card: 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB or 2GB AMD Radeon R7 370

DirectX: Version 11

Storage Space: 30GB

Internet: Broadband connection

How to Play PUBG on PC/Windows 10?

Option 1: Get the Official PC Version

Step 1: Go to the Steam website here.

Step 2: Input your email address and choose your country of residence.

Step 3: Type in the CAPTCHA text.

Step 4: Check the box to confirm that you are at least 13 years old and that you’ve read the agreement.

Step 5: Click ‘Continue’ and finish the account creation process.

Step 6: Check your email to verify your Steam account.

Step 7: Download the Steam platform by clicking ‘Install Steam’ here.

Step 8: Finish the Steam installation process.

Step 9: Launch the Steam app.

Step 10: Login with your Steam account.

Step 11: Go to the Steam Store.

Step 12: Type ‘PUBG’ in the search bar and click the appropriate result.

Step 13: Once you’re in the PUBG page, scroll down.

Step 14: Click ‘Add to Cart’.

Step 15: Proceed to checkout and pay for the game using your Steam wallet, credit card, or PayPal account.

Step 16: Download the game.

Step 17: Choose the game on your Steam library to begin playing PUBG.

Option 2: Play PUBG Mobile Using Tencent Gaming Buddy

Step 1: Go to the Tencent Gaming Buddy website here.

Step 2: Click ‘Download’.

Step 3: Double-click the installer file.

Step 4: Click ‘Customize’ to choose your preferred installation settings.

Step 5: Click ‘Install’.

Step 6: Check on ‘Add Icon’ if you want to access the emulator from your desktop.

Step 7: Wait for the installation process to finish.

Step 8: Click ‘Start’.

Step 9:  Let Tencent Gaming Buddy download the game engine.

Step 10: Wait for the emulator to download PUBG Mobile.

Step 11: Click ‘Play’ to begin playing PUBG Mobile on your computer.


1) How do I change the default controls on Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Open the emulator and look for the menu icon that has three short bars. Go through the options and click ‘Settings’. Here, you can also change other aspects of the game aside from the controls: language, resolution, and display quality.

2) Why can’t I find my friends on PUBG Mobile using Tencent Gaming Buddy?

While Tencent’s official PUBG emulator allows you to play the mobile version on your computer, its servers are made to only allow players using the emulator. Thus, you should ask your friends to get Tencent Gaming Buddy as well. Otherwise, you should just play the game on your smartphone.

3) Why does PUBG crash once the game logo appears?

The number one reason for this is that your computer does not meet the system requirements. Even if it does, you should ensure that your PC isn’t handling other apps that eat up a lot of memory. Also, you can try closing Steam and opening it again — this time with administrator permissions.

4) What do I do if I experience errors while playing PUBG?

Either take a screenshot of the error or record a video of it. Afterward, go to the official PUBG website and send in a form. Write in the date and discuss the game error. Lastly, don’t forget to attach the file and limit the size to no more than 20MB.