35+ Best Rainmeter Skins to Brighten Up Your Windows PC (2023)

Are you tired of the same old look on your Windows PC? Want to personalize and enhance your desktop experience? Look no further! Rainmeter is a versatile and powerful customization tool that allows you to transform your desktop into a unique and functional hub. With a vast array of skins available, you can monitor system resources, launch applications, display weather forecasts, and so much more, all while adding a touch of flair to your workspace. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 35+ best Rainmeter skins that will brighten up your Windows PC in 2023. Whether you’re a minimalist or a fan of intricate designs, there’s a Rainmeter skin to match your style and preferences. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Rainmeter skins to give your Windows PC a stunning makeover!

Source: Minituff

Let’s list out some of the most popular Rainmeter themes out there!

1. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

If you’re a GoT fan like I am, you’re going to love this skin. Being one of the most popular Rainmeter themes, not only does it get you wallpapers like no other, you can also edit the dock icons. The instructions to edit the icons is included in the download.

Download HERE

2. IssInfo


Want to watch where the International Space Station is currently? Or just want your screen to be sparkle with stars, constellations and nebulae? IssInfo is the perfect skin to use. The information is gathered from Heavens Above, a site dedicated to mapping the various bright object flying around in the sky.

Download HERE

3. Himawari-8


If you live in Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines or Hawaii, you can stay constantly updated with the weather. With the information auto-updating every 10 minutes, and Real-Time image from NOAA NESDIS among other sources of high repute and reliability, Himawari is both accurate and amazing to look at. The display is beautiful too.

Download HERE

4. Epure


Epure is one of the most beautifully designed Rainmeter skins with an interface which makes monitoring your system a cakewalk. The first thing that attracts many is the scintillating graphics and animation, but there is more to it. The skin supports 8 languages, spanning English, French, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Portuguese and German. You can modify fonts, colors and the various widgets in the blink of an eye.

5. Def blue space 1.5 

Def blue space 1.5

Def blue space is actually a collection of various applets sourced from different developers. It is built with double screens specifically in mind. The parent collections called SpeedFan and HWInfo can be installed later to access more features, if you want to try out more applets.

Download HERE

6. Enigma


Enigma is a complete revamp package for your Windows 10 PC. There are over 100 customisation options available in a pretty user friendly interface. The skin is refreshingly minimalist, but you can crowd it up as much as you like with applets and embellishments. Oh, and you should definitely try out stylesheets in the app. This one is among the most popular skins.

Download HERE

7. Dark Music Player

Dark Music Player

If you have a huge music library in your PC but are tired of the same old Windows and  VLC Media Players, Dark Music Player could be a great replacement. The skin is pretty geeky to look at, and supports AIMP, foobar2000 WMP and MusicBee, along with the staple iTunes. Also, the mouse control to open and close the player is pretty neat.

8. X2ui 1.2 

X2ui 1.2

Want your PC to look like some alien piece of software? X2ui is the perfect geekiness enhancer. You get numbers, graphs and interesting animations and embellishments to make your desktop look like a complex analysis machine. The background needs to be downloaded from the source provided on the deviantart page for the device to look the best.

Download HERE

9. Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

Silmeria Dock Honeymoon

For those who can’t get enough of the Windows 8 animation to bring out utilities and options on a swipe from the right, Silmeria Dock might be a great way to customise your PC to get the functionality. It’s a pretty simple skin, but you can use it to save bookmarks to sites for quick dialing, or settings shortcuts too. The menu pops up when you drag the mouse in the region of the menu. Simple, but effective and useful too!

Download HERE

10. Alignment Grids

Alignment Grids

For those with Rainmeter 3.2 or higher, Alignment Grids can help you use multiple Rainmeter skins together. It gets you 3 horizontal and vertical grids, which you can access through the Aspect button. If you aren’t sure how this will help you, think about how easy it can make handling your PC when you have multiple desktops in the same PC. If you aren’t fond of Windows 10’s design for the same purpose, this one is sure to catch your fancy. You may even enjoy multiple wallpaper skins after installing Alignment Grids.

Download HERE

11. PIANO, for Rainmeter

PIANO for Rainmeter

This is frankly the best skin out there in terms of novelty. Imagine having an entire 88 key piano in your PC or laptop. There are apps of the sort for Android and iOS, but this makes the first Windows PC compatible piano. The sound extends for 3 seconds, and intuitively, touch enabled screens fare better at running this skin to its full capacity.

Download HERE

12. Mangotsfield


This is one beautiful skin to revamp your desktop. The design is simple, and the skin has shortcuts on the tray too, be it a start button and recycle bin like you would find on Windows 10 PC, or mail, RSS feeds or weather updates as one could need. Virtually everything is customisable, and you have neat applets free to arrange according to your convenience. And for those of you not very fond of Cortana, you get an Androidesque Google Search applet too. The music widget could have been better, but we’re not complaining.

Download HERE

13. G-Bar v2

G-Bar v2

If you’re tired of the same old arrangement in Windows PC despite multiple skins offering embellishments, turn to G-Bar v2 to solve your woes. The skin links to other skins which further enhance the utility of the device. The activity tray and menus are sure to impress whoever checks out your PC. G-Bar strikes the best balance between utility and visual complexity.

Download HERE

14. iSteve


iSteve is a wonderful skin because it is minimal in design but still has several applets to power up your desktop and get you a ton of information, be it a handy collection of notes, a Google search a la Android smartphones, a photo gallery or disk usage, along with multiple clock formats, which can of course be added with more skins.

Download HERE

15. B’Loved


B’Loved’s USP is the cute display your desktop assumes when you load this skin. A pretty Bookshelf frame sits on your desktop. There are different applets on the bookshelf, and you can pick any you like to get different functionalities. The attention to detail is evident in the manner the apps get pop ups announcing their name whenever you scroll over them. To be frank, this skin is a bit outdated, but if you’re a fan of the 2012-2014 era of Windows 7, you might like this skin.

Download HERE



You’ll love the applets this one packs. ADIAN BOLON AERO (written in all caps; the reason is beyond us) has the regular sort of applets, like applets for weather, date, time and other stuff. But the presentation is where the skin stands out (and aren’t skins all about presentation? The app also puts all crucial information about your PC to one corner, where you can check for any new emails, keep track of internet usage, get your IP at one glance and even see how crowded your recycle bin is. With the proper complimentary skins, you can supercharge your PC to be like no other device in the world.

Download HERE

17. P I L E U S Suite

P I L E U S Suite

P I L E U S Suite is a pretty neat, medieval themed skin which is best known for its Black and White theme (honestly, I like the parchment feel more). The skin has various applets available, that get you everything from internet access and WinAmp to Notepad. The clocks are worth mentioning here; they are perhaps the most fitting clock applets I have seen. There are several buttons to discover as well, which adds a feeling of adventure to the entire package. P I L E U S Suite easily makes it to the top 10.

Download HERE

18. MOD Dark Glass for Rainmeter 

MOD Dark Glass for Rainmeter

The straight lines can surely tire one out. Dark Glass mixes and matches various sizes of applets and has amazing curved edges which give your regular Windows PC a novel feel. Measurements like CPU usage and others are arranged in a circular quadrant too. You might want to add some more skins on the side to use their applets along with Dark Glass’s, since Dark Glass itself might come off as a bit lacking. But the skin gets points for the bold, curvy and dark theme.

Download HERE

19. Hero


With Hero in your Windows PC, your desktop will never be the same. The skin is modeled after HTC Hero, and has a nifty collection of info applets getting you stats on your PC. The skin has some of the best icons to employ, Android-esque utilities, and coupled with good wallpapers, Hero can really power up your morning routines at work.

Download HERE

20. Omnimo 6.0

Omnimo 6.0

Like HTC Hero inspired Hero above, Omnimo is inspired by Windows Phone 7. The skin completely revamps your desktop, and you receive only the information that you need. Like Windows Phone 7, you get to access your favorite apps and services from the central screen. Think of it like having your Windows menu always open. The skin is customisable and yet consumes only a modicum of space. The skin also happens to be open source, so if you want to make a few tweaks on your own, you can go right ahead!

Download HERE

21. Before Dawn RM Bar

Before Dawn RM Bar

Before Dawn puts a Quick Bar on your screen which you may use to quickly access various services, websites or programs. You can put in an RSS feed for your favorite blogs and websites as well, to access them quicker. The stats aren’t all that attractive to look at, but it’s still a pretty good skin to use.

Download HERE

22. ABP 1.2 

ABP 1.2

This skin has as many as 21 shortcuts for the user to employ. You might need to know your way around to use some of them, but it still makes a glorious Rainmeter skin to use. The various applets span RSS feeds to clocks, To Do lists and more. In the apps individually, the clock looks a bit stocky but it works for those looking for a quick and comfortable way to check time. The skin makes a welcome shift from graphics based icons to text based buttons to launch everything from browsers to apps and even direct access to your favored websites. You can keep multiple App Trays organised much easier. The music applet is interesting too. Also, ABP 1.2 is among the easiest skins to customise, you barely need to click twice to change the view entirely!

Download HERE

23. drkMINIML


drkMINIML (Pronounced Dark-Minimal) looks like something straight out of a pro hacker’s dream! The skin has no crowd; a simple steely grey background placed under a logo with applets that get you information about your internet usage, from IP address to Upload and Download speeds, and quick access to music, internet and messaging. There are other applets like the usual date and time and system stats display as well, but they are arranged in the form of numerical stats, without pompous graphics to fit with the minimal theme. The skin is a pretty good fit for a geek.

Download HERE

24. Figures for Rainmeter

Figures for Rainmeter

Another graphics intensive skin, Figures arranges your data and buttons into nice circular figures. The benefit? It looks futuristic, and also arranges a variety of options into the most convenient placement. Accessing iTunes is great fun on Figures.

Download HERE

25. Pragmatic 3.0 

Pragmatic 3.0

Pragmatic has a total of 24 amazing configurations to try out, which spans almost everything you might want to access on the PC. It is pretty light in size as well. Easy to customise and arrange, Pragmatic has featured as the Skin of the month in Rainmeter’s community. Watch out for the stats bars, quick access windows for your favorite websites and the apps bar. The graphics are pretty amazing too. And if you love having access to numerical detail, you have it available to your heart’s content.

26. Cntr


Cntr gets you RSS readers, Google Calendar for PC, Music Players and App Launchers, in a design that is unique yet unchallenging. Edit the bars, histograms, change transparencies and play around with presets, all with this easy to customise skin that barely needs any effort at all. The only people who need to watch out are those who have Norton AntiVirus installed; they’ll have to clear RainRGB4.exe file manually before choosing colors for color wheels.

Download HERE

27. July Flat’ish 2.0

July Flat’ish 2.0

Flat’ish makes things a lot more accessible than the traditional Windows screen. Plus, there are better search tools to access other than just Bing that is something of a default with Windows; and DuckDuckGo are pretty sweet. The whole skin is pretty customisable, more so than the original version.

Download HERE

28. Work Launcher

Work Launcher

Customising Work Launcher is pretty easy, and so the skin works well on any desktop or color scheme you may have in mind. The link editor lets you rename options, reset icons and change other data. There aren’t much improvements in the layout in general, and everything seems devoted to what meets the eye. But it still works as a good rainmeter skin to try out.

Download HERE

29. Wisp


For those who prefer to keep an eye on their PC stats without the traditional dials and analog-esque meters, the Wisp Rainmeter skin brings a better interface. Apart from the traditional CPU usage and temperature, RAM and Drive usage, the skin also displays Swap usage and network settings prominently enough to be taken note of in a glance. The task bar and the themes are especially noteworthy. Even the weather widget catches your eye!

Download HERE

30. Switchin


Switchin gives a more rounded, more Mac OS-like look to your PC. Plus, there’s a collection of some really good wallpapers in the skin. The search engine is Google, which is a much appreciated upgrade from Bing. Music and artwork display is well optimised too. It could have done with a little more color, but if you prefer a more sterilised, clean look, this one’s perfect.

Download HERE

31. Rainsweeper


Rainsweeper is a fully playable minesweeper that takes over your screen. It can be loaded with another rainmeter skin. Rainsweeper can entertain you when your internet is down and you don’t have anything else to kill time with. It takes skill to program a game, and so it deserves to be put onto this list.

Download HERE

32. Glasses


Among the most feature packed Rainmeter skins on the internet is Glasses. You get three types of clock and date widgets, advanced information in the Network skin, upto 4 RSS feeds, an excellent note-taker skin, 3 variations in the time zones widget and a pretty sweet music player. It also supports quite a few languages, is effortless to customise and if you have Windows 7 or Vita, you can have the Aero Glass feature to make your desktop look even better.

Download HERE

33. Radiation


Radiation is mesmerising in the default settings it installs in, but the developer has taken care to make virtually every aspect of it modifiable to suit the user’s whim. Talking about the defaults, the docs and panels look splendid and are very easy to access. Smaller screens might not be as capable to appreciate the beauty of this skin, since the icons of the top and the widgets can be bulky. Radiation is among the top 10 skins this list has to offer.

Download HERE

34. Cathode Heating 1.0

Cathode Heating 1.0

If you’re into making your PC screen look like an alien spaceship control booth, then Cathode Heating 1.0 is the Rainmeter skin of your dreams. The skin basically does away with the entire concept on Windows-like icons, and makes things into linear displays with buttons to toggle, status and type displays and options to choose right of the screen. The side bar and the Date and Time display are worth appreciating.

Download HERE

35. Temple VR 1.1

Temple VR 1.1

If your PC could summarise Indiana Jones or Lara Croft in a visual format, Temple VR 1.1 would be what it’d look like. The background is surreal, and the widgets and tools are like a digital watch stretched to a transparency over the screen. The dock appears a bit jumbled at times, but I can launch my most frequently visited websites with just a click, so I won’t complain.

Download HERE

36. FLHUD 1.2


People who prefer the screen to be minimalistic can rejoice. FLHUD has everything a PC needs and none of the tassels and frill to spoil the fun. Everything fits neatly in a stack in the centre, the battery and CPU usage and any other parameter you want to access gelling perfectly with the impressively formal background. If you’re not into the whole minimalistic theme, though, you might find this one a bit drab.

Download HERE

37. Sound Square

Sound Square

There are a lot of fancy skins, but hardly any of them have equally fancy audio visualisers. Sound Square takes care of that alone; you can use a visualiser you like from among these with widgets and themes from other skins. The visualisers are pretty creative too. There’s something for every kind of skin and skin user.

Download HERE

So, these were some of the topmost and minimalistic Rainmeter theme designs and skins available for Windows PC. There are so many more skins out there. A big part of desktops being the wallpaper, many skins can take on a whole new definition with different pictures in the background. So go ahead, play around and tell us which skin you like best in the comments below.