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How to Reset Your Schlage Keypad Lock Without Programming Code

Resetting your Schlage keypad lock without a programming code is an easy task. Start by disconnecting the battery and pressing the Schlage device button, then reconnect the battery and hold the device button until there’s a green light and a beep sound. Make sure to recheck the reset by using the default four-digit user codes. This article further provides steps to change the six-digit default programming code and delete the default user codes, ensuring enhanced security.

Resetting Your Schlage Keypad Lock Without Code

Understand that you do not necessarily need the code to reset your Schlage Lock device. You can now reset the lock code by using below easy steps-

  • On the device keypad lock, slide back the battery back cover and remove the cover. Now, remove the battery to disconnect the device.
  • Press on the Schlage device button and then release the button. Afterwards, put the battery back in to connect the device again. 
  • Now, press the Schlage device button again and hold it until there is a green light and there is a beep sound from the lock. Make sure that this is done within ten seconds.

The reset has been done successfully. However, you should always check if the device reset was done correctly using any default four-digit user codes. If the lock bolt moves after putting the default code, it means the reset is complete.

And that is how you can easily reset the Schlage lock, by yourself, and without using a programming code. However, this method may only work for some Schlage devices. 

If you are using a Schlage Connect Deadbolt keypad lock, you should follow the below steps instead-

  • Go to the keypad and slide back its battery cover to remove the battery. It will disconnect the device.
  • Now, press the Schlage device button on the device and hold on to it.
  • While you have pressed the Schlage device button, put the batteries back in and then release the Schlage device button. It will reset the device’s lock.

Although the reset has been done, rechecking if the device reset was successful is essential. You can check this by pressing the Schlage device button and entering any default user code. The device reset was completed if the lock bolt moved after entering the default code.

Modifying the 6-Digit Default Programming Code

Every Schlage Lock device features a default six-digit programming code, used to set and change the keypad lock and unlock other device features. After resetting the device, the lock code reverts to this default six-digit programming code. To ensure top-level security, it’s vital to change this code immediately after resetting.

To do so, enter the six-digit code on the keypad and wait for the Schlage button to emit an orange light three times, along with three beeps. After that, press the Schlage button again, followed by the number 3 key on the lock keypad. Again, wait for the button to flash orange and beep three times.

At this point, you can input a new six-digit programming lock code. Upon completion, the Schlage button will flash orange once more, and a beep will sound, indicating the code is registered. Re-enter your new code for confirmation. When the Schlage button turns green and a long beep is heard, your new code is confirmed.

Delete the Default User Codes

Schlage locks come with two four-digit default user codes. If you want to delete these and replace them with new ones, start by entering your programming code on the Schlage keypad. Once the Schlage button turns orange three times, accompanied by three beeps, press the Schlage button.

Press the 6 key on the keypad and wait for the Schlage button to flash orange and beep three times. At this point, enter your programming code to remove the default four-digit user codes.

Now, to add new user codes, enter your programming code on the keypad and wait for the Schlage button to turn orange and beep three times. Press the 1 key on the keypad, and then wait for the Schlage button to flash orange and beep three times. Input your new four-digit user code, wait for the Schlage button to flash orange and beep, then re-enter the new code. The device will flash green and beep to confirm the successful addition of your new user code.

Troubleshooting: What If the Reset Doesn’t Work?

if the factory reset complete it option on your Schlage BE365 keypad lock isn’t working, it might be because you didn’t follow the steps correctly. Here is the correct way to execute the factory reset:

Remove the battery from your Schlage BE365 keypad lock, press and hold the Schlage button for a few seconds, then release it. Next, replace the battery in the device and attempt to use the lock again.

Ensure that you replace the battery immediately after releasing the button. Delay can cause the Schlage lock to exit its programming mode, which may result in a failed reset.

In case you forget your Schlage Programming Code

If you can’t remember your Schlage programming code, you can add a new one by performing a factory reset. After the reset, the default programming code that comes with the device will allow you to add a new code for future access.

Locating the six-digit Code on a Schlage Lock

You can find the six-digit programming code in the user guide that comes with your Schlage lock. It’s typically printed at the front of the manual. Alternatively, you can find it at the back of the lock, visible when you have the lock in hand and not mounted on a wall.

Changing your Schlage 6-digit code

You can alter the six-digit code on your Schlage keypad by using the programming mode on the device. Input the default six-digit code and press the Schlage button, then press the number 3 key on the keypad. After that, input your new six-digit programming code twice. The lock will flash green and beep to indicate that the six-digit code has been changed successfully.

Final Thoughts

Resetting your Schlage Keypad lock doesn’t require a programming code. Follow the steps mentioned above to reset, change, and delete lock codes for your Schlage device. If you ever find yourself locked out of your home, consider using a physical key to unlock the door and then reset the Schlage lock from inside.

We hope you found this guide helpful for resetting, changing, and deleting lock codes on your Schlage keypad lock.