Easy Steps to Gaming Responsibly in 2023

Unless you’ve been off the grid since 2018, you would’ve noticed legalized gambling’s journey across the United States. It started slow, with a handful of states permitting bookmakers access to set up and trade. But times have changed, and since the pandemic, an ever-increasing number of states have legalized gambling. Experts predict most of the country will soon be pro-betting.

Are you a lover of sports interested in predicting the outcome of popular competitions, including the NFL, NBA, and MLS? Chances are sportsbook gambling will be legal in your state soon if that’s not already the case. Top names, including the BetOnline sportsbook, offer registered members fast, private, secure, and exciting betting apps.

There are countless benefits to gambling on sports using an Android or iOS device. Create an account today to secure a welcome bonus, use the free bet tokens and wager on any sports fixture of note from the top leagues. It’s all available at the touch of a button, but that same speed and convenience damage gambling’s reputation, and in this article, we’ll explain more.

When convenience causes chaos

What’s the problem with online gambling? On paper, bettors have everything they need to wager on sports at the click of a button. The top apps offer great odds, unique markets, and the latest features, including live streaming. Bet pre-game, watch the match on an HD-quality stream, and wager in-play when and where you like. It’s everything gamblers have asked for, but more is needed.

The main complaint from the states reluctant to legalize betting is that convenience has created a problem gambling culture. If you had to travel to your nearest sportsbook, race track, or casino to wager on horse racing, you’d likely wager less. But when a sportsbook downloads to your handheld device, you can bet in seconds and as many times as you like. The bets can rack up quickly, and you may go over your gambling budget almost without realizing it.

Thankfully, some easy tricks and hacks will help protect you against the pitfalls of online betting. Most of the time, knowing and identifying those dangers is enough to help you avoid them. But some of us need a little extra help. Gambling can be a great hobby when done right, and on this page, we want to help you get the most from betting while steering clear of the dangers.

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Set a budget

Your first step should be to create a betting budget, and although this may sound complicated, like the other points raised on this page, it’s pretty simple. A great way to decide on a betting budget is to ask how much you can afford to lose to monthly betting. Everyone’s budget will be different, but you remain in control when being cautious.

Remember, no one is going to protect your hard-earned cash for you. It’s your responsibility, and it’s essential to bettors. You have another advantage when using your losses as the basis for your budget. Now any winnings are a bonus. You can withdraw the cash to enjoy before the urge to gamble more or add the winnings to your monthly betting budget to fund a few more wagers.

Setting a budget for betting is among the most important things you can do to help avoid problem gambling. And it’s also the easiest. There’s no need to download an expensive program or track your spending. Agree with yourself on how much you’d like to spend over a day, week, or month and be honest enough to stick to that number.

Take time out

If you ever struggle with the temptation to bet online, the best bookies have measures that’ll help. The most popular is the time-out feature available on your gambling app. 

If you feel betting is becoming problematic and need help sticking to a budget, try time-out. The feature will block you from making any deposits or placing bets for a predetermined period, such as a week or a month. You can better manage your money when the period passes, and you’ve had time to cool off.

Taking a short time-out from betting is helpful, but it’s not the only option. You can ban yourself indefinitely from the app or take a longer break, up to 12 months. When a time-out has expired, you can’t simply return to betting like you were. The bookie’s customer care team will want to run a few tests to check you are ready to return. Everything is with your safety and privacy in mind.

Create a staking plan

Mixing up a staking plan with a betting budget is easy, but they are different. Creating a staking plan is also quick and easy and could protect you from losing cash fast to betting. Professional bettors use a staking program; you’ll see examples online and at valued tipsters.

The best staking plan is the five-point system. Have a sliding scale on how much you fancy a selection to win, with a one-point bet being an interest for low stakes and a five-point bet being an all-in gamble. Each point is worth a different amount of cash, but a one-point or five-point bet for you may look different from a one or five-point bet for a friend.

What’s your maximum stake? If someone was to give you a horse they were confident would win at a fair price, let’s say +450 for a favorite, how much would you bet? That’s your maximum bet, and from there, you can work out your other points from one to four.

Don’t chase losses

Mood plays a part in the success of our bets, and that’s especially true when you’re upset. Never bet when angry, frustrated, or sad. Just like you’d never drive your car in those moods, don’t bet. 

You can cause just as much damage if things go wrong. If you’re stuck on a losing run, don’t keep going. Take a day off, return to the drawing board, and plan for tomorrow. You must be at your best to beat the bookies.