Roblox Unblocked: How to Play at School?

Roblox Unblocked: This guide reveals numerous techniques to bypass school restrictions and access Roblox on your school PC. Methods range from disabling sync, employing VPNs, using cloud gaming services, activating developer mode, to harnessing proxy servers. If Roblox still isn’t accessible, try thrilling alternatives like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, or Block Story.

If you are a fan of the fantastic free gaming platform Roblox, you probably understand the pain of being unable to access it on a PC. Roblox is an entertainment platform that offers a variety of games for you to play. However, with the kind of adult-themed games available, it is not a favourite among parents and teachers.

Students who like to take some time off during school hours and play Roblox games on their school’s PC cannot do so anymore. Roblox has been made inaccessible in several schools to avoid distraction and unapproved fun activities.

Through this article, we will discuss why schools are blocking the Roblox gaming platform. We will also discuss different methods to unblock and easily access the gaming platform on your school’s PC.

Why Do Schools Block Roblox On Their Computers?

Roblox offers a vast collection of games, but this also means that young children have access to all game genres, including violent action games and adult-rated games that are not good for growing children, especially in educational institutions such as schools.

Under the CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act), educational institutions such as schools and colleges are mandated to block or restrict access to the content on the internet. It includes blocking access to gaming platforms such as Roblox. Since a lot of the younger generation is now playing games on Roblox as one of the most popular gaming platforms, it has become essential for schools to use system firewalls to block Roblox on school PCs. It complies with the CIPA and as per government-approved guidelines.

Hence, students cannot now access or play Roblox games on their school PCs. However, several easy methods exist to unblock the Roblox games for school PCs and access the platform to play your favourite games.

Roblox Unblocked: How To Play At School?

If you want to unblock the Roblox gaming platform in your school PC, you can use one of the below methods to get started.

  1. By Turning Off Sync (Chromebook):

The first one is specifically for Chromebooks. You can try this method if your school’s computer lab has Chromebook. All you have to do is switch off sync option on the Chromebook. However, it may be more challenging than it sounds, and there may be restrictions on who can change the sync settings.

Here is how to still turn off sync option on the Chromebook-

  • On the Chromebook, go to the settings menu.
  • Here, scroll down and look for the Sync & Google Services menu. Click on it.
  • After this, select the Manage what to sync option and click on Customise sync button.
  • Now turn off all the available options.

You can restart the Chromebook now. The sync option has been turned off, and you can play the Roblox games on this PC easily.

   2. Use A VPN (All Devices):

If the above method does not work out for you, try using a VPN. You can easily unblock the Roblox gaming platform for your school’s PC (Chromebook or any other device) with the help of the NordVPN setup.

In order to use a VPN to access Roblox on the school’s PC, follow below steps-

  • Download the Roblox gaming app from the Google Play Store on your Chromebook.
  • Simultaneously, download NordVPN for your PC. You will find the tool on Play Store.
  • After the NordVPN has been downloaded, log into the NordVPN app using your Google account credentials. Now, click on the Quick Connect option.
  • You can easily set up a secure VPN connection now. Using the NordVPN connection, you can access Roblox and play your favourite games on your school’s PC. 

You can also use any other VPN connection of your choice. NordVPN is not the only VPN connection option to consider when unlocking Roblox for your school PC. If this did not work either, try and use the following method to access Roblox games on your school’s PC.

   3. Use A Cloud Gaming Service:

You can use cloud gaming services on a school PC that does not allow you to access or play Roblox games. The cloud gaming option allows you to create a secondary system that can be connected and accessed virtually. These secondary cloud PCs offer varied power modes. However, Roblox does not require much power and can be played with a decent FPS.

You can use a cloud gaming service with stable internet connectivity on any computer. Moreover, these cloud platforms are neither restricted to a specific location nor any internet settings. Since this service support functions on web-based apps, you can easily access the service and, in turn, the game using the web browser.

Downloading a cloud platform application such as is also great. Here is how to play Roblox on the school PC using on your web browser-

  • Visit the official cloud service website and head to its Games section.
  • Here, click on the All Games option.
  • You will see a search bar Type Roblox to look it up on the app page.
  • Once the name Roblox appears on the screen, select the Play in Browser option to start the game.
  • You will need to access Roblox using your login credentials before you can access your favourite game. If you do not have any existing account, you can create a new login.
  • After this, you must verify the captcha on the screen to get started.

Remember to have an updated web browser to have a smooth gaming experience and avoid glitches while accessing Roblox.

   4. Use Developer Mode On Your Chromebook:

In case you are unable to access Google Play Store on the school’s Chromebook due to access issues, you can opt for this method to unblock Roblox on the PC-

  • You can turn on the developer mode on your Chromebook by pressing the Escape key + Refresh key + Power key together.
  • Now, simultaneously, hold the Ctrl key + D while the system is still in recovery mode and then click on Enter.
  • Go to this link to download the latest apk version of Roblox. Since the system firewall on your school’s PC may restrict you from downloading Roblox apk files in normal mode, the developer mode lets you download the file easily.
  • After the file has been downloaded successfully, click on it and open it.
  • Now signup for a Roblox account to start playing games on your school’s Chromebook.

   5. Use A Proxy Server:

You can also use a proxy server for hiding the original server identity of your school PC and use the proxy server for accessing the Roblox gaming platform. With a proxy server, the online traffic is diverted and routed through that server, changing the request’s origin.

It is like using a PC remotely to download files or send emails. Since you are remotely accessing the PC, the system’s location will differ from the location you are at, making the origin of the actual action different from the location it was performed in. Similarly, your PC can also hide the IP address with the help of proxy servers. So, you can easily use a proxy server in order to unblock Roblox on the school’s PC. However, if you face speed issues or technical glitches while doing so, it is best to go with the VPN option to unblock Roblox on a school PC or a paid proxy server.

How to Request Access to Roblox at School

If your school has blocked Roblox in school PCs, there is no way to unblock it. However, you can bypass the restrictions and use the abovementioned methods to access Roblox on the school device.

Alternatives to Playing Roblox at School

If you cannot access Roblox on the school device, here are some exciting alternatives you can play on the school PCs.

  • Stardew Valley– The first game on the list is Stardew Valley, which offers complex gameplay like Roblox. Even though the game offers a linear gaming environment, Stardew has a larger gaming space in terms of farm size. The survival tactics are above par, and the game offers many exciting features for Roblox lovers.
  • Minecraft– Just like Roblox, Minecraft lets you create buildings, gives access to activities such as combat and crafting, and requires you to maintain health and survive the virtual world. You can also play this game as a multiplayer with different maps for each player. It primarily works well on Chromebook.
  • Block Story– A roleplaying game, Block Story has exciting graphics with an imaginary land and odd creatures, requiring you to save your life to proceed further in the game. With a plot that has multiple layers, this game lets you find creatures that can guide you to move ahead in your journey and get rewarded for completing particular tasks. A classic survival game, Block Story is a good alternative for Roblox.


Roblox is one of the most popular online platforms offering various games. However, with restrictions in schools, you cannot access this platform on your school devices anymore. Yet, through this article, we have tried to explain different methods to help you quickly access Roblox on the school PCs. Moreover, if you can still not play Roblox games, try the fantastic alternatives discussed here.