11 Best Robotics for Kids to Encourage STEM Subjects

There is no dearth of STEM toys to encourage your kids to learn more while they play. It’s certainly better than having your kid’s mash keys playing gory fighting games or watching reruns of last night’s TV shows. Unfortunately, not a lot of them grab peoples’ attention. So we decided to change that.

We’ve compiled a list of the best robotics for kids we found online. Most of these Robots for kidsto are on Amazon (we’ve included links just in case), though you might them or similar games at your local store or on other prices. We’ve put them in increasing levels of difficulty (so scroll down if you’re looking for a more advanced robot kits or if the initial choices are a little plain for your little genius). Let’s begin.

Oh, and yes, there’s a short buyer’s guide at the end if you’re not entirely convinced about what to spend money on.


The Best Robotic kits for Kids in Increasing Order of Difficulty

ProductLearn AboutAssembling RequiredAgeBuy
PhysicsYes8 - 15Buy Now
Elenco SnapElectronicsYes8+Buy Now
KamigamiRobotics EngineeringYes7 - 11Buy Now
CoDrone Pro ProgrammingNo10 - 18Buy Now
Star Wars Droid Inventor KitEngineeringNo8+Buy Now
Wonder Workshop Cue Robot ProgrammingNo11 - 15Buy Now
UBTECH’s Jimu Robot ProgrammingYes8+Buy Now
4-in-1 Robot Kit from Brain CrunchEngineeringYes8+Buy Now
Robolink 11-in-1 Programmable  Robot KitElectronicsYes9+Buy Now
Smart Machines Science KitEngineeringYes8 - 15Buy Now
Elegoo Smart Robot CarArduino programmingYes8+Buy Now

1. Geckobot – The Wall Climbing Robot


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The Geckobot is easy to assemble thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions, and the results are pretty entertaining. The cogs and wheels are visible and it gives the robot a more sciency feel. There’s a lot to learn and absorb when you can see the mechanical movement of the parts giving rise to the actions of the bot. The robot is driven by 2 replaceable AAA batteries and doesn’t only drives the cogs through a motor but also operates the suction cups that help your robot grip things or walk upwards.

Concepts grasped: Assembly and working on complex machines, suction, surface textures, fun facts about geckos


2. Elenco Snap-Circuits Remote Controlled Rover

Elenco Snap

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This one is really simple in design and assembly, and is ideal for kids as young as 8. It has some electronic circuitry the kid can learn on, but most of the assembly really requires you to snap on pieces on a pre-assembled chassis. The product needs as many as 6 batteries (AA) and one separate 9 volt battery, both on which are easy to arrange. There is also an upgrade you can get your kids if they are no longer entertained or challenged by the kit, and have them learn more and more, which is a neat degree on customisability since it allows the kid to follow their own unique learning process at their own pace. There are LED lights, saltwater detectors and other neat assembly parts you can put together to make your rover do more than just flit about with remote control commands. And yes, just to make sure younger kids can assemble it too, they put numbers on the parts to help them along.

Concepts grasped: Electronic circuit assembly and working, conductivity, radio reception.

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3. Kamigami: Best Robot Toys for Kids


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Kamigami robots are perhaps the simplest in terms of assembly, You need only connect the parts to the chassis and fit the covers. Your robot is ready to do your bidding in no time. Kamigami is more a self-assembled remote-controlled car than a proper robot, honestly, but there is still a lot of interesting things to learn about. For starters, Using 6 limbs instead of the common 4 can be a great way to widen one’s horizons about making things move; it is certainly in sync with how a lot of bugs and insects move. One can also not help but acknowledge the value for money. There are too few robots with a non-classical approach to movement. For a price this less, it certainly feels like a winning deal. Oh, and the robots can be used to battle with. Almost like Pokemon but in real life.

Concepts grasped: Machine building


4. CoDrone Pro: Coding Toys for Kids


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If you’re looking for a coding robotics kit that’s more up to date with trends and not just a generic looking humanoid robot builder set, CoDrone Pro drone building might just be the game you’re looking for. The set is easy to assemble, can be programmed easily using Arduino and a PC, and controlled using your Apple or Android mobile phone. There’s more to the robot that just flying as well. It can be used to battle with your friends too. Plus, the device can be controlled by your voice as well. It is a good beginner’s project to undertake.

Skills Grasped: Basic Programming, machine assembly.

Note: The CoDrone has a nice camera Add-On you can get to fit on the main body to capture videos from a bird’s eye perspective on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Concepts grasped: Programming, Machine building, mechanical movement.


5. Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit: Lego Robot Kits

Star Wars Droid

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The geeks love it just as much as kids. The Star Wars Droid Inventor is a robot building kit that is unapologetic about it being inspired from sci-fi fantasy entertainment. The assembly is almost lego-like, and there is a lot to do with your robot once it is put in place. The most fun feature perhaps is the somewhat tackily named “Force Move” where your robot keeps a track of your palm and moves ahead as if being propelled by the Force. The animation is very Star-Wars-like, which is perhaps the kit’s USP. You can chuck the R2D2-like casing and device your own using cardboard boxes or paint cans maybe, but the fun really lies in the geek element.

Skills Learned: Machine assembly.

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6. Wonder Workshop Cue Robot: Get Best Toy Award

Wonder Cue Robot

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The closest a toy robot comes to actual futuristic technology is with Wonder Workshop’s Cue Robot. The robot actually has personalities to alter how it interacts with you. You can use your code skills (or maybe develop coding skills to use) to make it do stuff, and it’s a lot superior to Arduino, though arguably, proportionately harder. The robot can be controlled and guided to do a lot using your smartphone. It can sing for you, tell you jokes and text you. The display is fun, the movements are in sync with the personalities you fix it to. The robot comes with Bluetooth connection and has 3 proximity sensors to behave more intelligently, along with processors, LED buttons and more. You can operate it with an iOS or Android mobile phone. Oh, and it can cues Cleverbot when you text it, except for specific commands, in case you’re wondering how it responds to your texts.

Concepts grasped: Programming, AI

7. UBTECH’s Jimu Robot

Jimu Robot

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The Jimu Robot is quirky and fun. The big googly eyes are certainly entertaining, the assembly is fairly inspired and the results are fairly amusing with the awkward walk the robot walks. It is a good toy to inspire your kids to learn more of science. The robot can be programmed and controlled using an app you can get on iPhones and Androids, though the actions are somewhat restricted as compared to what some other robots have to offer. You can also fashion the humanoid robot into a mechanical dog or any other kind of robot you can think of. The app does have an advantage in terms on programming features. You need only drag and drop commands to make the robot perform an action. Though at the surface, the robot seems unlikely to appeal to a kid as young as 8, the app and the quirky design make sure your kid is entertained.

Concepts grasped: Basics of Programming, Machine assembly and operation


8. 4-in-1 Robot Kit from Brain Crunch

4-in-1 Robot Kit

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If a remote control assembly in the previous option wasn’t enough, this one has 4 designs you can make out of the same kit, which makes the game all the more entertaining. The game has a lot of more designs you can experiment with too, but these 4 are the easiest, since they’re explained how to build a robot in the detailed manual. The models are a little juvenile, with much on the fixing and fastening done through a lego-like fixing blister designs. That said, this one only looks easy; it is definitely harder than the options we’ve covered so far since there are a lot of varied parts of varying sizes and positions they can fit in. As for power, you’ll need 2 AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries to run these models. Using rechargeable batteries makes more sense because depending on use, you’ll be running out of charge pretty frequently, and you shouldn’t be left running to the market every time that happens, especially when there are as many as 6 batteries involved.

Concepts learned: Machine building, Designing, logic


9. Robolink 11-in-1 Programmable Robot Kit

 Robolink 11-in-1

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It can be a little insulting to give a gifted teenager a robot with an animal mask on it. If your teenager seems the more picky kind who prefers more geeky entertainment, Robolink’s 11-in-1 Robot Kit might be a better toy. You can build your own robot, it actually requires the player to have some programming skill, though the programming language Arduino is easy to grasp by itself. The box by itself contains parts and instructions to make as many as 11 toys, and one can certainly experiment to try making more. There are tutorials online, if you want to check out. The parts are simple and unembellished, which makes the finished product look more serious and geeky as compared to the toyish appearances that most other options have. The wires don’t need soldering, which is good if you don’t trust your teen being able to handle hot soldering rods yet. The only thing not included in the pack are batteries. Younger kids might need more guidance with projects.


10. Smart Machines Science Kit from Thames and Kosmos

Smart Machines Science Kit

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For something more advanced than the origami-esque robots but just as fun and quirky, Thames and Kosmos have a more advanced robotics kit called the Smart Machines Science Kit. The elaborate manual guides you into several ways to arrange your parts to make some pretty cute robots, and you can try your hand at coming up with your own versions once you get the gist of assembly. It is simple, battery driven and can be controlled using an app on your smartphone or tablet. There is also an ultrasonic sensor that can be programmed to help your robot navigate. The app is easy to use too. With as many as 230 pieces, we definitely recommend giving your younger kids a hand with building initially. Figuring this robotics toy out of our own was no smooth sailing for some 17-19 year olds who tried the kit with us, so we definitely recommend it for kids and adults who love a little challenge.

Concepts grasped: Machine assembly and working, Programming, Sonar.

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11. Elegoo Smart Robot Car


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There is so much to gain from Elegoo Robot Car if you want to inspire your kid towards STEM subjects. The kit is perhaps the most advanced robotics kit for children, teens, and even young adults. There is quite some complexity to deal with in the kit; it makes sense for a car with Line Tracking and Ultrasonic sensor as well as infrared and Bluetooth control to have a little challenge in assembly and programming. For a more realistic idea of what robot and other electronic machine assembly is like, there is really no better option in the market. It is understandable why they take a different approach to assembly and tutorial. Everything from the wheels to the circuitry and even the packing is inspiring and geeky. It is perfect for a robot club or to take in a robotics competition. There is no denying that kids will need guidance and assistance building this, and that can help them learn more about the subject at hand.

Concepts grasped: Machine assembly, Programming, Circuit design, sonar, infrared sensing.


A Quick Buyers Guide for Robot Kits for Kids

Confused of what to get a kid to inspire them to make robots? Remember these points:

  • Don’t get them something very advanced kids robots. If the challenge is too great, many kids and especially teens will give up and prefer to text their friends.
  • At the same time, don’t buy something entirely silly for their age or IQ level. Giving a 16 year old a snap-circuit robot may earn you a groan instead of a thank-you-aunt-Suzy that you’re expecting.
  • Customisability and utility matter. If your robot can be reassembled into some other design, points for that. If it can be used for more than just playing around, points to it.
  • Young kids might not like their robots too bland. And older kids might not appreciate a tackily colored robot. If you’re confused, sit down with them and choose your robot together. If it’s a gift, leave the receipt in.

I hope this helps you to choose robotics for kids. Let us know if there are any other robot kits that caught your attention.