Rome Total War Cheats and Codes For Whole New Experience

If there was one game I’d recommend everyone to play, it’d surely be Rome: Total War. The historical accuracy isn’t the most accurate and the animation has better examples, but it is still among the most entertaining history-based games I’ve played. There’s a good gore element, the missions are tough and engaging and there is a lot to do in the game than just fight or mash buttons, with its neat elements of strategy. It is a lot of interesting stuff neatly tied together by a synchronous and sane story and line of thought, which is more than what we can say about a lot of other mainstream games.

However, the games become even better with some neat cheat codes thrown into the mix. If you think it is too hard, or if you’re bored with the usual game mechanism, try this Rome total war cheats and you might discover playing the game in a completely different way than you have before.

Rome Total War Cheats and Codes to Discover More

Where to enter cheat codes for the game?

A lot of people seem to be confused about this. You need only press the tilde key (the ~ next to 1 on the number keys over the alphabet keys. Look under Escape key). Punch in the quotes and you should observe the effects immediately.

Before we jump into the main cheats, let’s first go over some neat ways to alter the screen and/or scenery. Here are some display cheats for the game.


Empire Total War Cheats to alter screen display

Cheat Code

What It Does
toggle_coastlines Brings up/ Removes coastline display
toggle_flowing_water Brings up/ Removes flowing water on campaign map
toggle_fow Brings up/ Removes fog of war
toggle_overlay Brings up/ Removes overlay
toggle_perfect_spy Brings up/ Removes spy feature
toggle_restrictcam Brings up/ Removes camera limits and restrictions
toggle_terrain Brings up/ Removes terrain


The Best Rome Total War Cheat Codes to try out

There are a lot of cheat codes like Rome: total war cheats money you can try using in general in the game. The codes and their effects are listed below, in alphabetical order to make it easier for you.

Cheat Code


add_money <Amount> Increase money by the amount entered
add_population Increase population of the target city
adjust_sea_bed Control height of the sea bed
ai_turn_speed Alter AI turn speed
auto_win Battles (Attacker or Defender) can be auto resolved
burn_piggies_burn Set fire to all piggy winks
capture_settlement Capture the target city
character_reset Reset character to original format
clear_messages All Messages at the moment automatically cleared
control Control Different Faction as you please
create_building Create a particular building by punching it in
create_unit Brings a particular unit to the character’s army
damage_wall Damage a settlement’s wall to get through easier
date Alter the year to the one you want
diplomacy_mission Create a diplomacy mission
diplomatic_stance Control the diplomacy stance of factions
disable_ai Disables the AI
event Make an event of your choice
filter_coastlines Remove Coastlines from the world map
force_battle_defeat Force player to be defeated at the battle
force_battle_victory Force player to be victorious in the battle
force_diplomacy Have your diplomatic proposal be accepted by force
gamestop or bestbuy Reduce cost of units in campaign mode by 10%
give_trait Introduce a trait in the character
give_trait_points Add certain trait points to the character
halt_ai Pause the AI turn cycle
invulnerable_general Your general becomes invulnerable in fights
jericho Walls fall down (battle map mode siege only)
kill_character Kill the character immediately
kill_faction Kill the entire faction
list_ancillaries Get a list of all available ancillaries
list_characters Get a list of all characters in the game
list_traits Get a list of traits
list_units Get a list of units in the army concerned
move_character Move character to a location based on coordinates
mp Character gets movement points
oliphaunt Elephants become 40% bigger (only in campaign mode)
output_unit_positions Keep an eye on all units’ positions in battle
process_cq Finish all building queued for construction
process_rq Finish all military units queued for recruitment
regenerate_radar Regenerates the radar
run_ai Lets AI play its turn; used after being halted by halt_ai
season Season changes
set_building_health Health of the building can be altered
show_all_messages Enable/Disable showing every message to all your factions
show_battle_circle Display a circle at (x, y) coordinates. Radius is r and t is seconds
show_battle_marker Display a marker at (x, y) coordinates for t seconds
show_battle_street_plan Display street plans for the target settlement
trigger_advice Shows advice
upgrade_effect Performs a unit upgrade
victory See the victory message for a faction
zoom Zoom into a map area of choice
? See more information on the cheat code punched in

Final thoughts

Games are more fun when you know how to get things your way. Only remember, not all Rome total war cheats are equally good. Some, like the Oliphaunt cheat code, can cause the game to crash on some PCs. The game goes back to 2004, so you might be able to avoid the Rome: total war traits by getting the best hardware for your PC, which might be easier and cheaper too, given Total War and its expansion last came out in 2010. The iOS version came out recently though; it’s worth trying out, given the interface and the touch optimisation that Apple devices usually carry.