Get Showbox for PC in 5 Easy Steps – Complete Download Guide

Showbox is an Android app that lets users stream movies and TV shows at no cost. The app also offers offline-viewing through downloads and the ability to help seed other files. If Showbox is made available on PC, you could view content on a much bigger screen and have more storage space for downloads. You can download Showbox For PC in just few minutes by following the steps below.

Get Showbox for PC in 5 Easy Steps - Complete Download Guide

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10

Processor: Intel or AMD Processor

It would be better if your PC processor has a Single Thread PassMark score of no less than 1,001. You can check the score here. You must also ensure that you have enabled virtualization extensions in the BIOS. Know more about it here.

RAM: At least 2GB and a recommended RAM of 6GB

HDD: At least 4GB remaining space

Ideally, you should be using SSD storage instead to run the emulator and Showbox much faster.

User Permission: Administrator level

Internet Connection: A stable broadband connection for streaming and downloading

How to Download Showbox on PC/ Windows

Step 1: Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) for free here.

There’s a 30-day trial version so you don’t have to pay for the license since you’re only going to use it to speed up your downloads. If you have a fast internet connection, you can skip this one.

Step 2: Download the latest Showbox APK file.

The app is not hosted on Google Play Store because it has copyright infringement issues due to its torrents. It is entirely up to you to search online for the most recent and safe version of Showbox app. As of now, the most recent version is 5.24.

Step 3: Download the latest version of BlueStacks here.

Step 4: Right-click the installer file and select ‘Run as administrator’ to begin the installation.

Step 5: Check the installation settings under ‘Customize installation’ and check the box next to ‘Accept Software License’.

Step 6: Click ‘Install Now’.

Step 7: Wait for the installation process to finish and then click on ‘Complete’.

Step 8: Complete the setup process that only appears the first time you open BlueStacks 4.

Step 9: Choose your preferred language once you are on the Welcome screen.

Step 10: Sign in using your Google account or create one here.

Step 11: Go to My Apps and click on the ‘Choose apk’ button.

Step 12: Look for the Showbox APK file once the dialog box appears.

Step 13: Click the APK file and select ‘Open’ to install Showbox using BlueStacks 4.

Note that you can also just find the APK file and drag it on the BlueStacks 4 screen before dropping it. This automatically installs the app as well.

FAQs About Showbox For PC

1) What should I do if the audio and the videos don’t sync perfectly?

Try restarting Showbox by closing it on BlueStacks 4 and opening it again there. Otherwise, you can choose another server.

2) Is there a limit to how many movies and shows I can watch on my PC?

There is no restriction even if you’re on your PC. Showbox won’t detect this since you’re using an Android emulator in the first place — the app still thinks you’re a mobile user.

3) Can I use Showbox even on Windows Vista?

BlueStacks 4 notes that Windows 7 is the minimum requirement for the OS. So while you could possibly still run both the emulator and the app on Windows Vista and even Windows XP, the performance will likely be sluggish. BlueStacks 4 alone won’t open fast so expect the same for Showbox.

4) Why am I seeing a blank screen on Showbox?

A common reason why this happens is that the app itself is blocked. However, there’s no reason to worry since it experiences this every once in a while. It can last between a couple of hours to several days. Simply for the app to become available again.

5) What do I do if an error occurs stating that the video is not available?

Similar to the syncing issue, the problem probably lies with the servers. Companies and authorities often hunt down illegal sources of movies and series available on Showbox. Thus, some servers are taken down. The best option is to find another server that’s still functioning.