SIMS Medieval Cheat Codes, FAQs and More

Medieval Sims is a pretty neat game as far as medieval era based games go. It has the usual Sim element but it is coupled with an RPG approach which brings a limited storyline to follow, quests to complete. Also, thankfully, you’re not required to pee every five minutes, though it is interesting to have a Sim use a chamber pot. But I digress. I’ve collected a Sims Medieval cheats that you’re going to enjoy using.

The Sims Medieval Cheats Codes with Tips to Ensure Win


Top Medieval Cheat: “Testing Cheat Enabled”

Before we get to the list, however, let’s cover how you can enable “testing cheats” in the game first. Testing Cheats is layspeak for an option that is meant to be used to alter SIMS and objects in ways that violate usual gameplay and give you more ways to interact with it. Be warned, however. Using Testing Cheats to alter some game properties can cause gameplay to be corrupted or cause errors otherwise. This is especially true for Medieval Sims where there is a set storyline and mission to follow.

To enable the cheat code, make sure the game is not running. Then, in your C drive, locate the Sims Medieval folder, usually located at C:// Program Files/ Electronic Arts/ The Sims Medieval. Go to Game Data, and then enter the Shared Folder, where you need to find Nonpackaged and in it, find Skyrim step Ini. A file called Commands.ini should be available.

Alternatively, use Control+Run on your Windows PC or the Run command in the start menu and enter the path below:

C://Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game Data/Shared/Nonpackaged/Ini/Commands.ini

Note: If you have installed the game differently, this path might not work. In such a case, use the method listed above and find the file manually using the search feature in the file explorer. Simply look for “The Sims Medieval” in the search bar, and set the directory to C.


The rest is easy

  • Copy the commands.ini file to your desktop. Open it with Notepad.
  • Locate the text “TestingCheatsEnabled=0”
  • Change the zero to one. The text should read “TestingCheatsEnabled=1”. This is true-false in binary.
  • Save the file with the type “All Files”. This is essential. Do not save the file as .txt or the program will not recognise it.
    Note: If you save it as .txt by mistake, rename the file and delete the .txt. Press enter. Alternatively, open the file and use Save As to remove the .txt and save the file.
  • In the folder, Rename the original Commands.ini to “BACKUPCommands.ini”. Then copy the Commands.ini file on the desktop to the folder. That’s all you need to do.

Run the game, and you should be able to use testing cheats. To know how you can use Testing Sims Cheats, read the Wiki here.

Note: You might need Administrator privileges to edit the commands.ini file. Or, you can change the properties (available in the right click menu) by going to the security tab, Users and toggling Full Control.


Medieval Sims Cheat Codes:

Character and Gameplay cheats


Character and Gameplay

Dress as you want

Cheat: DisableClothingFilter

Add Quest Points, however many you want

Cheat: setQP [number of Quest Points]

Add Renown and Reputation Points, however many you want

Cheat: SetKP [number of Renown and Reputation Points]

Set Kingdom Points, however many you want

Cheat: setKingdomPoints [number of Kingdom Points]

Randomize Quests already in your list

Cheat: RerollQuests

* *Or, use the Unlock All Quests cheat mentioned at the end.

Game Customisation

Fullscreen Mode

Cheat: fullscreen

Change Frame Rate Display

Cheat: fps

Llama Mode

Cheat: enablellamas

Enable Responsibilities

Cheat: enablerespos

Disable Responsibilities

Cheat: DisableRespos

Place/Move Objects anywhere you like

Cheat: moveobjects

Make Objects Fade When You Approach Items

Cheat: fadeobjects

Money Cheat Codes

Get 1,000 Simoles (currency)

Cheat : kaching

Get 50,000 Simoles (currency)

Cheat: motherlode

Can you Unlock All Quests without playing the entire game?

Yes, you can. Enter Cheat Code ShowAllQuests and all Quests should be unlocked instantly, no matter how far you or your characters have progressed. Also, this makes quests replayable, so you can skip using the RerollQuests cheat mentioned above.

Sims Medieval FAQs:

Q1. Is Sims Medieval an expansion pack?

 No. It is a game in itself, totally independent of previous SIM games.

Q2. Do I need Sims 3/ Sims 4 to play it?

 You do not need any Sim game to play this game. You need only the Sims Medieval quest to be installed on your PC; having Sims 3 or 4           doesn’t change things.

Q3. Are there expansion packs for Sims game I can buy?

There is the Pirates and Nobles Expansion you can find interesting. Apart from that, however, there aren’t any other expansion packs that have been added, so you’re still going to be largely restricted in terms of the gameplay, thanks to the linear story and progression in the game.

Q4. Can I build my own castle in Medieval game?

You cannot. You get a castle in the beginning when you design the character of the Monarch. You can customise it by moving objects around. But there’s not much else you can do with the castle.

That’s all the sims medieval cheats we have. Have any more? Share with us in the comments.

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