Skate 3 Cheats and Codes to Pull Some Cool Stunts

PlayStation 3 has an amazing game called Skate III which lets you pull some cool stunts on a virtual skateboard. It doesn’t get boring given the number of challenges to accomplish and the difficulty level. But just in case you want something more,  here’s a list of the best cheat codes to try.

This is a fun skateboarding simulator game that has missions to complete and trophies and more to earn. There are different characters to play as different environments to explore and a lot of fun activities to try out. In case you’re confused about the criteria to win the many different trophies, check out the list of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies at the end of the skate 3 cheats.

Skate 3 Cheats and Codes with Quick Guide

Where to enter Skate III Cheat Codes?

A lot of people try punching the codes into the launch screen or while playing the game, without success. The cheat codes are meant to be entered in a text field you can access from the main menu. Press Start. In Options, Find and click Extras. You’ll find the Cheat Code option right there. Punch in the codes from the ones mentioned beneath and enjoy!


The best Skate 3 Cheat Codes

  • Make Skate III into a Zombie Apocalypse game: Entering this cheat code makes your screen into an entirely believable Hollywood zombie flick. There is a pretty sick yellow tint and the zombie pedestrians begin to run after you. Use the code “zombie”.
  • Restore things to their original positions: Make a lot of mess in the game space? You can clear it in a jiffy using the “streetsweeper” cheat code. It makes sure things can be found right where they were when you started the game. It’s pretty convenient for when you’re only playing casually.
  • Want to play as Isaac from Dead Space? In case you don’t know, Isaac is the main character of the Dead Space series, and he looks rad, as does his skateboard. I’m still not clear why they put a dead space 3 cheats to play as him, but it’s still a fun option. Use the dead space cheats “deadspacetoo”. Notice the “too” at last; it is NOT “two”.
  • This one’s my favorite. You can make your very visibly teen/young adult character become a kid again. It’s called the Mini Skater Mode and the cheat is pretty straightforward. Just enter “miniskaters”. Again, notice the “s” at the end.
  • I know it’s tacky, but the game lets you convert your skateboard into a hoverboard. It looks even more amazing with the various characters you can play as. Enter “mcfly” in the cheat code menu and the wheels vanish. It really does look like you’re riding a hoverboard powered by magnetic levitation or some other futuristic technology.
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People are confused about how they can unlock the 47 trophies in the game. Here’s a quick guide:


Bronze Trophies

100% Pure Adrenaline Climb to the top of a cliff or some other tall structure. It should be very tall. Jump down and fly spreadeagled for 10 seconds or more. Fun fact; you can also control your flight, though you have no control over going down. Stupid gravity!
All your base belongs to you (Bronze Trophy) You need only unlock the Team HQ to win this one. It’s among the easiest trophies to win since most people unlock it without being aware that it exists.
Artsy Fartsy (Bronze Trophy) Put up 5 photos and 5 films, along with 3 skate parks to win this one. If you don’t take films and photos in the game, i recommend you start now to make winning this one a breeze.
Beast Unleashed (Bronze Trophy) There is a Monster contest. Win it to get this bronze trophy. This one too shouldn’t be too hard to get.
Big-Footy (Bronze Trophy) Beat the film ender.
Co-Operator (Bronze Trophy) Finishing an Online Career challenge completely wins you this one. Again, many people win it without planning to.
Constructive Criticism (Bronze Trophy) Submit ratings for 5 skate parks, 5 Films, and 5 Photos that others have uploaded. This one helps take the community spirit ahead among the players.
Don’t be so Mayo (Bronze Trophy) Perform a proper Miracle Whip, also called a superdude body flip. It’s a little tough, but most people compelte it.
Employee #1 (Bronze Trophy) You get this one automatically when you begin your team.
Employee #2 (Bronze Trophy) Teammates need to be earned in this game. Get your first and get this trophy as a reward.
Employee #3 (Bronze Trophy) Like the previous one, you know how to earn it.
Employee #4 (Bronze Trophy) Again, get your third Teammate to get this one.
GVR Champ (Bronze Trophy) Win the “Goofy vs. Regular” contest. GVR stands for Goofy vs Regular. I realised it 2 days after I completed the challenge.
In Stereo (Bronze Trophy) Finish Coach Frank’s skate school tuts.
King of Kings (Bronze Trophy) Finish the street and tranny ender competitions.
Lot Pwners (Bronze Trophy) Score top place at a Ranked Team Own The Lot.
Making a Buddy Call (Bronze Trophy) Invite a skater buddy to skating. This one’s a complete throwaway IMO.
Mantastic Voyage (Bronze Trophy) Perform 3 manuals in a single sequence of stunts.
Masochist (Bronze Trophy) Win the ‘Thorax Crunch’ Hall of Meat Challenge.
Objectifier (Bronze Trophy) Use at least 3 moveable objects in a singlem stunt sequence.
Overexposed (Bronze Trophy) Finish every Promotional Film/Photo.
Park Apprentice (Bronze Trophy) Finish skate park tutorials.
Party at the Penthouse (Bronze Trophy) Score top place at both Maloof Money Cup contests.
Sellout! (Bronze Trophy) Design a Logo and stick it on your Skater.
Sexiest Skater Alive (Bronze Trophy) Get the covers of Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.
Speed Demon (Bronze Trophy) Score top place in the Final Death Race. This is a bit tough for a bronze trophy.
T-Mobilized (Bronze Trophy) Score top place at the T-Mobile sponsored contest.
Takin ’em to the limit (Bronze Trophy) You get this trophy by getting the terrain meter in the red for your own skate park.
Talking about Team practice (Bronze Trophy) Participate in a 6-player Team Freeskate session.
Team Up (Bronze Trophy) Participate in a team with two or more skaters.
The Consumate Pro (Bronze Trophy) Finish all pro challenges.
Throw Down (Bronze Trophy) Score top place in a Ranked Online Team Challenge.
You’re Winner! (Bronze Trophy) Score top place in a Ranked Online Solo Challenge.


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Silver Trophies

A Dynasty Is Born (Silver Trophy) You win this one when your team is staffed at maximum capacity.
High Five! (Silver Trophy) Complete 5 Ranked Challenges of your choice.
Is that all you got? (Silver Trophy) Finish all challenges.
It takes a really big village… (Silver Trophy) Achieve the community board sales target.
Lot Monopolist (Silver Trophy) Dominate (win) all of the lots.
Mass Murderer (Silver Trophy) Murder (win) 80 challenges.
Spot Monopolist (Silver Trophy) Claim all the spots for yourself.


Gold Trophies

Deck Peddler (Gold Trophy) You get this one when you’ve successfully sold 1 Million boards.
Dedicated (Gold Trophy) The final trophy. You get this one when you have everything beaten, earned and unlocked.


Platinum Trophy

Platinum (Platinum Trophy) The very very final trophy of the game. Once you have all the trophies in the game, you earn this secret trophy.

Pretty neat, right? It’s a great way to stay entertained. Know any more skate 3 cheats ? Let us know in the comments below.