8 Best Free Skype Alternatives for Video Calling 2019

If Not Skype, Then What?

Skype, in a way, pioneered the idea of video calling for the world to see and experience. It is one app that charted and defined a course not known by many back in the day.

That’s a different thing that subsequent innovations in the arena have choked its market share by huge numbers, and today, the app is fighting all sorts of survival crisis.

But, why is Skype losing the plot?

Lately, there have been reports flying around about Microsoft dwelling on the possibility of shutting down Skype. This is so, because people, due to lack of customization features on the app, have shifted their allegiance to other alternatives to Skype.

The major pain part is how Skype doesn’t let us sync our conversations with other devices. And, another downer is the lack of an option to delete the messages individually. We have to delete the entire chat history, which is really hard on us.

So, an alternative to Skype is definitely the need of the moment.

Here, we’ve rounded up top 8 best Skype alternatives, which are real reboots to the Microsoft app.  

1. Google Hangouts

No denying of the fact that Google Hangouts is the next in line to the top spot that Skype would relinquish. The application lets you interact with your family and friends via text message, video and voIP calls, and also supports group chats. Lest we forget, Google Hangouts allows you to broadcast your call live using Hangouts on air, and is available for free.

Google Hangouts

  • Supported Platforms: Available for all leading operating systems, and for all devices.
  • Supported Content: Documents, Photos, GIFs and Locations.
  • Group Chats: Yes, with up to 10 people at a time.
  • Sync: Enabled, sync your data with your devices, and keep toggling between them as and when you intend to do.
  • Privacy: Data fully-encrypted. No security lacunae.

To access Google Hangouts, all you need to have is an active Gmail account. And, much to your ease, there’s no need to download any third-party application to use it.

2. Webex

Make ‘Where’ Obsolete – that’s the motto of Webex, an online meeting and video conferencing app that has planted a strong foot in the market. Doesn’t matter ‘where’ you are, the application ensures that you stay connected to your team at every crucial hour, and keep consistent with the developments. Webex supports 720p video and high-fidelity audio. Also, you can highlight the important section on the documents for others to note down. Stay on schedule with the ‘Call Me’ feature, activating which, you can receive call alerts about the time of your online meets.


  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Supported Content: Files and apps, Collaborates with your team by screen-sharing the documents, and switching between them.
  • Sync: Enabled, sync your voice, video and data with any device of your choice.
  • Privacy: Real-time communications occur on Cisco WebEx Cloud – the safest in the league, offering multi-layered security.

Webex is available on Freemium pricing model. While the free version of the app allows you to virtually meet a team of only up to 3 members, the monthly paid plan of 24USD permits only 8 members in a meeting.

Webex can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

3. IMO

If Skype ceases to exist tomorrow, you know where to turn up. IMO is a user-friendly video calling application that lets you make quality video calls to friends and family for free. Apart from smartphones, it is perfectly optimized to work on Android tablets as well. IMO is so simple to use that your likeability quotient for the app will go through the roof.


  • Supported Platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Supported Content: Files, photos, videos, and that too, unlimitedly. Emojis and stickers available.
  • Group Chats: Yes.
  • Sync: Not available. While there is no way to recover the deleted messages from the app, you can avail yourself of some software tools that might help.
  • Privacy: Chats and calls on IMO are encrypted, and thereby, there is no threat to your privacy in any way whatsoever.

IMO application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store for FREE.

4. Facetime

Facetime, an application exclusive to Mac and iOS, offers a video calling experience that’s par excellence. Getting started with the app is easy – all you need is an Apple ID, entering which, you will be geared up to buzz anyone in your personal and professional circles. You need to select the phone number or the email ID of the person with whom you’re intending to video-talk. The notable feature of this app is its support to 20 languages, which makes it user-friendly at a whole new level.


Image Credit- macworld.co.uk

  • Supported Platforms: iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini (all models), iPod Touch 4th Gen or later, and Mac computers.  
  • Supported Content: Audio and Video calls, Text Messages, Voice Messages.
  • Group Chats: No. You can facetime only one person at a time.
  • Sync: You can sync Facetime calls with other Apple devices only.
  • Privacy: Facetime calls are end-to-end encrypted, which means, that no one, except the sender and the receiver of the messages, can access the data.

You can download Facetime from Apple Store for free. Just tap HERE.

5. Viber

Video calling at its absolute best – that’s Viber for you. It’s a well-built app to connect with your social circles via high-quality video calls. It is an easy-to-use application, allowing you to make free video calls around the world in a tick. Viber scaled to great heights of popularity by being the most friendly and intuitive app to connect with the ones who matter. As a further matter, Viber is an ads-free platform.


  • Supported Platforms: Android Phones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Windows 8 and 10, Mac and Linux.
  • Supported Content: Audio and Video Calls, Voice and Video Media Images, Images, Stickers and Emojis.
  • Group Chats: Yes, with up to 250 participants in a group, including the administrator.
  • Sync: Yes, in case, you’re using an Android device, and trying to back up using the same phone number. When using an iDevice, make sure you’re trying to log into the same iCloud account. However, automatic backup of your Viber messages is not yet available for your iOS devices.
  • Privacy: Viber is truly committed to user privacy, and all the data is digitally encrypted to make eavesdropping impossible.

You can download Viber from Google Play Store, Windows Store and Apple Store for Free.

6. OOvOO

OOvOO is a widely-used free calling application, offering admirable clarity and loads of interesting features that keep you well-engaged. It is replete with easy-to-use, intuitive controls, using which, you can quickly switch between messaging and video calling modes. OOvOO is a cross-platform app (accessible across all the platforms) that lets you sync your contacts from Phonebook, WhatsApp and Facebook. What’s more? OOvOO’s premium account (starting from 2.99 USD pm) is sans ads with over 1000 minutes of storage capacity. Rightfully, it’s coined as one of the best Skype Alternative.


  • Supported Platforms: Android tablets and smartphones, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, Mac, PC and Windows phones.
  • Supported Content: Video Chats, Screen Sharing, Files, Text Messages, Images, GIFs and Emojis.
  • Group Chats: Yes, up to 12 participants in a chat.
  • Sync: Address Book, WhatsApp and Facebook Integration available.
  • Privacy: There are no loopholes in the security setup by OOvOO, and this is why, the data is highly secured.

You can download OOvOO from Google Play Store, Windows Store and Apple Store for FREE.

7. Jitsi

Feeling left out without Skype? Jitsi fills the void, much to your satisfaction. It’s a web-based video calling application, offering high-quality video calls for free. The application boasts of its support to almost 30 languages – a feature that ends a lot of competition out there, making this app a cut above.


  • Supported Platforms: Mac, Windows PC and Linux. Android version is in the making.
  • Supported Content: Video Calls with Screen Sharing Capacity, Instant Messaging, Voice Calls, Files, Images and More.
  • Group Chats: Yes.
  • Sync: Integrate your Google Talk, Facebook Messenger accounts with Jitsi, and access all your instant messaging apps on one unified platform.
  • Privacy: Jitsi uses Off-the-Record Encryption to keep your online conversation fully secured.

You can download Jitsi Here.

8. UberConference

Being an audio conferencing app, UberConference is an odd fish in the pool, but its inclusion rests on an important fact that it’s immensely used for organizing group meetings across the world. It is a powerful application that makes conferencing a plain-sailing job without any PINs. Using UberConference, you can see who all are present in the meaning, and who is speaking from where. Plus, the smart contact integration feature lets you invite the callers on the basis of your contact information. You have controls, such as record, mute and much more, to customize your conference.


  • Supported Platforms: Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Supported Content: HD Quality Audio  
  • Group Chats: Yes. Up to 10 participants in an audio conference. The limit extends up to 100 participants per conference via paid plans.
  • Sync: You can easily integrate your Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with UberConference.
  • Privacy: UberConference is a well-secured platform. So, the app is a relatively safe choice when it comes to your data.

You can download UberConference Here.

We’ve great feels for Skype, but let’s admit it, the app doesn’t pass the muster on many a parameter. If you are seeking some best Skype alternatives, the time is right to do the deed! You can choose any of the above-mentioned app as an alternative for Skype, and make your video conversations go in a smooth flow.