Using Skype for Web: The First and Final Frontier of Video Calling?

There are a lot of Android and Apple apps that let you connect with family and friends over a video call. There’s, of course, the video calling giant Facetime, and the more recent entry but commanding virtually equal respect, Google Duo. There’s no dearth of competition either, with major texting apps including Whatsapp and Facebook messenger having introduced video calling features within the main apps themselves, each with their own quirks. So where does Skype for web fit in all this diversity?


A background of Skype’s journey

Using Skype for Web: The First and Final Frontier of Video Calling

Skype.web was among the very first internet chatting services which introduced us to audio and video calling over the internet. It brought the world freedom from oppressive international calling rates. It was restricted to PCs, however, the first few smartphones only appearing on the scene years later. Unable to keep pace with the competition, Skypeweb lost ground to Facetime, which itself went on to fade in popularity in front of Whatsapp, due to the latter’s cross OS support. So then, why is Skype for browser still relevant, and why is the web client to be taken seriously?


Skype’s resurgence


The smartphone brought with itself a technology that put PCs in jeopardy. There was simply no way Windows 95/98, the OS still largely in vogue at the time, could compete with touch screens (even if they were resistive). Then, Windows 2000, NT and others turned out to be major disasters which only solidified the lack of faith that smartphones were looking to exploit. As the domestic user shifted allegiances, Windows, and in fact PCs, in general, lost the priority they enjoyed as tools of video communication, being replaced quickly and effectively by all varieties of apps like Snapchat, Facetime, and even Facebook’s Messenger. Yet despite the competition being among smartphone apps, browser Skype has a web client that it thinks will win it loyalties once lost.

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But, It already has an app, right?

skype mobile

That seems to be the fallacy. Why get a web version when you already have an skype app?

Turns out, a large segment of users access PCs one time or another. It makes sense that the functionality be available on the system too since PCs often have superior cameras and better computing power than most smartphones. Web clients in the past have been successful in engaging users, like Whatsapp Web, for example. It makes sense that webskype be eager to try it out as well.


No dearth of purposes to serve

skype Screen

Skype Website isn’t just another web client though. Perhaps the biggest advantage is being able to use the app on the internet just another tab away. It serves as a much more professionally suitable platform to connect over as compared to Facetime or Whatsapp. This further strengthens authority as the software of choice for long distance business meetings and consultations.

Then, Skype for business brings the ability to connect to as many as 10 devices on the same call while maintaining superior call quality, which is far superior to what Facebook Messenger or Google Duo can do.

Skype is also a better means of getting a cross-platform, no-app-needed calling feature on your PC. What this means is you can use the application (and its credits, that you can buy like cellphone talktime) to call any number and have a normal voice call with the person through skype id. Having the app on multiple devices certainly becomes advantageous in such a case.

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What Skype Web brings to you

skype bring

Let’s quickly revise the web skype client’s features

  • You get to chat with your contacts off of your smartphone, without downloading the entire giant application, which is good when you’re visiting someone and need to get in touch with friends without burdening their system with an app they didn’t want. Here skype free download.
  • There are more people to connect to on a group call.
  • The audio quality is better than what most of the competition has to offer, though ultimately call quality depends upon a lot of issues.
  • It lets you remotely manage your conversations with your friends, without having to access your smartphone.
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There are alternatives too, of course. Some functionalities are added to your Skype in browser using the extension, though it isn’t as amazing as you expect it to be. In fact, it can be a good idea to use the skype for web client and this extension together on your PC. Whatever be your opinion on its performance, it cannot be denied that this web client is sure to make waves on the video calling scene as it gets more and more mainstream.