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SmartNews for PC Windows 10, 11, 8.1 [Updated Version]

The short answer is yes, it is possible to download SmartNews for PC. However, you will need to use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks in order to run the app on your computer.

What is SmartNews ?

The SmartNews app delivers news from around the world at your fingertips through a very aesthetic and user-friendly application interface. From breaking news to trending stories, business updates, or fashion trends—all of it can be found on this one sleek mobile platform. The best part about the Smart News App is that it’s available in both Google Play Store and Apple store so you don’t have to miss out no matter what type of smartphone device you use! Now, we can also get SmartNews for Windows 10.

smartnews for pc

You’re probably already interested in the latest news, but have you considered keeping up with what’s happening around the world? SmartNews will work to make sure that never happens again. It pulls information from top-Score sites such as The TechCrunch and Reuters so there is no way you can miss out on anything important! If for some reason these aren’t your favorites, don’t worry because SmartNews PC app windows works perfectly see if they are compatible by letting you add them to a daily list schedule without any hassle at all.

How to Download SmartNews for Windows 10?

To begin the process of downloading SmartNews for PC, you will be required to download an emulator. The basic function of an emulator is to replicate one computer environment to another to allow the functioning of an app in the new system that worked for the previous one. You can download SmartNews on PC using BlueStacks and Nox Emulator.

Method 1: Using BlueStacks

  • Install BlueStacks from Official Website.
  • Once you’ve installed BlueStacks, simply search for SmartNews in the Google Play Store and install it like you would any other Android app.
  • Keep in mind that emulators can be resource-intensive, so if you’re using an older or slower computer, you may notice some performance issues. Still, overall, using SmartNews on PC is a perfectly viable way to stay up-to-date on the latest news.
  • The Google Play Store requires an authentication with your google email ID. If you do not already have an account, then you will need to make a new one at this point.
  • After making your account and successfully signing in, you can simply search for SmartNews on the search bar and download it thereafter.

SmartNews Features – News Brought at your doorstep

·        SmartNews app is an extremely fast and enhanced news service. It brings breaking news from around the world within minutes to your phones.

·        For breaking news that is directly related to your locality or country, SmartNews updates you with instant notifications.

·        SmartNews app uses a sophisticated algorithm that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The algorithm automatically curates the most read news across the world and the articles which are getting the highest number of views or likes. Those articles are brought forward to your list of news as it may interest you following the recent trends.

·        Not only does it bring you articles but also live news from top channels across the globe. Some of the news channels that you can add to your SmartNews list are USA Today, TechCrunch, Vox, NBC, and several others. This process does not require any kind of membership fee.

 SmartNews app deploys the SmartView technology to bring news to people. Through this technology, users do not need to wait at all for articles and news to appear on their screens.

·        SmartNews app is also equipped with a built-in readability mode that allows users to concentrate better while reading news from the app.

·        With the offline mode now into application, SmartNews app allows you to browse through the latest news even while you are offline, from anywhere in the world.

Downloads and Prizes

·        SmartNews is an extremely popular app with over 50 million downloads to its name already, and the numbers are fast increasing.

·        According to their website, SmartNews has been rated as the ‘Best app of 2013’ by Apple and ‘The Best App of the Year 2013’ by Google.