“Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up” – Infographic

People are becoming pickier while choosing the right smartphone. In today’s world a smartphone’s camera is perhaps the feature that is most enquired about before buying a phone.

What one needs to understand is that there is nothing called as the perfect smartphone camera. Every camera is built to do a few things really well. Every smartphone has its forte, a domain where it excels, and in this infographic we get to know which phone camera does what better than others.

A Little Sneak Peek

The legendary brand Nokia was the first to make a phone that had a camera. The beginning was very humble, with the first phone featuring only 0.11 megapixels which clicked pictures with a very rough texture and lots of noise. With time, photos have thankfully become better.

Today’s smartphones have tons of new features like PDAF(phase detection autofocus) and HDR. The latest feature to join is the dual rear camera.

Battle of the Smartphone Camera Heats Up [Infographic]

The Best Smartphone camera

It is hard to set a perfect definition for the best camera. A great camera is one that clicks pictures which feel as natural as possible, delighting the naked eye. Today’s smartphones are judged heavily by how they perform under different lightning conditions and also their performance when doing a video. In this infographic, we get to see the domain of excellence for 7 different phones.

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

Apple has long been touted as the brand that makes the best cameras and the results often agree. In the latest series, all iPhones click pictures in HDR mode. HDR makes pictures look detailed and full of light. iPhone 8 has already made a mark with a great DxO score while the plus here represents the additional size and camera that the latest iphone has. Great for photos in portrait mode.There are hardly any phones which can beat the iPhone 8 plus in portrait mode.

Google Pixel 2

With the best aperture size in its class, the Google Pixel 2 is a stunning phone. With its aperture size of just 1.8, it means your camera will capture more light and so great pictures are bound to come. Whether you wish to use it for normal photography or capturing videos, Pixel 2 rocks all the facets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s latest bet, the galaxy note 8 takes stunning low light images. What matters is the balance it has in different lighting conditions. With a superb screen that does total justice to the images snapped by the galaxy, the latest galaxy definitely knows how to blend the correct balance of colors, crispness and elegance.

Google Pixel

The pixel has a DxO score of 90 in the domains on both images and videos. It clicks the most crisp images that impeccably balance colors and contrast in the images.It was one of the first phones to get the highest score in DxO rating, sure enough the pixel legacy is sure to continue.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro 

The phone features dual camera and the lens are powered by leica which is a legendary brand that has been manufacturing lenses for years. The mate 10 pro gives you stunning results in still photographs and the dual lens perform at par with the best phones we have right now. The phone as a whole scores high on all aspects from style to performance.


This phone is popular for the fact that one can squeeze the phone to give it commands. But there is one more area where this phone shines, and that is its camera. The HTC U11 captures photos with lots of detailing which has the correct mix of colors, contrast and sharpness.

Main Parameter


DxO Labs: In the infographic, we have taken Dxo rating as a key parameter. Dxo Labs is a France-based developer of image processing software. They have a dedicated lab in France where every newly launched phone goes through a few tests that reveal how the phone performs under various conditions.

Based on certain parameters such as aperture size, sensor size, the camera is made to go through tests in a variety of conditions such as dim light, sunlight, artificial light and so on. At the end of each test, the parameters are given a score and the final score determines where the phone stands among all the other phones that Dxo Labs have tested.

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