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Nikon SnapBridge for PC Windows 10 , 8,7 & Mac Free Download

Nikon SnapBridge for pc is a picture viewer app developed by Nikon that can be exclusively used with Nikon cameras only. The app allows you to view the pictures you click with your camera instantly on your smart. All you need to do is pair the app with your camera and adjust the camera’s setting to enable you to view the photos on another device. You can also download the photos that you wish to keep in your phone’s gallery. As this app is not available on any PC app stores, you can download nikon SnapBridge for PC and use it without the help of a smartphone. If using SnapBridge on a smartphone is more comfortable with you, the app is always available in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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How to Download the Nikon SnapBridge for Windows 10 PC

1)     For users using an Android Emulator

i)       The first step in the process requires you to download an Android emulator that will duplicate the smartphone environment on your PC or laptop.

ii)      You can download any Android emulator of your choice. Most emulators available online are reliable. BlueStacks and GameLoop are two widely used emulators you can also use for this purpose.

iii)    After downloading and installing the emulator successfully on your PC, you will find the Google Play Store app on the homepage of the emulator. Launch the App Store.

iv)    At this stage, you will be asked for your login credentials. You can use any pre-existing account or create a new one. After verifying the login details, you will get unrestricted access to all the apps in the Google store.

v)      Now all you need to do is search for SnapBridge for Windows 10 and then install it on the emulator. The icon will appear on the homepage.

2)     For users using an iOS Emulator

i)       The first step here again is to download the preferred iOS emulator of your choice. You can use iPadian for this purpose. It is a reliable emulator. You can also download any other iOS emulator and it should work fine.

ii)      Install the emulator and complete the setup process. Launch the emulator once the steps before are done. You will find the Apple Store icon on the homepage of the emulator. Launch it.

iii)    The App store will require you to log in now with your Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, you will need to create one at this stage before proceeding forward. Once you have logged in successfully, you can then download the apps in the store.

iv)    Search for SnapBridge for pc. Identifying the app is simple as the developer should be Nikon. Click on install. The app will be downloaded and the icon will appear on the homepage of your emulator. Now you can run Nikon SnapBridge App for Mac with ease.

Nikon snapBridge

Key Features of SnapBridge

·        The SnapBridge app photo viewer is extremely user-friendly. After downloading the app, all you need to do is sync the app with your camera by adjusting the settings on your camera. Once the link is established, you can click the picture on your camera and view it on the app.

·        You can also download the images on your device SnapBridge from and instantly share it on top social media platforms. SnapBridge for Windows 10 integration with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram comes handy in such cases.

·        The snapbridge app allows syncing of up to 5 cameras at a time.

·        With the help of SnapBridge app, you directly upload the pictures that you click onto NIKON IMAGE SPACE (Note 1).

·        While saving the images on Nikon snapbridge app, you can add pieces of information or descriptions to the photos.

·        The app also instantly notifies you regarding any firmware updates for either of the synced cameras.

Steps to use SnapBridge For Pc

1.      After downloading the nikon SnapBridge app on your phone or PC, launch it and start looking for cameras nearby.

2.      Make sure the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth is switched on, both on the camera and the device you are using the app from.

3.      SnapBridge App will automatically detect any Nikon camera nearby. Click “Pair Device.”

4.      The pairing is complete. If you want to download several of the photos, you will need to create a Nikon ID by signing up.


Better the specifications of the device you are using the Nikon snapbridge for pc from, better is the user experience. Therefore, using Nikon SnapBridge App from your PC will result in a better experience. The wider display will enhance the picture quality and give you total satisfaction. Download the app on your PC by following the methods above and go about clicking pictures and making memories.