Snapchat Plus: Premium Features and FAQs Explained

With more brands upgrading their services with premium features, Snapchat has also brought a premium version for its users. Snapchat Plus is now offering a paid version with many enhanced services. Several new exclusive features are also available in the Plus version of this messaging app.

In this article, we will discuss Snapchat Plus, its unique features and understand the most frequently asked questions about the upgraded version of Snapchat in detail.

What is Snapchat Plus, and How Does it Work?

If you want an enhanced experience on Snapchat, getting a Snapchat Plus subscription might be a good idea. A paid version of the Snapchat app, Snapchat Plus, can be accessed at a monthly rental of $3.99. Snapchat Plus offers an exclusive Snapchat version that unlocks new features and exciting ways to connect with friends. All you need to do is to pay for the premium version and access features such as knowing who has rewatched your snaps, score Snapchat badges that show how exclusive you are on the app, or even see your Snapchat friends’ location in the past one day.

Moreover, the Snapchat basic version is filled with ads, and the launch of Snapchat Plus has offered users a way out. So, you can now access unique Snapchat filters and features without getting disturbed by recurring ads.

However, if you are still deciding about the purchase, you can access its 7-day free trial before buying the premium Snapchat version. You can go for a Snapchat Plus free trial by going to your Snapchat profile, clicking on the banner that says Snapchat Plus and click on the subscription option. You will be able to access the trial now. The app is now available for Android devices and iPhones in some countries.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is an upgraded paid version of the Snapchat app that provides exclusive and better features to premium users. Now available in some countries, the Snapchat Plus app is considered as a go-to choice for active social media users. It is especially beneficial for content creators or people who love Snapchat filters and are constantly sending snaps/streaks to their friends.

Snapchat Plus Exceeded One Million Users in Just 6 Weeks

When Snapchat decided to introduce its premium subscription app version in 2022, over one million users went on and bought the paid Snapchat Plus subscription within six weeks of its release. The company shared the crazy number hike after Snapchat Plus became accessible, loaded with new features and some improved features compared to Snapchat. The idea was to experiment with new features while offering exclusive services at a meagre monthly rental.

Additional Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat Plus is well-known for its fantastic new features and the unlocked enhanced version of existing features that it offers to its subscribers. Snapchat Plus aims to provide easy access to a better and smoother Snapchat app.

Below are some of the most popular and widely used features and everything you will need to know before using Snapchat Plus.

1. Ghost Trails on the Map

The original feature, Snap Map, allows you to see and locate your friends on a map with real-time updates on where they are currently. However, the Snap Map feature is a bit restricting since you can only see or track their location if they have shared it. With the Ghost Trails feature on Snapchat Plus, you can also check where they have been in the past day. So, if you want to find out if your friend is anywhere near you or are giving you the correct information about about their location, this sneaky feature is just what you need.

2. Best Friends Forever (Pin as #1 Best Friend)

Another exciting feature, especially if you love Snapchat, is using the Best Friends Forever pin and tagging your best friends as the Number 1 Best Friend. Sadly, not everyone can see this pin except you, but it is still an excellent thing for a Snapchat user.

3. Story Rewatch Indicator

While Snapchat lets you see who has been checking your stories and your daily photo updates, Snapchat Plus levelled your game by letting you see how many times a person has replayed your story. It helps if you want to check a person’s inclination towards you or if someone’s been trying to play detective with you.

4. Custom App Icons/Themes

This feature is a big hit for those who love to personalise their app or have a custom icon on their smartphone screens. The custom app icon and customisable theme option let you decide what colour or backdrop you would like the Snapchat Plus icon to be. You can choose from several icon options and even change the app’s theme as you wish.

5. Snapchat+ Badge

Another new feature that is very popular among Snapchat lovers and those who like to show around their upgrade is the Snapchat Plus Badge. You can now get a Snapchat Plus Badge added to your profile, a black badge on top of your profile that helps you get recognised as a premium Snapchat Plus user. It is also visible on your username.

6. Friend Solar System

If you’d like to keep your close friends closer on Snapchat too, with the Friend Solar System on Snapchat Plus, you can now do it. Snapchat Plus offers badges, such as Best Friends and Friends, that you can add to your friends’ profiles to show them they are in your close friends’ circle. However, your friends may have added someone else as their closest eight friends, and you are not in it. Also, you will need a Bitmoji linked to your profile for this feature to function correctly.

7. Snapchat for Web

Currently, Snapchat for Web is only accessible to Snapchat Plus users. However, it will be available for everyone to use soon. With this feature, you can easily access your account on Chrome and chat on your web browser or make a call without accessing the app. You can also use the browser’s chat reaction feature and replying option.

How Do You Sign Up for Snapchat Plus?

You can only sign up for Snapchat Plus if you are based anywhere that allows access to this premium version of Snapchat. If so, you can follow the below steps to sign up for Snapchat Plus-

  • Go to the Snapchat app and tap your profile’s icon at the top left side to get to your page. If your current location is within the access region for Snapchat Plus, you will see a golden banner stating Snapchat Plus availability.
  • Now, choose your subscription plan duration – a month, six months or one year. You will also get to have a 7-day free trial before the subscription duration starts.
  • After this, add a payment method to start the subscription.

Your sign-up has been completed, and the subscription is active now. A popup screen on your Snapchat app will confirm the same and take you through a virtual tour of what to expect from your Snapchat Plus subscription.

Other Recent Snapchat Changes

Below are some of the most recent changes done to the Snapchat app-

  • You can create a 10-second video gif to send to your friends privately. Interestingly, they can also mute the audio in case they only want to see the video.
  • Another version of the Custom Stories, you can now use Shared Stories to add your friends to an existing group and create a story with them or ask them to do their bit or view the story. Since it restricts who can watch the story, if you have been added to a Shared Story with someone you blocked, Snapchat will inform you about it.
  • Snapchat also allows you to send audio notes to your friends in case you do not wish to send a text or do a video call.
  • Snapchat has also recently launched a series of camera tools that can be used for editing. The Director Mode lets you refine your Snapchat photos. For those who love creating content on Snapchat, you can also use their dual camera option to shoot front and back photos/video simultaneously. You can change your Snapchat background easily with the Green Screen feature that lets you choose any photo for your snaps.
  • You can now also access Snapchat’s AR suite, which offers simplified AR-creating tools that are budget-friendly and provide a 3D asset management option. This platform helps you manage online content, new image processing methods and the latest AR templates for web-building apps.
  • Last but not least, Snapchat has also introduced a dress-up segment on the app that offers a virtual fashion experience with AR technology bringing designers, creators, and brands, on one platform.


Here are some of the most frequently asked queries about Snapchat Plus and how you can access it.

What are all the perks of Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 monthly, $21.99 for six months and $39.99 for the entire year. Besides this, you also get a free trial for an entire week, which means you can use all its unique features without paying anything for seven days.

Not just that, you also get several exciting features along with this upgrade, namely-

  • Ghost trails on the map
  • Special pins for your BFFs
  • Customised app icons, themes
  • Story rewatch indicator
  • Snapchat Plus badge
  • Friend solar system- Close friend badges
  • Story timers

Can you see if someone has Snapchat plus?

Yes, Snapchat Plus users can flaunt their subscriptions as a badge to add to their profiles. It will show they have access to the premium membership of Snapchat Plus. You can check this by visiting a profile and seeing if a star badge is on top of their name.

Where is Snapchat plus available?

Snapchat Plus is available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, UAE, and Australia. However, you will also need to check that your Snapchat app is updated before checking whether the upgrade premium version is accessible on your device.

You can see the Snapchat Plus option in your profile settings if you are in any of these locations. The golden banner on top of your profile icon will confirm if Snapchat Plus is available for your device or not.

What are Snapchat plus friends?

Snapchat Plus Friends is a unique feature by Snapchat Plus that allows you to add golden ring badges for eight friends as Best Friends or Friends. You can add people and give them a special Best Friends badge; however, if they do not give you the Best Friend badge, it will only show as a Friends badge on their profile. It means you are only one of their top eight close friends.