10 Snapchat Tricks That Will Knock Your Socks Off

We’re all so enamoured by Snapchat and the various filters and features it comes with. I have friends who’re constantly adding stories and snaps. Ever wondered why we’re all so addicted to it?

It’s really easy to see what attracts someone to the app. The stuff you share is private and short-lived. The stories stay just a day, and the snaps you send barely last not a minute after they have been viewed. What you send cannot be downloaded, and screenshots are alerted to you as well. So, there’s security. Plus, it is really simple to use, you don’t need more than a minute to figure out the app, and you’re going to be spending hours on it soon after.

Best Snapchat Hidden Filters To Try Out

To make things a bit more happening and supercharge your Snaps, I thought I’ll get you some handy Snapchat tricks to employ. You can thank me in the comments below.

1. Use different Geo Filters together

Geo Filters are not just restricted to adding a tag about where you are currently, as any user knows. So, if you want to update your followers about your road trip’s progress and want to use the location/event filter as well as the speed or time filter, you can.

Use different Geo Filters together

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All one needs to do is choose the first filter by swiping as usual. Next, hold your touch on the screen, and use the other hand to swipe as before on the screen. You should be able to use all sorts of filters together.

This also works with camera filters.

2. Enable 2 step verification like Facebook

Snapchat is pretty secure when it comes to keeping your snaps secure. Only the audience you approve gets the pics and videos you send. But to secure your account further, you can enable 2 step verification, like many prominent websites and apps do.

Enable 2 step verification like Facebook

2 Step Verification is for when your account is attempted to be logged in from a new device. Even if someone guesses your password, they’ll still need the code that is SMSed to your entered phone number. The feature can be enabled from Settings in the app, choosing “Login Verification”.

3. Put more text on your pictures

A persistent problem with Snapchat is that one isn’t allowed to begin a new line in the app when you’re adding a text overlay for your pictures. You’ll be surprised how easy that is to get around.

Put more text on your pictures

Go to a text application. It can be your messaging app, a note taking app (works best) or an email app. Press enter in the text board several times, then select it using a long press and copy it. Save it for later to get stuff done quicker later. Then once you have a photo for your snapchat story, tap the text overlay option, and paste the copied lines into it. You can choose a new line by tapping into it.

Add as many haikus and poems as you like over your selfies!

4. Add people nearby without noting their contact name

When you want to add a new acquaintance (or acquaintances) on snapchat, you need not offer them your phone to type in their username. Just ask them to open “Add Nearby” on their Snapchat apps and do so yourself too. Snapchat users in a small radius will begin to appear on your device, and you can add all the ones you want.

Add people nearby without noting their contact name

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5. Use emojis to color photos

Have you tried Instagram’s new color feature? When you manually edit a photo in the app, you can put colors in the foreground and the background as you please. Snapchat might lack the detail Instagrams afford in this feature, but you can get a few snazzy colors into the screen using emojis!

Use emojis to color photos

For example, if you want a red tint to your photo, use the red heart, spade or devil emoji. Zoom it like there’s no tomorrow, without worrying about pixilation or anything of the sort. You can simply drag this huge emoji to the side, and you’ll have a neat red tint thanks to the blurred edges. Since emojis can be rotated around, you can have the transparency change at varying rates, and it need not be a perfectly horizontal, vertical or even linear change! Even Instagram doesn’t offer that!

6. For dark nights, turn on night mode

The problem with night photography is that things are hard to record or click since there is so little light. Night mode in normal cameras is characterised by the slow movement of the image, which is hated by virtually every amateur photographer. However, it is good to capture more light. The brightness is modified so you can capture detail. Snapchat has the feature as well. Tap on the moon icon on your Snapchat camera. It should make things easier.

For dark nights turn on night mode

7. Shazam songs with Snapchat!

We all know what Shazam does. Well, now Snapchat does it as well. Hear a song you’d like to know the name of? Just tap the camera anywhere other than a button, and the app will record and verify the song against its huge database.

Tip: Even if it seems nothing is happening, keep your screen pressed. Subject to your internet speed, you’ll soon find the song identified.

Shazam songs with Snapchat

Know what’s happening in the world. You don’t need to look up every single singer, actor or artist on the internet to find out their official snapchat accounts. Just search “official” in the search bar, and you should get quite a lot of results, many of which will be celebrities you might be interested in following. Great, isn’t it?

8. Select stories to play

In previous versions of the app, tapping one story prompted all successive stories to get queued. And you didn’t necessarily want to access them all. Now, thankfully, you can choose which stories play and which are for later. Long press the icons of the chat, and you should be able to make a playlist of the stories you want to watch. You’ll find a play button appearing on the screen soon after.

Select stories to play

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9. Prevent snap downloads in background

Watching snaps is data consuming, however much it might entertain. Most snapchat users can find their internet plans wrecked as daily allowable data consumption goes way over the budget. You can modify Snapchat settings to only allow stories to load when you have WiFi connection. Turning on the setting called “Travel mode” prevents automatic story downloading. This can also positively impact your battery life. When you sign into a WiFi network, the stories will download on their own.

Prevent snap downloads in background

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10. The magic of Assistive Touch

Assistive touch is generally a feature employed by Android to aid people who face difficulties due to different bodily or neural build and/or ability. But that doesn’t mean those who don’t face trouble cannot use them to further enhance their experience. You can set gestures through Accessibility Options in Settings on your Android phone, and let Snapchat recognise them as different actions. Make a gesture for long pressing the record button, and you can devote all your energy to making a clean recording for your story. Zoom into your snap using the multiple taps, and draw normally, to get finer, more precise-looking lines in the result. Your followers are going to love it.

The magic of Assistive Touch

There’s so many Snapchat tricks you can find. There’s the BFF feature and how you can change the emojis representing them, getting old filters by changing the date and time and ways to read snaps without sending read receipts, as well as downloads for stories (even though that is not very cool, and you should ask the person beforehand if they’re cool with you saving a copy). Supercharge your snaps with these Snapchat tricks, and tell us which hacks you like best in the comments below.