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This guide will help you use Snapseed for PC/Windows 10. The photo-editing app can work on your desktop or laptop if you follow the steps outlined below.

With the rapid improvement of smartphone cameras, more and more developers are cashing in by offering different photo-editing apps. In fact, even social networking apps such as Messenger and Instagram offer basic editing features.

But for users who want more precise photo-editing capabilities, they can rely on apps dedicated to editing. One of the most popular ones is the award-winning Snapseed, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

snapseed for desktop

It had a desktop version as well, but Google discontinued it. Here, we’ll teach you how you can use the Snapseed mobile app on your PC.

Minimum Requirements to Download Snapseed for PC/Desktop 

Operating System: Windows 7

Processor: Intel or AMD Processor


Graphics Driver: Intel/Nvidia/ATI

The emulator for Snapseed can work whether your graphics driver is of the integrated or discrete type. However, it’s important that the driver has a Passmark G3D Mark score of at least 750. Look for your video card and its corresponding here.


Internet Speed: Broadband

User Account: Administrator


How to Download Snapseed for Windows – Step by Step

Step 1: Get the Internet Download Manager here.

This software will speed up your download of the Android emulator. It’s free for 30 days during the trial period but you can also buy a license here.

Step 2: Download the 410MB BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator here.

Remember to download it using Internet Download Manager if you want it done quickly, especially if your internet connection gets unstable from time to time.

You will have to select a location for the .exe file you’re downloading. Choose the standard Downloads folder or create a new location.

Step 3: Right-click on the BlueStacks 4 installer .exe file and select ‘Run as administrator.’

You can also just double-click the file to begin the installation process, but your PC might say that you don’t have permission to do so. Thus, it’s important that you own the PC so that you have administrator privileges.

Step 4: Click the Complete button once the installation is done.

Step 5: Wait for BlueStacks 4 to boot for three to five minutes.

If the program isn’t launching, follow the troubleshooting steps here.

Step 6: BlueStacks 4 will ask you to log-in to your Google Account.

You can use the Google Account you use for your smartphone or create a new one here. If you can’t log in your Google Account, check the troubleshooting options here.

Step 7: Download the Snapseed app on BlueStacks 4 using the following method:

Go to the My APP screen of BlueStacks 4. Select ‘System app’ and click on the Google Play Store icon. Type in ‘Snapseed’ on the search bar and then select INSTALL.

Step 8: You can now use Snapseed for Desktop using the BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator.

Snapseed FAQs

1) Why won’t a Tool or Filter appear on the image?

This issue likely happens due to how the Stacks have a workflow. The Tools or Filters that you applied might have been done during an earlier editing session.

To get it back, just tap on ‘2’ to go to Stacks. There, you’ll likely see one or more edits on the right area that appear gray in color. Just click on top-most edit to get back the Tools or Filters you applied. Afterward, select ‘CLOSE’ to go back to the primary edit screen. 

2) Where is the Tilt-Shift filter?

Snapseed didn’t remove this filter. Instead, you can find it on its new location at the Lens Blur Filter.

3) How can I get rid of red-eye?

There is currently no red-eye removal or reduction feature on the Snapseed app. However, you can edit the eye color by placing a Control Point with the Selective Adjust filter. Focus on the red area and desaturate it.

Best 4 Alternatives to Snapseed (Windows 10 exclusive)

1) Adobe Photoshop

This is the go-to software for graphic designers. It’s available in both Windows 10 and MacOS in 26 languages. With Photoshop, you can compose and edit images using a ton of features.

2) Canva

Unlike Photoshop, Canva is a web-based graphic-design application. With its beautiful layout and drag-and-drop feature, it’s no wonder that professionals and amateurs alike use Canva.

3) Fotor

Fotor is more than just a photo-editing platform. While it offers many features such as photo collage, HDR, and beauty retouching, it also allows you to license your images.

4) Pixlr

Similar to Canva and Fotor, Pixlr is an online photo editor. They also have an express version here if you want to quickly edit your photos.


With tens of millions of downloads on the App Store and Play Store, Snapseed is surely one of the best photo-editing apps out there — and it’s only going to get better with more updates. Thanks to our guide, you can now use your favorite Snapseed app on PC anytime you like.

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