The Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021

The Best Google Chrome Extensions 2018

The web is a flattering thing. And, browser extensions just make it more complimentary. Let’s just put it this way – working on the web is like driving a car, where browser extensions are the gears, providing the right kind of force behind. You need …

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5 Best Free WinZip Alternatives 2021

free winzip alternatives

The standard method around compressing and extracting files on Windows is WinZip – one of the best-known utilities to create, manage, encrypt, compress and save files. It provides you all the features and support you need to easily and quickly zip and unzip your files. No …

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10 Best Webcam Software 2021

Best Webcam Software

One of the best things about computers is how they allow us to communicate with other people. What are the 10 best webcam software? Most people would be lost today if they couldn’t use webcams to see their friends and family and be seen by …

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