A Factor-By-Factor Comparison Between Spotify and Pandora

Seldom do we wake up to the music services that wow us and provide a listening experience that’s a class apart.

Spotify and Pandora are of such type.

Not only have these streaming services come with ergonomic pleasure to access them with ease, but also have changed the way we consume music.

Because of them, the music industry has hit its heydays, and we are making the most out of it.

Let’s talk competition, now!

It’s no brainer that both Spotify and Pandora have their unique niches, and are often considered the toughest contenders for the top spot.

Both are brilliant, so much so, that users often find themselves in two minds while choosing one.

In such an event, we have decided to review the Spotify and Pandora, so as to make you pick out the best alternative for yourself.  

Spotify vs Pandora Comparison

Song Library30 million10 million
Free VersionYes, limited listening timeYes, limited skips & reduced quality
Download MusicYes, but only premium membersNo
Social Media IntegrationYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Web AppYesYes
AvailabilityAvailable in 21 countriesAvailable in US, Australia & New Zealand
Audio Quality160kbps for free users, 320kbps for Spotify Premium users64kbps for free users, 192kbps for Pandora One users
Price$9.99 per month$4.99 per month
Monthly Unique Users20 million65.6 million

Spotify: Soundtrack Your Life


Spotify thrives on hearts, which devor music, as the collection here is a real feast.

With a genre categorization to fast-track your search, and a million of songs to choose from, Spotify is a defining moment for the music industry, and arguably the best in the business.

With Spotify, you’re just a click away from your favorites.

Spotify takes customization to a new high by enabling you to surf through the music feeds by friends, artists and celebrities.

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Pandora: Your Personalized Radio

A little like your radio, with an amazing lot of personalization, Pandora is a keen pursuit of every music buff.

Pandora’s live radio is a passport to a music experience that’s unparalleled, if not outworldly. Not only does it play the tracks, but also keeps upgrading to suit the ever-evolving tastes of users.


There’s a simple way to indicate your fondness for a particular song. Just give it a thumbs-up, and Pandora will play that more often for you. Do the reverse, and the song will no longer be played on your chosen station.

A curated section of genres help you find the right song in a jiffy.

Pandora is designed to function on mobile phones, desktops, TVs, home devices, and even in your car. This makes Pandora a go-to platform to millions out there.

Spotify vs Pandora – Clueless About What to Choose?

Read Our Comparison and Zero In on the Best

1. Song Library

One of the greatest deciding factors between two music platforms is the collection of songs, and how diversified it is to cover up all possible niches in music.

Spotify has got an easy triumph with a music catalogue of over 30 million songs, outnumbering the dwarfish count of 1 million songs on Pandora. Spotify’s music library is whooping by its music choices, with new albums added to its repository every week.

Song Library

Despite this, sometimes, Spotify doesn’t happen to be the commonplace for the most common songs, as there are several artists, who hold their albums back from being released on Spotify.

Pandora, on the flip side, with its clutter-free interface, makes it possible to find the little known artists and their obscure compositions with ease. If you’re hanging only to discover new songs, Pandora is the star you need to catch.

Conclusion: Spotify wins the round, for having the widest array of playlists and soundtracks, leapfrogging Pandora by huge digits.  

2. Music Discovery

The next deciding factor that helps reach a choice between two music platforms is the degree of ease they provide with respect to music search. No matter how extensive the playlist is, if a music streaming service complicates the manner in which a song can be reached, it’s just plain exhaustion to navigate at.

Full points to Pandora, for offering incredible music on stations, which are further stacked up into various genres. The Music Genome Platform, an algorithm fostered by the brains behind algorithm, injected an ability into Pandora that makes it analyze the choice patterns of users and play the exact type of music they have a tilt for.

Music Discovery

The Music Genome Platform has been lauded as a masterstroke by Pandora that enhances music experience by considerable leaps.

Spotify settles on this side of the spectrum for being a product that resists change for good. Seldom we do see this platform pushing the envelope to explore music beyond what’s chosen, and this non-flexibility is making things come to a head. But, Spotify, as can be seen, seems indifferent to the shift in trends, and the competition that’s only exceeding.

Conclusion: It’s labyrinthine nowhere, yet Pandora wrests this round, for providing a plain navigation to search a song. Alas! Spotify fails to persist.

3. User Experience

We could easily be the victim of our own conflicting thoughts if we measure Spotify’s interface experience against that of Pandora’s, as both are equally efficient and excellent.

Pandora offers three methods to cast streaming content; first via mobile application; second via in-browser player; and third via a downloadable desktop program, which is exclusive to Pandora users. Pandora has been well-received by the markets, owing to its easy controls and fluid-like interface that ensures heightened experience, through and through.

On the contrary, Spotify has two methods to cast its content – Mobile and Desktop app, both of which, ooze a professional appeal with a neat, wonderfully-laid interface. The search tool bears the ideal likeness to Google, providing results by auto-generating artists, songs and albums as you type your requirement. Further, the browse feature on Spotify is your know-it-all section, featuring the latest music, a curated list of daily updates, along with the discovery tab that suggests music and artists while keeping a tab on your search patterns. Overall, Spotify has been done to provide you a four-sided music experience, so immersive that you might be tempted to go on and on with it.

Conclusion: Spotify trumps Pandora by not going the generic way to ensure user-friendliness and marking itself as the best among the top-guns.

Other Indicators

  • Customization

Using Spotify, you can create a custom list of favorites, skip songs at will, and can pick songs as per your taste. At Pandora, customization has always meant minimum. You can indeed skip songs by up to 30 times in 24 hours, but cannot create your own lists of favorites, or pick songs.

  • Global Reach

While Pandora is accessible in only three countries – the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Spotify gets a leg-up on the competition, for being accessible in more than a dozen countries.

  • Audio Quality

The free users of Pandora can avail themselves of audio quality of 64kbps. However, those, who’ve enrolled in Pandora One plan, enjoy audio throws at 192kbps. To Spotify’s credit, the streaming platform offers audio qualities of 160kbps and 320kbps for free and Spotify Premium users respectively.

  • Price

The free variants of both Pandora and Spotify come with ads. The paid ones offers a vast access to unlimited songs that play uninterruptedly. Pandora’s membership for its One plan will cost you $4.99 per month, while Spotify’s Premium membership access will require you to shell out $9.99 per month. You can also opt for 3-month trial for just $1.

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This comparison between spotify vs pandora will lead you to choose the right one that satiates your requirement in every possible manner. If you have anything to add, or have something substantial to say, write it down in the comments section below.