Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats to Do Cool Things!

There’s no game that gets me nerdgasming as hard as Star Wars Force Unleashed for XBox. And even better are the cheat codes and what they allow you to do. Check out some cool things you can do with a cheat code in the game. Let’s begin.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheats and FAQ

Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheats are below

First, it is important to see where you can enter the cheat codes to win star war. You can try punching them into the screen but that doesn’t work. So where exactly are you supposed to type these in?

The game allows you to unleash cheat codes only once you’ve completed the first mission, “Rogue Shadow”. As a reward for completing the mission, you’ll be allowed to use the Extras menu. Use the Enter Code option to punch in the various codes and enjoy the supercharged gameplay.

Cheats to unlock special robes:

  • Unlock Jedi Ceremonial Robe: DANTOOINE
  • Unlock Sith Stalker Armor: KORRIBAN
  • Unlock Kento’s Robe: WOOKIEE
  • Unlock Jedi Adventure Robe: HOLOCRON
  • Unlock All Costumes: SOHNDANN

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Cheats to Unlock various characters:


  • Unlock Stormtrooper: TK421WHITE
  • Unlock Stormtrooper Commander: TK421BLUE
  • Unlock Kashyyk Stormtrooper: TK421GREEN
  • Unlock Scout Stormtrooper: FERRAL
  • Unlock Snow Trooper: SNOWMAN
  • Unlock Incinerator Trooper: PHOENIX
  • Unlock Shadow Stormtrooper: BLACKHOLE


  • Unlock Proxy: PROTOTYPE
  • Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn: MAVERICK
  • Unlock Emperor Palpatine: MASTERMIND
  • Unlock Rahm Kota: MANDALORE
  • Unlock Drunken General Rahm Kota: HARDBOILED
  • Unlock Aayla Secura: AAYLA
  • Unlock Aayla Secura in green: SECURA
  • Unlock Admiral Akbar: ITSATWAP
  • Unlock Bail Organa: VICEROY
  • Unlock Lando Calrissian: SCOUNDREL
  • Unlock Mara Jade Skywalker: MARAJADE

Gameplay Supercharging cheats:


  • Unlock Sith Saber Flurry Combo: LUMIYA
  • Unlock Sith Saber Throw Combo: SAZEN
  • Unlock Sith Saber Slash Combo: DARAGON
  • Unlock Aerial Assault Combo: EETHKOTH
  • Unlock Aerial Blast Combo: YADDLE
  • Unlock Aerial Ambush Combo: VENTRESS
  • Unlock Saber Sling Combo: KITFISTO
  • Unlock Saber Slam Combo: PLOKOON
  • Unlock Lightsaber Impale Combo: BRUTALSTAB
  • Unlock Lightning Bomb Combo: MASSASSI
  • Unlock Lightning Grenade Combo: RAGNOS
  • Unlock New Combo: MARAJADE

Unlock Crystals and Talents:

  • Unlock all Lightsaber Crystals: HURRIKANE
  • Unlock All Databank Entries: OSSUS
  • Unlock All Talents: JOCASTA
  • Unlock All Combos: MOLDYCROW

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Better your game:

  • Enable Mirrored Levels: MINDTRICK
  • Lightsaber Damage boost toggle: LIGHTSABER
  • Max Out Force Powers: KATARN
  • Max Out Force Push Ranks: EXARKUN
  • Max Out Force Repulse Ranks: DATHOMIR
  • Max Out Lightsaber Throw Ranks: ADEGAN
FAQ: Is there a way to save the game with the force unleashed codes still on? I can’t seem to be able to save it.

Many people report being able to save the game with the cheats still on. I guess it depends upon what cheats you’ve used till that point. Regardless, there is a method reported to allow you to save games with the cheats still running here it is below…

  • Enable the cheat code you want to save your game with on a level that has an auto-save point. You can find out about it beforehand on the internet.
  • Reach the location, and then die. There is usually enough enemy fire for that. Alternatively, press Start.
  • Go to the main menu.
  • You can then select “Continue” and manually save the game. The cheat code will remain active.

FAQ: Do these Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheats work for PC/PS3?

All of these cheat codes work on all devices, be it XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo DS or a Windows PC. We’d love to hear from you if one of these doesn’t work for you. They might not work for the iOS version though.

Have any more cheats you’ve discovered? Let us know in the comments or in a message, and we’ll feature it with credits to you for telling us about it. May the Force be with you.

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