Free Tattoo Fonts: Eye-Catching Designs for Your Ink

Tattoo Lovers Unite!

All trends may fade, but tattoos are here to stay.

The world can’t help but admire the stunning ink designs adorning captivating (or not) bodies.

Some are creatively expressive, others overly dramatic, and a few too outlandish to put into words!

More than the message, it’s about the impact; the impact that makes a tattoo appear either exquisite or peculiar. We typically refer to this as the font.

If you have a passion for tattoos or have been swept up in the tattoo craze, this list features the most visually appealing and attention-grabbing tattoo fonts to help you achieve an exceptional ink design.

To your delight, all these fonts are available online, and they won’t cost you a dime.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Reditum

Developed By: Måns Grebäck

  • A calligraphic font with oodles of style
  • Packed with glyphs and standard ligatures.



2. Blackletter

Developed By: Dieter Steffmann

  • A remarkably dramatic font with a gothic feel.
  • Available in two alternatives – Standard and Online.


3. Lina Script

Developed By: Vicky Mardian and Måns Grebäck

  • Taken at face value, a commercial font with the quirky touch of a graffiti.
  • The demo is available for free, albeit the paid version costs $59.   
Lina Script


4. Angel Tears

Developed By: Billy Angel

  • If you have ever doodled, Angel Tears could be your potential favorite.
  • A premium handwritten impression with lots of class.
  • Over 128 characters, this font goes beyond stunning.
Angel Tears



5. Angilla

Developed By: Måns Grebäck

  • A visually striking font, having explores calligraphy in all its rawness.
  • Widely used for banner designs, poster ads and headline making, let alone designing the fonts.



6. Tribal Dragon

Developed By: Jonathan Harris

  • An uppercase tattoo font with that quintessential fiery sauce.
  • A font for personal use, but can be used commercially when purchased.       

tribal dragon


7. Original Gangsta

Developed By: Gilang Purnama

  • Do away with soft, slick tattoo fonts, as Original Gangsta is your peg of pride.   
  • A font with a hint of daredevilry.
  • Available for non-commercial use only.
Original Gangsta


8. Death in the Shadow

Developed By: Maelle.K

  • An attractive font with uppercase letters having long, black swashes.
  • Thick in diameter, dipped in deep black color with superb readability.
Death in the Shadow


9. Los Angeles

Developed By: Vicky Mardian

  • The badass font for those who do smashing things for the thrill they bring in.
  • A font for personal use with a commercial variant available at a price of $20.
Los Angeles


10. Tattoo Ink

Developed By: Ryan Splint

  • A classic font that’s refreshingly retro.
  • An uppercase font with sleek lines and filled-in effects.
  • Free for commercial use.
Tattoo Ink


11. Man Down

Developed By: Chequered Ink

  • A tribal font that’s a sheer joy to behold.
  • Characters are accentuated using bold strokes.
  • Free for personal use only.
Man Down


12. CM Tattoo Dragon

Developed By: Christopher Means

  • A font that’s neat and readable.
  • Drawn on the inspiration from the movie poster for the US remake of the Girl.
CM Tattoo Dragon


13. Beech

Developed By: Yuji Oshimoto

  • If mystery engulfs you, look at Beech.
  • A font that shrouds your message in a mystery – barely intelligible;
  • Exotic design, smooth corners – that’s what Beech is.


14. Delinquente

Developed By: Måns Grebäck

  • An exquisite looking font that’s perfect for a beautiful tattoo.
  • Available for free, non-commercial use.


15. Shit Happens

Developed By: Billy Argel

  • A hugely successful font on Fontspace with a download count of over a million.
  • The italics look imperial, offering an impression that surmounts your senses.
  • Available free for non-commercial use; licence available for Billy Argel’s official site.
Shit Happens

16. Fearless Script

Developed By: Chris Park

  • A rhythmical font with the finest blend of tattoo lettering and vintage signage.
  • Comprises all – uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, vector swashes and much more.
  • Costs $25.
Fearless Script

17. Mardian Pro

Developed By: Vicky Mardian

  • A tattoo font, imbued with the nuanced art of calligraphy with a very authentic hand-inked feel.
  • Looks beautiful with absolute legibility.
  • Demo version available for personal use; commercial variant costs $32.
Mardian Pro


18. True Love

Developed By: Davide Cariani

  • Easily, one of the best-loved tattoo fonts on the firmament.
  • Comes in two adaptations – Bold and Regular.
  • Includes uppercase characters, period and dash.
True Love


19. AZ Vintage

Developed By: Artistic Design

  • A beautiful font with an old school charm.
  • Besides tattoos, it is a preferable pick for headlines and subheadings.
AZ Vintage


20. Incognito

Developed By: Twicolabs Design

  • A stunning font, taking a crack at the symphony of modern and tattoo lettering just right.
  • Dubbed as the most apt choice for font typography.
  • Consists of uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuations.
  • Available for non-commercial use.


Here’s the closing!

If you know a tattoo font that’s better than all the above combined, we’re eager to know. Suggest the best tattoo fonts you know, and give your two cents on this article in the comments below.