Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote Desktop Access (2019)

TeamViewer is the most common software to share desktops with different people. The application has been in vogue ever since 2010. It has quickly adapted to Windows 10 and Chrome OS, as well as brought out support for the latest Android and iOS versions. There are quite a lot of interesting features the application has. But not everyone enjoys it or finds it agreeable. And hence the need to find the best Teamviewer Alternative.

Why Teamviewer is inadequate

teamviewer alternatives

Apart from the complaints about scams using TeamViewer as a tool that have marred the app’s reputation, there is also the problem of connectivity. TeamViewer can be pricey if you want to use it commercially or as a business tool, falling out of reach for most startups and small businesses. Next, the app can give trouble to people with lags and connection errors. There are also people who don’t find the mode of connecting to different PCs very safe. Regardless of how you find Teamviewer insufficient, you might find it helpful to know of a few good Teamviewer alternatives to the application.


What a good desktop sharing and remote administration app needs

The jury is still out on whether there can be an absolute list of essential features a remote administration app needs to be acceptable or admirable. There are a motley of apps available that all accomplish the purpose on remote desktop access, all operating differently, designed varyingly and performing uniquely in various conditions. But there is a list we can all agree on, even though how well an app performs with respect to each factor and in combination can be rather nebulous. Here are the factors we decided to evaluate some of the best remote desktop software.

  • Security

    After we read reports of scams that were using Teamviewer as a medium for their crimes, Security needed to be a prime factor in evaluating the app. As it turns out, no app in the remote desktop access genre can claim total imperviousness to misuse. That said, there are other aspects of security as well, like how difficult it is to guess or obtain one’s password or sharing IDs to gain unwelcome access to PCs using the app.
  • Ease of Use and Access

    Not all apps are made equal. Even though they get the same work done, some are just easier or more attractive in the way they go about with things. Ease of use for both the one sharing their desktop with someone and the one accessing it remotely goes a long way in making or breaking a remote sharing app, as the name would suggest.


  • Price

    Self explanatory. Low price is good. But you know what? Value for money is better. If an app can get you a truckload of features wrapped in gold foil, it is worth paying $50 a year for it than an app that just gets you the basic features for $12.
  • Bugs and Troubleshooting

    Like all apps, you’re going to run into bugs and errors, or discover lags, faulty connectivity or other such issues. An app that has a helpful customer care team ready to clean up any mess can significantly up your satisfaction with the app. So this is important too.

To make things fair, we graded each application with respect to each important feature, giving it a maximum of 5 points. The cumulative score out of 20 is what we chose to make a ranking. We share the top 5 desktop sharing apps that are the perfect alternatives to Teamviewer below.


LogMeIn (Pro, Central, Rescue)


Security Score: 4

Ease of Use Score:5

Price Score: 2

Troubleshooting score: 4

LogMeIn has a lot of softwares available which can be used to remotely access PCs. The application gets a high security rating because it is used by IT companies for troubleshooting problems. The app is fairly simple to use, even if you’re new to it. There are not a lot of problems one encounters using LogMeIn. Desktop access is fairly straightforward, and everything is easy to track, thanks to the simple interface the app employs. You can also transfer files between systems using a file manager, as well as share clipboards (local and remote).

Our personal opinion on using LogMeIn (we used the Pro version) is largely positive. It is suitable for professional environments. We didn’t come across any bugs in our use either (using it intermittently over the course of a month). The price did bother us, however. There is barely any justification for a cost of approximately $20 per month even for individual computers allowing sharing desktops with upto 2 PCs. The application has multiple monitor display which might justify the use for some, but for most others, there is no sense in paying such a steep price.


Chrome Remote Desktop (Chrome Add On)

Chrome Remote Desktop

Security Score: 3

Ease of Use Score: 5

Price Score: 4

Troubleshooting Score: 3

Web browsers are very hackable. Despite tall claims from every web browser ever, not many have displayed particular resistance to the dynamic threat of malware, spyware and other such unwelcome software. So by default, the security score this Add On gets is 3.

But, Chrome Remote desktop truly performs the rest in terms of ease of use and accessibility. Since the Add on is available for Chrome Browser, every PC which is not a Chromebook can use it just as easily. You need only add it through the Chrome webstore to your Google Chrome Web Browser. Using the Add On, you need only generate a code to share with your friend or business client so they can feed it in their Add On, and access your PC through that.

For similar reasons, we score it high in price, since the add on is free. There’s not more utility though, so even though the app doesn’t cost you a penny, it still doesn’t truly replace Teamviewer as an Alternative should. Troubleshooting is ambiguous too. Google’s customer care in general has always been a little lethargic, so 3 is the best we can score it, even though there aren’t any bugs we encountered.

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Security Score: 4

Ease of Use Score: 3

Price Score: 4

Troubleshooting Score: 4

For an application like RealVNC, there is little more you can ask for. The app has seen over 250 million downloads, and it is a good option for people working in a corporate environment. RealVNC sits at the cutting edge of modern day technology, with projects that can help you connect to cars and automobiles, mobile phones, the cloud and even Raspberry Pi!

The app is relatively secure; after all it comes from among the more technologically savvy brands available and has 128-bit AES encryption. A few members of our team took a little time to figure their way through the application, which makes us think more can be done to make the more complex functions more accessible. With respect to price, RealVNC is a real bargain. The individual version comes free for use, and allows upto 5 computers to be used between as many as 2 users (compared to 2 PCs between 2 users at best that other apps offer). The Professional and Enterprise versions are cheaper than LogMeIn too. The higher versions give you access to secure chatting, unlimited PCs and remote lock down capabilities. Troubleshooting support only becomes better with subscription to a paid service. We had to take out a point for that.


Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Security Score: 2

Ease of Use Score: 5

Price Score: 4

Troubleshooting Score: 4

It is common knowledge that Windows is among the more hackable PC OSs around. Windows Remote Desktop Connection does nothing to change that perception. The codes do lend an air of imperviousness but it doesn’t last long since there is little actual security like data encryption to back it up.

That said, Windows Remote Desktop Connection is among the most convenient to use applications we tried. The app is inbuilt into most Windows PCs and is also available for Macs. It’s not heavy and doesn’t bloat out of proportion either. It can be launched in a matter of seconds (though if you have a laptop with poor or mediocre stats, you’ll be restless while the app takes its sweet time to pop up (try running the disk cleanup utility if so). The app is also free since it is inbuilt into Windows OS. It is perhaps the best free Remote Desktop software program, given that it is affiliated with the biggest software company in the world.

Windows also has a generally positive track record of customer service and support. There are no bugs we found in the app, but if you did, Windows in our collective experience has always helped out, sorting complex matters in a matter on a few hours. There’s no reason it should get a score anywhere below 4.

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There are other good options we found as well. is a popular way for professionals to connect and collaborate on for their projects. UltraVNC is a geek’s delight. There might not be a dearth of good options to toy with before settling on one good application to share your desktop through. But not all of them outperform Teamviewer. Do you know any other Teamviewer alternatives that you’d recommend to someone? We’d love to read your suggestions in the comments below, or drop us a line through the contact page.