Another Drop in the Ocean? How TechiesPad Aims to be Different

Rarely do things have a clear beginning. It’s a mystery when TechiesPad was first envisioned. This pet project of ours has had so many names and aliases that even we have lost count.

But why does TechiesPad matter? What do we plan to offer that is hard to find elsewhere? The answer is, a lot!

There is no dearth of blogs on technology; be it programming, hardware, software, apps, games or the average joe talking about trends in computing. And they come in varying degrees of complexity, right from broken english to jargon that’s positively discouraging to read. Needless to say, neither of the two extremes benefit the audience as much as they ought to gain from spending their time.

The very basic problems that the technology blogging sector has yet to eliminate are still apparent. A very common example is how virtually every post about iOS or Android finds it customary to bash the other. Too much polemics gets redundant, and while it might elicit a short smile, it really ads no value.


Then, there’s jargon. Chances are, a single mother trying to find a nice tablet for her kid’s birthday finds no use of long drawn monologue laced with an engineer’s vernacular passed off as detail. Those who do attempt to do away with jargon go too far, often saturating the narration with banalities.

But the most pervasive issue in tech blogging is the lack of an ensuing conversation. Perhaps in an attempt to look suave, most blogs deactivate or discourage comments. Without an active conversation on the topic on matters discussed, most interest is nipped in the bud. Why does it matter? Because the audience matters! Isn’t that supposed to be a cardinal rule of blogging?

TechiesPad, we confess, is not our first attempt at sparking a conversation around technology. We’ve tried our hands before on a few sub-genres, and have seen quite some success, and our share of failure as well. We gained something from each of those attempts, however, and with the amount of determination we have to accomplishing our goals with this project, we’re surely going to be an online force to reckon with.

So what makes us different from the tens of scores of websites which have been online for years now? Our frankness. We intent to initiate a dialogue with you, dear reader. We want to hear what you have to say.

TechiesPad intends to put technological trends to new perspectives, while analysing and deconstructing old ones. What is technological progress if it doesn’t shift paradigms? We also plan to bring you Op-Eds and Opinion pieces from people in the business.

Most importantly, however, our intention is to eliminate the culture of jargon that discourages newbies in the process of sounding smart or informed.

Whoever said Rome cannot be built in a day was right. So we’re building it over the weekend. And we’d love for you to spend some time with us, and encourage us to maybe put another weekend into it.