techiespad scholarship

TechiesPad demystifies technology. We are keen on exploring the hottest trends on the radar and get you the real meat you can’t say no to. The whole purpose of our exercise is to get wise up to the relationship between the Man and the Machine.

So, for anyone looking to muscle up with technology, TechiesPad is the weight.

And, we’re sure, there are many like us out there, with similar levels of passion, to decode the works of technology, gather inputs and imagine things in the first place.

TechiesPad’s Scholarship Program has been introduced to spot minds, brimming with ideas. Those, who believe, there’s no joy like the joys of technology and are passionate about talking trends and sharing opinions, are invited to be a part of your scholarship program.


  • Any student from any recognized institution of learning can apply.
  • To enter the program, the participants are required to submit an essay of 1000 words (or more, but not more than 2500 words) on any tech-specific issue that’s interesting for the world to know.
  • The scholarship program will get started on 16th July’17 and the last date to submit your essay is 16th December’17. Make sure, you don’t miss the deadline.

Submissions should be emailed to [email protected] and must include important details about you, such as name, current address and contact number.


  1. Your essay should be in proper English, unique and engaging.
  2. One submission per person. You cannot send more than one entry.
  3. The essay, which will set standards for others, will be declared as the Winner.

Reward Prize

The winner will be given a reward prize of $2000 towards the cost of the education. He/She will get an elaborate spread on our website as well.

Remember, your participation really matters to us. We are eager to get our hands on your applications. For further queries, you can email us on above email id or contact us here.

May the luck be with you!