Now Pay Your Rent to Your Landlord through TenantCloud- Review

TenantCloud is a property management software that gives its users end-to-end rental accounting and management solutions. This software is aimed at bridging the gap between landlords and tenants by offering an all-inclusive management solution. It lets landlords receive their payments online, screen all new applicants, invoice and charge late fines, with a free listing website as part of the package. Tenants are able to submit rental applications, make payments online, submit their requests for maintenance, and securely store their payment and rental history.
In this article, we will look at the features of this software; for landlords and tenants, as well as the pricing.

Now Pay Your Rent to Your Landlord through TenantCloud- Review

Features For Landlords

If you’re a landlord, this software lets you manage all your rentals with ease. Some of the features you enjoy as a landlord include:

  • Online Payments
    This property management software allows landlords to collect rent as well as other payments online. You can accept payment via PayPal, ACH, as well as any other credit and debit card payments. Better yet, you can retain the receipts and manage all your accounting on a single platform. The software’s full accounting feature lets you get your rental and financial reports when you need them.
  • ILS Syndication
    This feature lets landlords increase the number of prospective clients by posting their vacant rentals to TC Rentals, a personal listing source by TenantCloud. Besides, landlords can also post on other listing websites with a single click.
  • Custom Marketing Website
    Tenants using TenantCloud can also set up a custom website for free and market their vacancies in minutes. The customization levels allow users to add a video tour, add beautiful photos, and other information that would help find tenants with ease.
  • Online Rental Applications
    With the custom marketing website, tenants can accept and manage rental applications in the software’s account. We were also impressed by the fact that one can customize their rental application template, add terms and conditions, and set application fees and pre-approve settings. This feature also helps tenants change statuses and track the activities of their applications in the timeline.
  • Tenant Screenin
    If you want the best people occupying your property, then this feature is a good way to begin. This software allows tenants to discover all the information they might need about a potential tenant. The screening process is already incorporated into each user’s account and screening reports are attached to each application that comes in. This way, you can accept the best tenants only.
  • Renters Insurance Tracking
    With this software, protecting property and all the tenant’s assets is a lot easier because it is done on a single platform.
  • Rental Agreements, Notices, and E-Sign
    Another impressive feature landlords can leverage is the ability to create rental lease agreements as well as notices with a built-in document builder and ready-to-use templates. Better yet, landlords can go paperless and gather signatures for every form and on any device with the e-sign feature.
  • Contacts Management
    Managing tenant contacts has never been easier all thanks to this feature which allows landlords to store all contacts in their account for easy viewing, addition, and management of profiles. Better yet, landlords can add files, reminders, and notes on each of their contacts. The timeline also allows landlords to have an overview of all their contacts’ activities and track all updates.

Features For Tenants

With this property management software, tenants are able to easily pay their rent, sign leases, and submit property maintenance requests from their phones.

  • Online Applications
    With TenantCloud, tenants can apply to all listings they like in just a few clicks. The details from their Renter Profile is automatically copied to the application when they make submissions online. Besides, the software’s verification asserts the confidence that all listings are legitimate before you pay any deposit or application fee.
  • Tenant Match
    Are you looking for your perfect home? Well, this software lets landlords find you. We were impressed by the ability of tenants to fill in their rental wishlists and receive invites from landlords to inspect their listings based on the tenants’ matching and search criteria.
  • Online Maintenance Requests
    When you need something repaired, you don’t have to worry about making endless calls to your landlord. You just have to submit your maintenance request with video or photos and arrange for entrance approval.
  • Online Payments
    Yes, you can now pay rent from your application. You no longer have to worry about being late due to long bank queues because TenantCloud lets you send online rent payments via PayPal, ACH, or your debit or credit card. Whether you’re collecting expensive rent in a city like Chicago or just a few hundred dollars for a spare room, it’s time to say goodbye to late rent payments.

Pricing For Landlords

TenantCloud comes with three pricing options for landlords as highlighted below:

  • Basic
    This plan is entirely free and ideal for the DIY landlords who own few units. Signing up is free, it allows management of up to 75 units, one admin account, 10 notice templates, and file storage of 512 MB.
  • Standard
    This plan is the most popular option for DIY landlords who want to get a few extra features. At $9/month, landlords can manage up to 150 units, have 3 admin accounts, unlimited notice templates, Tenant Match feature, Google calendar sync, E-signature, and up to 1 GB of file storage space.
  • Advanced
    For $35/month, landlords and property managers can more than what the previous two plans have to offer. It allows the management of up to 500 units, unlimited notice templates, 5 admin accounts, TCPayments, Tenant Match, E-signature, Google calendar sync, and priority support.

Pricing For Tenants?

For Tenants, there’s only one plan – the basic plan – which is entirely free. All the features are free and creating an account is done instantly.

What TenantCloud Does Well?

Most of the users who gave this property management software some positive feedback were impressed by its affordability and ease of use. They also found it convenient to have all tenant information, payment statuses, and maintenance requests on one platform.

What TenantCloud Doesn’t Do Well?

The few users who have this software a negative review had issues with synchronization, a few system glitches, and complains about unreliable support.

All in all, TenantCloud gives a comprehensive set of features that let landlords manage their operations more efficiently while providing convenience to tenants.