Download Tinder App for PC (Windows) in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for a dating app? Whether you’re looking for a fling or a serious relationship, Tinder app will help you find the perfect match with a simple swipe to the right, And while most people use it on their smartphones, there is actually a way to set up and download Tinder for PC and that too free of cost. Check out how below.

Download Tinder App for PC (Windows) in 5 Easy Steps

Tinder Features

– Swipe right to like someone’s profile

– Swipe left to pass a profile

– Get a match when someone you swiped right does the same to you

– Paid Tinder Plus to give unlimited likes

– Passport feature to chat with single people no matter their location

– Super Likes to distinguish yourself from other likers

– Boost feature to become a top profile in your area

– Rewind feature to make a second swipe on the same profile

– Likes You feature to see every user who likes you

– Instagram integration

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Window 7 or later

RAM: 4GB or more

Storage Space: At least 6GB

Processor: Any Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor

Graphics Card: Any recent GPU from Intel, Nvidia, or ATI

Internet Connection: Broadband

How to Get Tinder on PC (Step by step guide)

Option 1: Using BlueStacks 4 Android Emulator


Step 1: Download your preferred internet download manager to speed up your downloads.

Step 2: Go to this link and click on ‘Download BlueStacks’.

Step 3: Once the executable file has been installed, double-click on it. 

If nothing happens, you should right-click on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

Step 4: Check the box on the right when the dialog box appears.

Step 5: Click the wrench icon to change the installation settings.

Step 6: Click on ‘Install Now’ and wait for a few minutes.

Step 7: Click ‘Complete’.

Step 8: Let the Android emulator go through the initial setup process.

Step 9: Choose your language from the available options on the Welcome screen.

Step 10: Log-in with your Google account.

Step 11: Look for the Search bar on the right.

Step 12: Type in ‘Tinder’ and click the app icon.

Step 13: Select ‘Install’ when you’re taken to the Google Play Store page of Tinder.

Step 14: Go back to the My Apps tab of BlueStacks 4.

Step 15: Find the Tinder app and click it to begin using it..

Option 2: Using the Tinder Online Web App


Step 1: Go to the Tinder website here.

Step 2: Log-in with your Facebook account.

Step 3: Pick the photos you want others to see.

Step 4: Create your bio.

Step 5: You can now begin finding a match.

Note that you have to drag a profile to the left or to the right instead of swiping like you normally would using the Tinder app.


1) Is Tinder available in my country?

Yes! The web version of Tinder was initially launched in select countries such as Indonesia, Italy, and the Philippines back in May 2017, but it’s been available around the world since September the same year.

2) Can I chat to my match on Tinder?

Yes. You can converse with your match while viewing their profile as well.

3) Can I view profiles from people located far from my location using Tinder?

Yes. The trick is to use a VPN service and choose an IP address located in the country you want to see Tinder profiles from. The app will use the geographical location of the current IP address to find potential matches — even if it’s not your real IP address.

4) How can I set up notifications using Tinder?

This largely depends on your web browser. If you’re on Chrome, select the ‘More’ icon represented by the three dots on the upper right. Go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Advanced’. Then, go to ‘Privacy & Security’ and scroll to ‘Content Settings’. Choose ‘Notifications’.

For Safari users, you just have to click ‘Preferences’ and then choose the Notifications tab. And lastly, those using Firefox should first go to the Tinder website. Then, they must click the info icon located beside the URL. Select ‘Permissions’ and go to ‘Notifications’.