Toon Blast for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

Games like Toon blast for PC gives a perfect way to spend your leisure hours. This new game has a revolutionary approach with playful animations. Classic cartoons and captivating soundtracks create a larger impact. This appealing game app offers a test to your mind and patience level to bring it to the rightful conclusion. 

A lot of the budding gamers believe in bringing in a new game to the market. The adventurous games allow solving the puzzle. This includes a lot of mind involvement, which ultimately gives your brain a boost. Once you download this app, you’ll notice a lot of countless obstacles that need to be overcome. This will open up new episodes and get you to the next level.   

About the Toon Blast App

This app is developed by the same group who have earlier given us the Toy Blast, one of the best puzzle games of recent years . It has unique gameplay and unlimited fun to it. It offers many interesting characters  such as the cooper cat, Bruno bear, Wally Wolf, and it also offers quite a lot of  challenging game levels that gamers like. This app is a powerful combo offering diverse pass levels. Solving the puzzle to help the Toon gang to travel all across the magical place is the charm of this game. The importance of the app lies in the engagement it creates in the gamers’ life. 

Key features of the App 

The key features of the Toon blast app are listed below;

· It has a complete tone of challenging level, which will unlock new episodes.

· The objective is to play with unique motivation to entertain the obstacles.

· Unlocking the whacky booster to blast will make your way to reach the next level.

· Collecting the stars once you complete each level, open the gateway to rule the world of puzzles.

· You have the privilege to create your team and compete with the other in the puzzle.

· This app game can sync in between your phone or tablet with any difficulty. 

· Play this game on different platforms 

Toon blast is a perfect game for the children to explore and enjoy using their minds. It is mainly designed to engage the little minds in the puzzle and explore it extensively. It helps your child to hold their attention for some time. 

How to Download Toon Blast App for Windows?

If you are willing to play Toon Blast on PC running on Windows OS, it is easy to do so. Toon Blast has a lot of wonderful graphics to play. Taking this as a positive point, you can download the app on the windows to enjoy a bigger screen, faster performances, and other innovative features.

Look for the compatibility to install the app on your PC. You can download this app on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows as well. The visuals of the game are happening and engaging. After your success in the 1st level of the game, then you will be taken over to the next level. Each level has a specific range of motion that a player needs to make. 

You can begin the game with five lives. Each time you fall while playing, one of the collected lives will be dropped. You need to give the appropriate answer to the puzzles. Once you have completed one level, reclaiming your life is possible. 

TitledContent Information
App NameToon Blast
Size398.6 MB
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Security5386 version
Last Updated08/10/20

Downloading procedure for Toon Blast for Windows:

Firstly, install and download Bluestack

Secondly, once it is downloaded, connect the app with your Google Gmail or any other account. You can even create a new account to get connected. 

Thirdly, search ‘Toon Blast’ on the search box.

Fourthly, once you get the Toon Blast option, tap on the install button to let the download process start. Wait for some time to download the app. 

Fifthly, once it is downloaded, create an account and start playing Toon Blast on your PC windows.

As a general rule of the game, you can start looking for the option of combos at the bottom of the screen. These combos not only allow the new cubes to drop, in fact, but you will also get better chances of compressing the cubes in a similar color altogether. 

Focusing on the objective is pivotal to win the game. With each level, you’ll have a different objective to explore. Different colors or ducks appear to bring in a new target or focus on each level. If you can correlate to the objective, then winning each level will be easier.

Before you start matching the boxes, it is advised to evaluate the board first. The smaller clusters will end up having groups together in a few blocks. If you start randomly, then you’ll lose the charm of two blocks combining. Set up multiple blocks to combine to win each level. You can target to unite special blocks around four types or more to aim whenever you get a chance. 

Why Can’t We Download It from the Official Play Store?

 Often it happens that you are using iOS 13. In that case, downloading from Google play store will be difficult. You need to open your personal Apple profile and swipe down to notice the update or download button. Tap on it based on your requirement. Never use the updated pop-up link that appears on your screen to download Toon Blast. These links don’t work. Those who are using windows won’t face any trouble in this case.   


1.      How many levels are present in Toon Blast?

There are 3000 levels with amazing puzzles. In the latest update, 50 new levels are added to it. 

2.      Is there a way to enjoy unlimited lives in this game?

There are several legitimate ways where you can enjoy more lives while playing the game. Join the team after you reach level 20. This is a swift way to generate unlimited lives regularly. 

3.      How much does it cost to play Toon Blast?

The best thing about Toon Blast is that it does not force users to watch annoying ads in the middle of the game or in between each round of the game. So you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted and exciting experience while playing this game. You can purchase coins given as an option. Packages are starting from $1.99 to $99.99. You can choose to play free without any purchase (with certain restrictions).

4.      Can I redo levels in Toon Blast?

No. it is not possible to replay the previously played levels in Toon Blast. You need to move one with the regular levels step by step. 


Toon blast for PC is a perfect mood-setting game that caters to all the causal to expert players’ gaming requirements. It is a focus mind game that is mildly addictive to the player. You will undoubtedly be entertained and excited to play the visually impactful intensive game like Toon Blast. Download the app to play on your PC on a larger screen.