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Can You Track AirTag Miles Away

If you are an AirTag user, you may have difficulty keeping a check on your personal belongings and need help tracking them. Thanks to AirTag, it is easier to locate any lost items now. However, the most asked question about AirTag is whether you can track it from afar.

Through this article, we will discuss the AirTag tracking range, how an AirTag functions and what you can do to maximise it and ensure that your items can be retrieved easily.

How to Track AirTag Far Away

The best thing about AirTag by Apple is that it can be tracked from any distance. Even though there is a suggested distance until you can quickly locate your AirTag using your iPhone, there are other ways to track it far away.

The Find My app on any iPhone can easily track your AirTag and then send the location information on your device. It will show the last location of the AirTag on your device if the AirTag is nearby. Moreover, you can play a sound on the AirTag to locate it quickly. If the AirTag is too far from your reach, any iPhone with a functional Find My app can track it and send the location details on your phone.

How AirTag’s Tracking System Operates

The AirTag tracking device is small-sized and can be easily tagged to your personal belongings. To understand how the tracking system in AirTag works, read on.

  • AirTag uses its Bluetooth feature to connect with any iPhone or iPad close by with the Find My app installed.
  • The secure signals from the AirTag are then detected by all nearby iPhones or iPads, giving them location details of the AirTag.
  • The in-built speaker on the AirTag plays a sound that allows you to find its precise location that uses UWB technology to make the tracking precise and correct.

Limitations of AirTag’s Tracking Range

The defined tracking range of AirTag is set at 33 feet of any iPhone or iPad with the Find My app on it and can receive signals from the AirTag. It also means that even though there is a set range, you can be miles away from your device and still get the location alert if any other device is near the AirTag. Hence, the range may be limited, but the distance between you and your AirTag can be unlimited.

Methods to Track an AirTag from a Distance

If you want to track down an AirTag, here is how you can do it even from far away-

  • On your iPhone/iPad, go to the Find My app and click on the Items option.
  • Click on AirTag and tap on the Find Nearby option.
  • Now, follow the instructions on the screen and then move the device in the area to connect with a nearby AirTag.
  • As soon as the device comes in the tracking range with an AirTag, you can select the Play Sound option on your device to have the nearby AirTag play the sound so that you can locate it.

However, suppose the device is far away. In that case, it is crucial that any iPhone/iPad with a functional Find My account is near the AirTag so that when that device detects your AirTag, the Find My app can send you the location details along with the timestamp to your device. Also, if the device is not within the range of the AirTag, it will show its last location, and you can go for the Notify Me feature that lets you know when the AirTag is detectable again.

Real-world Examples of Long-distance AirTag Tracking

Here are some common real-life scenarios where an AirTag has been tracked far away from its device-

  • If your luggage got exchanged with another person at the airport, the AirTag could help track it even if it has gotten far away from the location. Moreover, if the person does not have an iPhone but uses the Find My app, you can quickly locate it.
  • If you misplace your car keys in your house, you can locate them using the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • If you have mistakenly left your personal belongings at a friend’s place, you can use the Find My app on your device and ask your friend if they hear a noise in the house. If yes, they will be able to find the item, or they could also use their Find My app to locate it.

How to Improve AirTag Tracking Efficiency

Below are some essential ways to improve the efficiency of your AirTag-

  • Functional Find My account- Make sure your device has an active Find My account connected to the AirTag you want to keep track of.
  • Using the Precision Finding feature- The tracking efficiency of an AirTag can be improved if you use the precision feature to track an item and gets its exact location. However, you will require a U1 chip device to access this feature.
  • Checking the battery life- Ensure that you check the battery life of your AirTag to have apt tracking. Even though AirTag has a 12-month battery life, activating it only when you need to track an item is crucial. If it is not required, make sure the AirTag remains switched off.

Steps to Maximise AirTag’s Tracking Range

To maximise the tracking range for your AirTag, follow the below methods-

  • Remember to keep your AirTag active and connected to your Find My app.
  • It is also essential that the AirTag has enough battery life to track the device from anywhere.
  • Make sure the AirTag has a unique name so that it can be tracked and found easily.
  • Never leave an AirTag unattended and switched off, especially if connected to an item.


AirTag is one of the most exciting tracking devices available in the market. However, it is crucial that the AirTag is active and has enough battery to be tracked from afar. Since AirTag does not have a set parameter on how far it can be before you can track its location, you will only need it synced with your iPhone/iPad to make it traceable from any part of the world.