What is: CTF Loader ‘ctfmon.exe’

A lot of times, while going through the computer’s task manager, you may see a message that may appear and disappear repeatedly. This message is about a process named ctfmon.exe (CTF Loader), and it can become the root cause of your PC’s decreased performance.

Hence, to be sure that the CTF Loader is not the reason behind any system-related problems, you need to understand the CTF Loader. Although there are simple fixes, which we will be discussing later, to solve the CTF Loader related error, let us first learn the basics.

About CTF Loader

Also referred to as ctfmon.exe, the CTF loader is short for the Collaborative Translation Framework loader. In the Windows programs, the CTF loader is the chief handler for voice recognition and handwriting tool. It is an essential file as it is responsible for activating the MS Office Language Bar as well as the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor. The same can be located in the task manager when using the MS Office application.

A lot of times, the CTF loader is misunderstood as the fundamental problem for any system malfunctioning. For instance, if a virus may enter the system, disguised as a ctfmon.exe file, and hence necessary checks must be done to be sure. However, the CTF loader, if acting out, will only lead to a slow-processing system. Therefore, if it turns out to be the problem, the same must be fixed timely.

Locating the CTF Loader

Available in the system folder, the CTF loader runs from a file found within. To locate the file, you must follow below steps:

  • In the task manager, look for the CTF loader.
  • In the Processes tab, select the Open file location option in the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Windows Explorer, i.e., C\Windows\System32.
  • It will also show the ctfmon.exe file. For 64-bit Windows users, the same is available at C\Windows\SysWOW64.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the properties by right-clicking on the file. The signature of the file will be available in the details tab.
  • If there are any odd signatures, you can monitor through this tab.
  • Remember that a lot of times, hackers assign viruses’ names similar to those of the simple files. However, without real malware-detecting software, this is a difficult task.
  • If the files are found outside the system folder, then it is most probably a virus. Try running a diagnostic test if the .exe file is found anywhere on the computer.

How can you fix CTF Loader errors?

As an essential part of the Windows, CTF Loader operates the Speech applets and text services. Hence, if the same is working as per the control panel, the ctfmon.exe file will show up in the MSConfig when you use the apps.

To be able to fix the CTF Loader related errors, you will require access to an administrator’s account. Below are the fixes that can help you get over CTF loader error:

1. Remove the Executable

First one up is a method considered as the best to get over the CTF loader errors. Below are the steps to remove it:

  • At the location C:\Windows\System32, look up the system32 folder.
  • Find the ctfmon.exe file, and delete it.
  • Scan the computer, for any possible malware, as the persisting issue can be due to a virus.
  • Next up, on the Start menu, look up the services.msc file.
  • Now, search for touch keyboard and handwriting option, on the services list, and double-click on it.
  • You will be directed to startup type.
  • Here, select the Disabled option, and click on Apply changes.

Disabling the handwriting service and the Touch Keyboard could also help remove the CTF loader error from your PC. However, this will mean that voice recognition, as well as the handwriting software, will not be operational anymore. Hence, if you do not wish to stop these features, look for an alternative method to resolve this.

2. Running an update

This is an important checkpoint. If your Windows version is outdated, the CTF loader error may be one of the recurring issues, among many others. Therefore, updating Windows may eliminate these errors from your PC. Just go to the Settings tab and update your windows.

3. Restore your PC

If you have already performed the above options, and yet the error seems to persist, this may be the last resort. Restoring the factory settings on your PC might eliminate the CTF Loader error.

Follow the below steps to restore your PC:

  • Go to the Control Panel. From the available options, choose the Recovery option.
  • Now, click on the Open System Restore option, and then click on Next.
  • Select a restore point on the dialog box, and click on the Scan for affected programs option.
  • After this, select the Close > Next > Finish, once the process is complete. This will make your PC operate as how it did before any changes that were in the system. This will also improve your PC’s overall performance.

Note: Before restoring your PC, do make sure that you take a backup of all the files and data on the PC.

The endnote

If none of the above fixes helped, reconsider getting the PC examined by a professional. Although the CFT Loader errors do not indicate any major concerns, it is only appropriate to get a technical glitch sorted in time, before it creates any data-related difficulty.