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USTV for PC Mac Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

USTV is a well-known video streaming app that allows users to watch various popular TV channels on a smartphone or a tablet for free. The TV channels available in USTV range from various news channels to sports channels as well as entertainment channels such as movies, sit-coms, and comedy channels. The most appealing part of the app is that these channels are offered to users completely free of cost. What you normally watch after paying cable fees on your TV, you can now watch it on your smartphones with just the Internet cost incurring. USTV is only available as an app in the Google Play Store for Android users. This guide will take you through the process of downloading this app on your PC. Thereafter, you can comfortably watch USTV on the bigger display of your PC as compared to your phone or tablet.

How to Download USTV for PC

1.      To download any conventional app on your PC, you will most certainly need the help of an emulator. The emulator replicates the Android environment on your PC and makes it more conducive to the app. By doing so, the emulator facilitates the downloading process of the app making it available for use on your PC.

2.      As this app is available in the Google Play Store, you will have to use an Android emulator for this purpose. Using any emulator for any other operating system will not work in this case.

3.      The recommended Android emulator is BlueStacks or Nox Player. Both these emulators are widely used to download Android apps of all kinds. Other than these two, you can download any android emulator you know of that works with major glitches. Ideally, all of them should get you to your final result.

4.      Once you have downloaded the emulator, set it up on your PC and install it. When the process is complete, launch the emulator. You will find the theme of the emulator to be exactly similar to that of an Android smartphone. The Google Play store icon should be on the homepage of your emulator. Open it.

5.      As you are using the play store for the first time using your PC, you will be required to log in to the store before you can download any app. If you have an existing Play Store account, you can put in those credentials to log in. If not, you can instantly make a new Google ID and register with the store. The process just requires simple email verification.

6.      You will get unrestricted access to download all the apps in the Play Store after you have successfully logged in. Search for USTV on the search bar of the app store. The app will instantly appear as your search result.

7.      Click on Install. Once the app is installed, you find the icon of USTV on the homepage of your emulator. Launch the app and enjoy streaming live content without paying anything!

USTV – Salient Features

·        USTV streams content from various channels across the world thereby not restricting to American channels only. You can watch CNN US, CNN International, BBC UK, as well as BBC News. The list of channels is constantly reviewed and updated with more content.

·        With the help of the auto-update, all media channels especially the news channel update their content. This allows USTV to bring the latest real-time news to users watching.

·        You can make your user channel by manually creating media libraries. The favourites tool allows you to add your favourite channels to a separate folder. As and when new content is added to these channels, you will be instantly alerted by notifications.

·        You can also record shows in your required video quality all in real-time.

·        Several in-app integrations of USTV with several popular social media networking sites enable users to share TV shows and media of USTV directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

·        The interface is extremely user-friendly as well as appealing at the same time. This app does not require flash to run so that is a bonus.

·        USTV offers several filters that you can manually add while watching USTV. These help render the video better thereby increasing the quality.


With the bigger display of a PC compared to a smartphone or a tablet, the user experience is also enhanced by several manifolds. Follow this guide to download USTV on your PC and enjoy your favorite shows with your friends and family without having to pay any extra money!Reference: