13 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows & Series Free (Full Online Episodes 2020)

We have all been there, binging your favorite TV shows, only to realize that you don’t have all the episodes to complete the storyline. However, now that is about to come to an end and with some of the top sites that allow you to stream your favorite TV shows and web series for free, you will never be left without an important episode.

Since you are streaming all of these sites, they are completely free. You don’t need to worry about dealing with copyright issues like those sites that force you to download. In this article, we have focused on some of the top streaming sites for watching TV Series and shows in 2019.

13 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows & Series Free (Full Online Episodes 2019)

Best Sites To Watch TV Shows/Series Online For Free:

Sony Crackle is a site that is own by Sony Pictures and this means you have some of the best content at the best possible quality. While you still need to sign up with a free account, you won’t be constantly bombarded with emails and Sony is a reputable company. The only downside to this site is that it has a multitude of ads that could frustrate you.

Additionally, the site also comes with a mobile APP that will make it possible to view your favorite shows remotely. The APP is functional and constantly updated with the latest software. We definitely recommend this site for the multitude of different TV shows that you have at the touch of a button.



Tubi is quite similar to Crackle and it also offers the user a combination of TV shows and movies to watch. The site is partnered with some of the top movie production companies and should include all your favorite episodes. Unfortunately, the site does track your viewing history if you would like to remain anonymous, but it is available on a wide variety of different platforms.

According to the site, it has more than 40,000 episodes of various TV shows and this means you won’t run out of content to watch any time soon.


YahooView is a newer site that you can use and it has partnered with Hulu. The site partners with massive companies like ABC, NBC, and FOX to bring you some of the best TV shows that have ever been produced. Since it is a couple of reputable companies that have combined to create this site, you can rest assured that you are safe.

The only downside is the organization of the content and it does seem a little tricky to actually find something specific you are looking for.



Much like Crackle, Showbox is also a great site with a lot of content that can be found. You can easily stream your favorite movies and it allows you to download some of the movies and TV shows. We love the fact that the site is constantly updated and monitored, which means you will remain safe when actually using it.

However, you need to know that when you start downloading the content, you do run the risk of being prosecuted in certain countries and this is something that does happen.



Popcornflix is a site that has been known for the quality of the full-length movies. However, the site also streams great quality TV shows and this will make it a versatile option to have on your PC. The site is really easy to use, but the ad models can be a little frustrating. It is also worth noting that it does not have many new TV shows.



Describe as a community search engine, SearchTV is a site designed to help you find some of the TV shows and episodes you are looking for. You can find out what is currently trending if you need something new to start watching. It also claims to have every movie and TV show that you could think off. However, we have found the searching to be rather hit-or-miss.



Yidio is really similar to ShareTv and it also points you in the right direction when you are looking for specific types of TV shows. It does have a lot of information you can use like all the IMDb information to ensure the shows you are looking for are highly rated. It might point you to paid sites and this could be frustrating for some users, but you could also find something you did not know you were looking for


YouTube has always been our trusted friend and while it mostly designed for shorted videos, you do find many of the popular TV shows lurking around. You can choose the quality of the show if you do find it. However, it is tough to find newer TV shows as YouTube does remove content that violates copyright laws in the US. It is definitely worth giving it a shot if you can’t find your TV show anywhere else.



If you are looking for Pirated content, this is one of the sites you should consider using. It includes a vast array of different content and all of this can be streamed for free. However, it does also mean you need to download some of the content if you want to watch it. This could put you in the sights of law enforcement, especially if the content does have a few copyright laws protecting it in certain countries.



TVPlayer is designed for people living in the UK and it includes a free account and a paid account. With the free account, you have a limited number of features and the TV shows are also quite limited. However, you can upgrade to the paid account and use the full interface to find what you are looking for. TVPlayer might not be your number one option, but it is definitely a great option to have if you need something specific.



If you don’t like modern TV shows, or you would like to relive some of the older classics, RetroVision might be the perfect site for you to consider. The site is packed full of older content and this is streamed at high quality. It does have a free Android APP, but the TV shows are never updated and you won’t find some of the modern TV shows here.



If you are into the world of superheroes, CW TV might be one of the best places to start looking for them. This site offers you some of the latest TV shows and you won’t need to worry about signing up for anything. The streaming quality is pretty high and the site is constantly updated with some of the newest TV shows available.

CW Seed is also a similar site and while it might sound a little illegal, we can assure you that everything here is legal. The site will allow you to view all the DC superhero movies you might love. However, it does not have any Marvel content and this could be a little frustrating for the Avenger fans.



Pluto TV is one of those sites that will emulate your cable connection. The site is perfect for watching some of your favorite soaps and this is all done in high quality. However, you can’t watch whatever shows you want and it works much like normal television. Users also have the ability to see what is showing at a later date and plan ahead of time.

Pluto TV is also limited to only a few shows and much like cable; you are bound to find a couple of reruns. The streaming quality is really good, but channels are also limited. However, it is a versatile site and allows users to also watch movies. The movie channels will continuously play movies throughout the day.


It is quite easy to simply search for free sites that show TV shows, but it is hard to find one that offers everything you could dream of. While all of the sites do have a limited database, you should find something you like on these sites. We would recommend all of them for the quality they offer and the fact that they are completely free.