techies pad cover is looking for content writers with just the right amount of skills, creativity and passion for technology.

We’re looking for individuals, who wish to explore the full might of the tech world and carry an enthusiasm for hot gadgets, latest apps, great innovations and a lot more.

If you have creative juices flowing, and can craft a tech piece that’s attention-grabbing, this opportunity is sure to give you the rush.

Job Requirements

  1. Excellent English writing and comprehension skills with powerful vocabulary.
  2. 0-4 years of experience in writing for blogs, preferably TECH.
  3. A sufficient understanding of tech-related developments and everything that’s hot and happening in the industry. Must be able to write long list based articles and How To’s.
  4. Well-versed with the technical jargon, but ability to write in plain yet engaging words.
  5. High attention to detail and ability to handle deadlines effectively.
  6. A stickler for discipline and professionalism, as they are the keys to work efficiency.
  7. A zeal to innovate and learn fresh skills.

What We Offer

  1. Good remuneration, according to your skills and scope of contribution.
  2. Great infrastructure to keep you well in comfort.
  3. A light-hearted, friendly work environment with recreation facilities;
  4. A team that’s encouraging and mutually supportive to create a collaborative success.

Salary: Negotiable, based on candidate’s skill-sets and industry standards

Freshers can feel free to apply.

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