WhatsApp As Never Before: Try These 14 Tricks If You Haven’t Already

WhatsApp is changing with the times. But sad that most of its features are still not explored.

It’s so much of madness there. And, if you’re wondering what sort of, you’re probably too far from exploring the messaging app.

To kick things off, we have rounded up some of the coolest WhatsApp tricks, which you hardly know existed.

Having these, you will be using WhatsApp like a pro for the most part.

Without further delay, let’s see what’s in the trove!


Best Whatsapp Tips & Tricks 2018


1. Editing Pictures Before Sending

Editing Pictures Before Sending

Let’s not mince words here, you’ve lived the risk of sending an awkward picture to a friend on WhatsApp. We all have, actually!

The feels, that come after this screw-up, is completely unhandy.

If you’re the one, whose stories pass through the editing room more often, this feature is up for catch. And, what’s more important to know that the feature is exclusive to iPhone users only.

While choosing an image to send via WhatsApp, you now have an option to apply filters before sending. You need to ‘Swipe Up for Filters’ for selecting one among the options, namely Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film.

This is how you can make your pictures behave. 


2. Choosing Your Default Language

Choosing Your Default Language

Where there are language barriers, there are two people jailed by their own words.

WhatsApp helps you deal with the language you’ve zero knowledge about by giving you an instant translator inside.

Just pick a language you know, and a language you want your messages to get translated into. And, get amazed to see a tool working so instantly and flawlessly at all given levels.

  • Open a chat and tap on the reply box.
  • You will see a Google option. Click it and reach the option given next to the GIF tab.
  • Now, select the language you’re comfortable typing a message in. And, a language you need your messages to get converted into.
  • Now, enter text to translate.
  • Whatever you type will get translated immediately.

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3. Replying Without Getting Online

Replying Without Getting Online

More and more busybodies are trying to prick nose into your WhatsApping.

The moment you show up as Online, they start bombarding you with messages, and you’re left with no option, but to yell out a big Hello to them.

Not anymore!

Download Hidden Chat for WhatsApp – an easy, intuitive app that lets you read and respond to your texts without showing up online for your contacts. It successfully veils your movement on the platform by disabling the blue tick feature as well.

That means, your last seen will appear as 6:04 pm only, even if you’re responding to your texts at 6:15 pm. All through this app!

Download Hidden Chat for WhatsApp from Play Store.


4. Listening to Voice Messages Secretly

Think of all the beauty of listening to your voice messages privately, even at a loss of your headphones.

Have we raised the eyebrows enough? Oh yes, we have!

Because you don’t want the human sitting next to you to know what your bae has to say about the latest dress you’ve got, just play the voice message and hold your smartphone closer to your ears, much like what you do when you attend a call.

The proximity sensor will play the message straight on the earpiece, without leaving anything out in the air for others to interpret.

Sounds convenient, right? 


5. Opening Shared Links Without Closing WhatsApp

Opening Shared Links Without Closing WhatsApp

You’ve got a video link on WhatsApp, clicking which, you’re instantly directed to YouTube. And, your WhatsApp closes down right away.

If this has bothered you long enough, this is one of the best whatsapp tricks that you need.

Not many people know that there is a little tweak to open these shared links without closing their WhatsApp.

Similar to what you experience when you’re accessing other apps on your smartphone and a message on Facebook Messenger pops up like a bubble on the screen!

Download Flynx – an app touted as one of the essentials to use WhatsApp like a pro. It runs everything you receive on WhatsApp as links, so that your multitasking doesn’t get hampered. Every link gets hooked to the outlining of the screen, making you save a lot of time and mobile data.

Flynx is available in multiple languages, including Arabian, Chinese, French and German, and therefore, it is one of the most user-centric WhatsApp-based app you’ll get to know.

Download Flynx From Play Store.


6. Hiding WhatsApp Chats from Prying Eyes

Hiding WhatsApp Chats from Prying Eyes

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Prying eyes are huge privacy defaulters. You must have met people who just can’t take their eyes off your WhatsApp. Why? Because they are droolers as nosers.

What’s your business is none of others’ business. And, there is one coolest way to shove this fact straight to the heads.

Pull down a curtain on your WhatsApp using Mask Chat and keep things private. This whatsapp trick is a simple application that draws down a black shade on whatever you’re accessing on your smartphone in a way that nothing’s visible to the onlookers, the shoulder-surfers.

The best part is that despite this curtain, your finger touch works as perfectly as before, so that you can do the usual business with no issues at all.

Mask Chat is totally the need of the hour to save your private information and data from the nosy people when you’re commuting, sharing bank details, dating online, and more.

Not just WhatsApp, you can use Mask Chat for any of your social media applications and phone screen, in general.

Download Mask Chat from Play Store.


7. Sending Unique Emojis to Contacts

Sending Unique Emojis to Contacts

Emojis are a proof how technology has mastered the nuances of human nature.

We’ve already started doubting the fact that whether we’ll be able to express ourselves effectively or not if emojis stop existing tomorrow. No brainer, they bring some great action in the conversation. And, if not that, at least we’ve something to say when we don’t have anything to say. (hope, you get the pun here)

Now, there’s an application for WhatsApp emojis – Emojico – which maintains a cool trail of different-different emojis to elevate the mood of your conversations.

You get over 100 emoji combinations spread across in 9 different categories, namely fun, mood, messages, sports, food, music, holidays, movies and more.

Just copy the emoji you like and paste it to the reply section of the chat. You’re done!

Download EmojiCo from Play Store.


8. Keeping a WhatsApp Profile Under Surveillance

Keeping a WhatsApp Profile Under Surveillance

Those with deep-seated trust issues, or having spying as their second nature, should turn their faces here.

P.S. If you’re one among them, this is no trophy! Trust your relationships unless, of course, you doubt that the other person is a terrorist.

The most annoying thing, for anyone keeping close tabs on a WhatsApp contact, is the disabling of the last seen option. You cannot track the in-whatsapp and out-whatsapp moments of such a contact that keeps you on the hook, totally peeved.

Relax,  there’s an app that helps make such surveillance possible.

Download WhatsAgent – an application that lets you keep a tight vigil on a particular contact and get notifications for the same. You can see when a person has logged in, and for how long, even when he’s turned off his last seen.

Download WhatsAgent on Play Store.


9. Joining WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Groups

You need access to several interesting groups to keep your WhatsApp game on point.

After all, there’s much happening on the other side of this planet. There is fresh humor nobody has laughed over. There are ideas waiting to get on the right hands. And, there are lots of interesting facts, which are still needed to be heard about.

All this can happen only when you can connect with right people on the most handiest platform that the WhatsApp is.

Download Groups for WhatsApp and touch base with some of the most amazing WhatsApp groups of different genres. And, make new friends even!

You get to browse over 20 categories of WhatsApp groups, such as Games, Education, Humor, Buy N Sell, Movies, Love and Friendship, and find invite links. Just tap on the group icon you’re interested in and get an invite link to join the group.

Download Groups for WhatsApp from Play Store.


10. Giving Automatic Replies to WhatsApp Texts

Automatic Replies to WhatsApp Texts

It’s a busy world. And, WhatsApp can’t get the best of you always.

If you’re losing the plot, it’s time that you think activating a medium, which automatically responds to your texts on WhatsApp.

Download WhatReply – an application that lets you auto-respond to your texts on WhatsApp, and manage your conversations on your behalf. This is an Android app, and is downloadable for free.

You just need to type the message you wish to gyrate around, and you’re done.  

So, there’s no compulsion to open the chat and reply. You can simply select this auto-respond service and avoid unnecessary problems to the maximum.

Download WhatReply on Play Store.

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11. Checking Who Reads Your Messages in a Group

Who Reads Your Messages

A common, yet not so common thing on WhatsApp!

Generally, it’s very difficult to see who has seen your messages, and who hasn’t. You see a single tick, which is an indication that the message has reached, but the blue ticks appear only when it’s been read by all.

The question is – how to figure out those who has read your messages?

For those, who have lots of groups to talk a deal about, this feature is nothing short of excellent.

Just long-tap the message you’ve sent on the group and click (i) option appearing on the toolbar above. You will get all the details about who have seen your message at what time.



12. Locking Specific Chats on WhatsApp

Locking Specific Chats on WhatsApp

Rewrite privacy setup of your WhatsApp by choosing not just an app locker, but a locker that restricts access to a specific chat trail on your WhatsApp.

This is doable!

Download WhatsApp Chat Locker – a new way to augment your personal privacy on the chatting platform. Using this, you can individually lock a specific chat and keep things close to your chest.

This application is a viable way to block individual, friend and group conversations. The interface is very easy and intuitive to use, and all you need is to create a password that blocks any foreign access to your chats.

Customization of password is simple. And, there is even a hint password to get your back if you forgets the main key.

Download WhatsApp Chat Locker on Play Store.


13. Listening to WhatsApp Messages While Driving

Listening to WhatsApp Messages While Driving

Driving and WhatsApping don’t go hand in hand.

If you’re using WhatsApp, you aren’t giving the kind of attention your driving needs. This is why, WhatsDrive Handsfree for WhatsApp!

An application that speaks out the incoming messages to you, so that you are done away with the need of holding your smartphone and checking the texts. Using this app, you are acquainted with who’s sending you messages and what he/she is writing to you.

Not just driving, you can use this application when your hands are busy cooking food, doing gyming, babysitting, playing any sport and much more.

This is indeed to cool addition to stay glued to your WhatsApp.

Download Handsfree for WhatsApp Here.


14. Saving WhatsApp Status Images and Videos

Saving WhatsApp Status Images and Videos

Found a status that looks like your jam?

You can simply download and save the status updates in your phone’s gallery by using – Story Savers for WhatsApp application – an application that lets you download the stories you’ve already seen straight to your phone’s storage, and that too, very quickly.

You can save multiple images and videos shared by your contact as a story.

Download Story Saver for WhatsApp on Play Store.

These are some of the Whatsapp tricks that have enthralled us. If you’ve anything to add, share it with us using the comments section below, and we’ll mention it here.