Why are Mobile Slots Games So Popular?

Every online casino has a huge choice of games. There are classic card options such as poker and blackjack, while most outlets will also list all the main versions of roulette.

Each operator likes to diversify, but one area of the casino attracts more customers than any other. The slot machines provide the busiest section, and the fact that there are now hundreds of slot games is a clear indication of that popularity.

How Slots Work

All individual slot games work a little differently, but many follow the mechanics of classic fruit machines that pre-date the digital age. Each slot carries a number of different symbols. Some will be related to the theme of the game, while others will be generic, such as the 10, J, Q, K and A from a deck of cards.

Players press a button to spin the reels and the initial aim is to line up matching symbols across one or more pay lines. 

The majority of casino games online will also have special symbols that can lead to bonus rounds. Typically, there may be free spins, wheel of fortune games, or a pick round, where players select from three treasure chests.

Those are the basic mechanics, but slots can be as simple or as complex as the game producers decide. They also come in a host of different themes, with cartoons, TV shows, fantasy and adventure games among the most popular.

In short, they are the most versatile part of any online casino, and that’s one of the reasons behind their popularity.

How Slots are Played

Online slots can be played on any connected device at one of the many online slots providers available on the internet. Static PCs will work perfectly well, as will laptops, but many players prefer the flexibility of a mobile smartphone. The question of how to play, could all come down to the preferences of each individual player, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each option.

A PC or laptop can be ideal for those who just taking a quick break from their regular online activities. It’s quick and easy to log in to your casino account and load your favourite slot games. All titles should be available via flash software, so there is no need for any additional downloads.

Of course, a PC cannot be used to play slot games on the go, and this is where mobile devices have an obvious advantage. In order to access the game, players will need to download the casino app before loading the slot.

Once that’s been taken care of, the game can be quickly loaded into the screen. The majority of recent slot releases have all been optimized for mobile, which means there should be no loss of playing experience. In the case of some older games, they may not quite fit the screen perfectly so, if you have an old favorite, this may be a potential disadvantage.

Another possible issue lies in the downloading of the apps. If you play at many casinos, you will need to have all these apps on your phone if you want to access them on the go. This can lead to a crowded interface which can potentially drain the phone’s memory.

There are some small downsides, but the plus points of mobile play tend to outweigh them. Slots are meant to be fun, fast games where the results come in after a quick spin of the reels. A mobile device fits this style of play perfectly, while the convenience element means that slots can be played anywhere there is an internet connection.

Why Slots Rule the Casinos

Why are slots so much more popular than roulette, blackjack or any other type of casino game? The other options have a loyal following, but they cannot match the main competitor.

Firstly, it could come down to a question of choice. At any online operator, there may be many hundreds of slot titles to select from. There are thousands in total, produced by specialist software developers, and new games are being released on a weekly basis.

While those same developers have produced clever twists to games such as roulette and blackjack, slots offer them a blank canvas. There’s an almost limitless supply of potential themes, symbols and bonus features that can be utilized.

Fast and Furious

Slot machines also produce quick results, there is no waiting around for complex and slow hands of poker before the outcome is known. A quick spin of the reels completes the process, and the player decides whether to keep playing or to move on.

Slots may also translate to mobile devices better than other casino games. In the majority of cases, those apps are available on all the main software platforms, including iOS and Android.

There are many reasons why slots are so popular, but those twin elements of speed and choice, may be the crucial elements.