Best Windows 10 Custom Themes For Enhanced Experience (2019)

Windows 10 user interface is an uncomplicated arrangement of the visual elements laid out neatly across the screen. This OS is much better looking than any of its predecessors. The default theme itself is very attractive. But, the OS will never let you get bored of just one style, for it supports tons of stunning windows 10 themes totally free of cost. A click or two and you have the theme deployed on your computer from Microsoft Website. Yes! It’s that easy. In addition, this instalment of Windows also allows you to download some interesting third-party themes.

We have handpicked the top themes for Windows 10 and compiled this list for you. These windows themes are a celebration of colours, artistry and imagery. Take a look!

Best Windows 10 Themes 2019

Windows 10 Custom Themes
Key Features
Suited For
Download Link
DashMuted Grey, third-party themeSimple, abundant use of shades of greyThose who like dull, neutral coloursDownload
OxfordThird-partyTidy, elegant theme, high readabilityThose looking for a simple yet easily readable layoutDownload
Aurora BorealisNatural Wonders, LandscapesVisually appealing, dark themeThose who are intrigued by eerie natural phenomenaDownload
MarblesPhotographic ArtVibrant Colours, lightweightMarbles or bright colours loversDownload
Forza MotorSportAutomotive, motorsport, videogame-basedVery Customizable, LightweightRacing games and flashy cars loversDownload
Child of LightVideogame based, watercolour art, fantasyBeautiful watercolour artChild of Light game fansDownload
Beach SunsetPlaces & Landscapes, Beaches, SunsetHigh quality beach imagesEveryoneDownload
Changing SeasonsHoliday & Seasons, Plants & FlowersSoothing photographs of flowersNature and flower loversDownload
Cityscapes PanoramicPanoramic, skyline, city landscapePanoramic view of the cities at nightFans of city lightsDownload
NASA Hidden UniverseNatural Wonders, Celestial, AstronomyColourful and detailedThose fascinated by the universal realm beyond earthDownload


1. Dash


If you like shades of grey, there is a good chance you will like the Dash theme for Windows 10. This third-party theme is all about various shades of subdued grey spread throughout the screen and across all the elements of the OS including folders and navigation panes, files, system tray, task bar, start menu, menus, desktop and more.

The icon area in the folder is light grey in colour (whitish you may say) to maintain readability. Navigation panes, on the other hand, have a dark background. Dash is a low-key theme suited for those who like to keep the visuals simple. Those who like colours will find it rather dull.

This is a third-party theme. Although it is safe, we would recommend you to create a system restore point before deploying.


2. Oxford


Oxford is another simple yet elegant looking third-party theme for Windows 10. This theme makes use of colours and keeps them unobtrusive. It has covered most parts of the design in soft-light. Grey is prominent, but not as abundantly used as in the Dash theme. The icons, onscreen texts, and menu bar are in Grey but blend very well with the overall colour scheme. You will find Oxford brighter and more readable than the Dash theme.

What we like the most about this theme is how it treats the native icons. Instead of using regular images for icons, Oxford converts them into what looks like a hand drawn pencil art. The grey icons appear neat and uncluttered on the white background. In fact, there is an understated grace to the entire theme.  The tidy arrangement of the various elements of the OS is pleasing to the eyes. It is a user friendly theme and you will get used to it fast. It is one of our personal favourites.


3. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Aurora is a remarkable natural phenomenon that covers the sky with the stunning bright lights. When the solar wind thrusts the electrically charged particles into the earth’s atmosphere, the northern sky becomes a spectacle that most could only imagine to witness in the Hollywood Sci-Fi movies. This theme presents the carousel of photographs taken at the right moment when these lights stretched over the vast, natural landscapes in many parts of the world.

Aurora Borealis is a dark theme for the obvious reason that these lights appear only at night. To remain consistent with these wallpapers, the theme darkens the visual elements of the operating system.

While without any shred of doubt the theme offers an incredible visual appeal, the readability may seem compromised at places. The theme is slightly customizable for it lets you alter the luminosity, but you still stay in the range from moderately dark to very dark. Nevertheless, it is a good theme to try.

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4. Marbles


Marbles is an official Windows 10 theme. This theme offers 11 wallpapers, which are already available on the DesktopBackground folder in Themes/Marbles folder on your Windows drive. If you wish to change the overall look and feel of Windows interface, you can download the entire theme from Microsoft Website.

This lightweight theme takes less than 10 MB space on your hard drive and has no apparent impact on the performance of your computer.

This theme features the beautiful photographs of variety of marbles strategically captured in the right lighting setup. Colourful marbles rolled into a corner, randomly settling one over the other and bathed in bright light, showcase themselves in a lovely perspective. Then there is the wallpaper with mono-coloured, semi-transparent marbles arranged in a single column covered in soft-blue subdued light. Or you could beautify your desktop with marbles replete with multicoloured, spiralling ribbons winding up to the top.


5. Forza MotorSport

Forza MotorSport

Forza MotorSport is an incredibly popular racing game on Xbox platform. This line of racing games has released multiple instalments over the last few years. If you are a Forza game fan or the sight of swanky, fast sport cars triggers the adrenalin rush in your body, you will love this theme. It is one of the most customizable Windows 10 themes you will find.

Most windows themes offer only handful of options to personalize your OS. Forza has more than 15 wallpapers to cycle on the desktop of almost all the popular cars including Ferrari, Merc, McLaren, BMW and more. That’s not it though! It also offers 9 logon screens, the number that largely remains unmatched.

Forza theme also lets you update your personal account picture and customize the icons in many different ways. In spite of being high resolution theme, Forza consumes less than 5MB space on your hard disk. It is a treat for the automotive fans.


6. Child of Light

Child of Light

The little girl Aurora you manoeuvre across the vast, water-colour painted, scenic world of Lemuria on your Xbox One finds her way to your desktop in the form of this theme. This eponymous game-based theme chronicles here quest to defeat the evil Queen of Night. It is available on the Microsoft website. Once downloaded, you can deploy it with a single click.

The water-coloured wallpapers have a strong visual appeal but there is also a strong sense of calm eeriness to them. The pictures depict quiet and yet it feels they will come to life any moment. This is perhaps how the 19 wallpapers narrate the story so effectively.

Most of the wallpapers paint outdoor settings, some take you inside the castle. The theme retains the default blue of Windows, which sets well with the colour scheme of the wallpapers.


7. Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset

Sunset is one of the most photographed, filmed and painted natural phenomena; and why not? When the sun casts the amber, red, yellow colours across the sky in the evening, it offers us the most incredible spectacle to behold. And the view is even more spectacular when the sun goes down the horizon throwing the same colours over the vast extent of wrinkled water and sand on the beach. There is no denying the beaches offer the most incredible view of the sunset.

Beach Sunset theme presents to you the amazing pictures of beach sunset from across the world. Although all the 15 wallpapers in this theme are about sunset on the beach, each one offers you a completely different perspective.

With subtle variations to the colour tone, lighting, and viewpoint, the photographer made sure that every picture was incredibly unique.

The theme uses blue colour for windows, which you may not find well suited to overall colour structure. This is because during sunset, sea isn’t as blue as in the day. So, you might want to personalize the windows colour to blend it with the wallpapers.


8. Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Spending several hours stating at your computer screen makes your eyes feel tired. But there are ways to sooth your eyes and mind even during the long, exhausting day at work. Custom Windows 10 themes and wallpapers are more important than you may realize. Catching a glimpse of the soothing picture every once in a while has a profound impact on your visual senses.

Changing Seasons theme for Windows 10 brings to you a collection of 18 beautiful images of the flowers depicting various seasons throughout the year. Shot in the natural light, these colourful photographs are a visual delight. They relax your mind and make you feel less stressed out.


9. Cityscapes Panoramic

Cityscapes Panoramic

Most panoramic windows 10 themes by Microsoft are best viewed on the dual monitor setup; Cityscapes Panoramic is no exception.

You will enjoy the full extent of the wallpapers on the extended display. It looks fine on the single monitor too, though you don’t get to see the wide angle view of the city landscape. Try to squeeze to fit all of it and the image gets distorted; not really very pleasing to the eyes.

Cityscapes Panoramic theme offers to you high quality photographs of the urban landscapes from many parts of the world including Kuala Lumpur, London, Guangzhou, and more.


10. NASA Hidden Universe

NASA Hidden Universe

Intergalactic, interstellar, celestial, planetary, astronomy – do these words intrigue you? If yes, you must have already seen some breathtaking pictures of the universe. But, there is nothing like what Microsoft packs in this theme of 14 unseen wallpapers of our universe.

The theme brings to you the high quality photographs of various universal phenomena in vivid and vibrant colours. The theme changes the windows colour to grey, which blends well with the overall colour scheme. You can cycle the images on your screen in the intervals ranging from a few seconds to 24 hours.

These were the best Windows 10 custom themes we picked out for you. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.