Windows 8.1: Product key and related activation methods

An outstanding operating system, Windows 8.1, was developed as an update to the original Windows 8 after it started receiving negative feedback. It is considered the best Windows version until now. This OS has managed to decrease start-up time. Now, like every other operating system, Windows 8.1 also requires a unique sequence of numbers to access the main system. This sequence of numbers is identified as the product key. Moreover, the windows 8.1 product key is a significant element of the installation process.

About Windows 8.1 Key

Like any other software, while installing the Windows 8.1 operating system, a product key is required to be input when halfway through. This product key, also known as the installation key, is a unique 25-character code. Without this Windows 8.1 pro product key, the software would not receive the necessary license, and hence the software shall be deemed as unauthorized. Also, not having the installation keys will result in a failed attempt at being able to access Windows 8.1 completely. Other than this, the users may face several security issues, inadequate support from the OS, and inability to access many features. Hence, you must have access to the Windows 8.1 pro activation key to get done with the installation.

In this article, we will be discussing the Windows 8.1 pro key, and different ways to activate your Windows 8.1 using it.

How to locate the Windows 8.1 Pro product key

Locating the Windows 8.1 pro key is not very complicated. However, a lot of times, people confuse the Windows Product Key with the Product ID. Here, we have assembled a list of alternatives to help you obtain your Windows 8.1 pro product key:

1. For new computers with preinstalled Windows 8.1, you should be able to locate the Windows 8.1 key on a sticker, pasted somewhere on the computer.


2. If the computer has been bought from an authorized dealer and has no sticker on it, simply get in touch with the dealer for the Windows 8.1 key.


3. In case you have bought a copy of the software on a CD/DVD, the installation keys should be inside the box, mentioned on a card.


4. If you have purchased Windows 8.1 through online sources, the Windows 8.1 serials (or the Product key) will be sent to you via email on the address shared by you, at the time of purchase. The email will have all your billing details, link to the Windows 8.1 installer, and the Windows 8.1 pro product key.


5. This is the last resort, in case you have installed the OS already, using the Windows 8.1 serials, however, can’t find the product key anymore. There is a variety of online software that can help in retrieving the installation keys. iSumsoft Product Key Finder, PassFab Product Key Recovery are some of them.

How to activate using Windows 8.1 pro key

Activating your newly-installed Windows 8.1 is an easy yet crucial process. And, hence, you must be aware of the appropriate steps to be followed in a set sequence to activate the software, in one go. Below are the two ways to get through the activation process using the Windows 8.1 pro activation key:

1. Using an Internet Connection

This one is the most commonly used method to activate your Windows 8.1 pro key on your computer. Follow the below-mentioned steps to set off Windows 8.1, with the help of an internet connection:

Step 1: Click on the Start button on the main screen and type PC settings in the search box.

Step 2: Now, on the PC settings window, select the Activate Windows option.

Step 3: Next, copy the Windows 8.1 pro activation key, and paste it on the computer screen. Click on Next.

Step 4: Once you are through this, a set of instructions will show on your computer’s screen. Go ahead and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once finished, your Windows 8.1 will be fully activated. However, if this method does not prove useful, we have another way to help you.

2. Using Smartphone

It is also possible to activate Windows 8.1 completely, with the help of a phone. The reason behind it is that Windows 8.1 is in sync with Android-based devices. To active it using Windows 8.1 key follow below steps:

Step 1: Click on the Start button and type PC settings, in the search box. Now, click on PC settings.

Step 2: Select the Activate Windows option and click on the Contact Customer guide. Further, you need to create an Administrator Password or confirm the selection.

Step 3: Next, select your current location from the available list. This can also be the nearest place to your current location. Once selected, click on Next to proceed.

Step 4: Just dial the Windows 8.1 pro product key on the phone. An automatic system will take you through the activation procedure.

Important Note: The Windows 8.1 versions for computers, as well as smartphones, utilize the same installation keys. Hence, you can use the same Product Key you used to activate the Windows 8.1 in your smartphone, to activate the software on your computer.

The endnote

You must own the Windows 8.1 product key to be able to run and access Windows 8.1, completely. The installation keys are designed in a way that these appear in this form: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. A Windows 8.1 product key is a unique 25-character code that helps in activating the software, and verifying that the software is a genuine product and not a duplicate. Moreover, it is essential to identify that an active product key confirms that it is not copied, or is a replica to another key.

I hope this article has addressed all your queries about the Windows 8.1 Product Key, and you were able to activate Windows on your PC, using the above techniques.

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