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Wyze App for PC Free Download 2021

Wyze products are the complete solution to a smart and automated house that adds a touch of magic to your otherwise simple lives by saving energy and contributing towards a sustainable society. By installing Wyze products in your homes or workplaces, you can control them using motion sensing or even through wireless connections. With the help of the Android and Apple mobile application versions of Wyze, you can manage Wyze products better and while on the move too. The steps listed below will assist you in installing Wyze app for PCs. The bigger display of your PCs and laptops as compared to your phones will give you an enhanced user experience, especially while watching Wyze cam recordings and the like.

wyze cam app for pc
Wyze App for PC

How to Download Wyze Cam on PCs and Laptops

To be able to download an surveillance app on your desktops, you will require an emulator to start with irrespective of the operating system you are using. The emulator will install the Android or iOS environment on your PCs, which can then be used to download Wyze or any smartphone application for that matter.

Android Users:

·        There are several android emulators that you can download on your PCs. The most popular emulator that is widely used is Bluestacks on your pc. The download link to install BlueStacks is as follows:

·        Another widely used Android Emulator is KoPlayer. The download link to KoPlayer is as follows: KoPlayer is considered to be one of the best Android gaming emulators available online.

·        You will need to download and install the emulator on your systems. Once the emulator is installed and loaded up, the home screen will contain a Google Play Store icon.

·        You will be required to sign in or sign up (if you do not already have an account in Play Store) to be able to install apps.

·        Once you have completed the process of log-in, all you need to do is type Wyze on the search tab and you can simply download the application once the search result shows up.

iOS users:

·        The process is exactly repeated but now with an iOS emulator and iOS App Store. MobiOne Studio is one of the better iOS emulators for PCs. The download link to MobiOne is as follows:

·        SmartFace is another popular iOS emulator that is very user-friendly and compatible with both Windows and Macbooks. The download link of SmartFace is

·        Once you have installed an iOS emulator of your choice, on opening the emulator, the home page should contain the Apple Store icon.

·        You will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID or make a new one if you do not have one already before you can download any app from the Store.

·        After setting up and logging into the Apple Store, on searching for Wyze, you will be able to locate and download it for your PC.  

Wyze Products – Artificial Intelligence-powered

·        Wyze Scale: Wyze Scale is an automated weight measuring device that measures more than just your body weight. Measurements include your body fat %, BMI (Body Mass Index), your heart rate, water content in your body, muscle mass and even Visceral fat percentage in your body. Wyze Scale has integrations with fitness apps and syncs all the relevant information with those applications. The surface is made of sensor glass is extremely sleek in design.

·        Wyze Band: Wyze Band is a smartwatch that syncs with other Wyze devices around you and allows you to operate those apps from the band itself. You can even access Alexa from the Band. All you need to do is press and hold the home button and talk to Alexa.

·        Wyze Locks: Wyze Lock is a smart locking solution that can be used completely hands-free via Alexa or even with a synced Google Assistant. The lock sends you a notification in the Wyze desktop App if you have left your house without locking the doors. The lock is extremely simple to install, as it fits perfectly with most conventional door lock systems.

·        Wyze Cam: One of the most popular Wyze devices is the wyze cam app for windows 10. The camera records in full HD 1080p sends live streams to your connected devices and also has an 8x Digital Zoom.

·        Wyze Bulb: You can control Wyze Bulbs with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. You can similarly change the mood of the lighting in your room and personalize functions for your light bulbs with the wyze cam app for pc.

·        Wyze Plug and Wyze Sense are also automated smart devices that can be used completely hands-free.

How to use Wyze Cam Products:

The procedure is extremely simple and just takes three simple steps

1)     Once you have bought your Wyze Cam products, install them correctly. (Eg. Screw the light bulbs in their sockets, install cams at your required angle, etc,)

2)     Sync the products with the Wyze Cam app. Additionally, you can also sync your devices with a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

3)     You are done! Now you can control your devices from the Wyze Cam app for windows.


Wyze products are smart and make life easier for their users. You can now control your products while working on your laptops or PCs without having to move a muscle. View wyzecam on pc, provides a larger display and makes shifting between operating various Wyze products simpler. Have you ever imagined the door unlocking itself, the lights turning on and music starting to play, even before you have stepped foot on your house? Wyze App and products make it possible. Make sure you follow all the methods given above to download Wyze app for pc. If you face any problem while installing, do share with screenshot .