XMEye for PC Mac Windows 10/8.1/7 – Free Download

Developed by Huangwanhsui, XMEye is a state-of-the-art surveillance solution to secure and protect your places of interest. The app connects with XMEye security cameras and delivers live footage from the same directly to the interface. Not only can you watch the footage but significantly move the cameras left/right or tilt and pan to get a better view. The app is extremely powerful and can connect with over 500 devices at a time. With the help of in-app notification alerts, you will be informed whenever the camera detects suspicious activity. Although XMEye is only available as a smartphone application, this guide will help you download XMEye for PC and allow you to keep an eye on the footage while you are working.

How to Download XMEye for PC

As this app is available in both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store, either an Android or an iOS emulator can be used to download this app. Both the processes yield the same result so you can use either. The steps for the methods are laid out below:

Steps to Download XMEye using an iOS emulator

1.      The iOS emulator brings to your PC an iPhone-like setting that facilitates in downloading this app. Since the app is available in the Apple Store, this method is feasible.

2.      If you are looking for a good emulator to download, the recommended one is iPadian. iPadian is widely used and easily downloadable from its website online. Having said that, there are several other good emulators that you can also use.

3.      After downloading and installing the emulator on your PC, launch it. The theme of the emulator should resemble that of an iPhone interface. If not, there is a problem with the emulator and you need to try again with another emulator.

4.      Find the App Store icon on the homepage of the emulator and open it. A log-in window will pop up immediately. You are required to log in since you are opening the store for the first time from your PC. If you have an Apple account linked with the store, you can use that or register for a new one otherwise.

5.      Once you have successfully registered and logged in to the store, go to the search bar and search for XMEye. The app will appear instantly

6.      Click on the ‘Install’ button next to the app. XMEye will be downloaded and installed to the emulator.

Steps to download XMEye Software for PC using an Android emulator

1.      A recommended Android emulator is BlueStacks. Nox Player is also a good alternative. Both these emulators are extremely reliable and very popular.

2.      After downloading the emulator, set it up on your PC and launch it. The interface of the emulator should be exactly like that of an Android smartphone.

3.      Open the Google Play Store icon from the homepage of the emulator. At this stage, you will have to sign in to the app store.

4.      You can either use an existing Play Store account or register for a new one.

5.      Once you have successfully logged in to the store, you can download the apps available here. Search for XMEye in the search bar.

6.      Once the app appears, click on the Install button. After installation, the icon of XMEye will appear on the homepage of your emulator. Launch the app and secure your homes and workplaces.

Salient Features of XMEye

·        XMEye security cameras are available on Amazon. You will need to gave XMEye cameras to make the app work as it won’t connect to cameras of any other company.

·        The cameras are meant for all-weather purposes and provide 1080HD video streams.

·        The cameras can be tilted and panned from the app.

·        XMEye cameras are loaded with motion sensors. As soon as motion is detected in the footage, a notification is sent to the app at once.

·        The cameras come with night vision modes to allow better recordings in low lit places.

·        You can sync up to 500 cameras with the app at a time.


With XMEye for PC, you’ll get a wider display of your PC that will allow you to watch the surveillance footage with better precision. This enhances the user experience and leads to better productivity of the app. Try out this alternative by following this guide!

Reference: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobile.myeye.pro&hl=en_GB