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Zoom App for PC Mac Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

Zoom App is one of the most popular apps that support video conferences, online meetings, and also group messages. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Zoom has taken technology on an exponential ride with its top-notch online meeting facilities. You can conduct meetings with people all over the world and make sure business is running smoothly, all from your smartphone or PC using Zoom. This app is available both as a smartphone application as well as a Windows application. This allows us to download Zoom App for PC in several ways. The methods are listed below:

How to Download Zoom App for PC using an Emulator

1.      As this app is available in both the Google Play Store as well as the iOS Apple Store, you can use an emulator to download it on your PC. An emulator will allow smartphone applications to run on your PC by duplicating the smartphone operating systems on to your PC.

2.      You can use either an Android or an iOS Emulator for this purpose. Both should work the same with a difference in their interfaces. A recommended Android emulator would be BlueStacks and a recommended iOS emulator would be iPadian or MobiOne Studio. You can get these emulators easily from their online sites. Several other good quality emulators are easily available online. You can use any of those as well.

3.      Once you have downloaded an emulator of your choice, install it and set it up on your PC. You need to give administrative permissions during installations. Launch the emulator once it’s done. If it is an Android emulator, the interface will be similar to that of an Android smartphone. If it is an iOS emulator, it will be similar to an iPhone.

4.      Locate the Google Play Store icon or the Apple Store icon depending on your emulator. It should be on the home screen itself. Open the app store.

5.      At this stage, you will be asked to log in to either App Store as this is the first time you are using the store from this device. You will need to log in with your Google ID if it is an Android emulator or your Apple ID for an iOS one. If you do not have a pre-existing account. You will need to register with a new account which requires a simple verification only.

6.      Once you have successfully logged in to the respective app stores, you will be able to download any app from there. Search for Zoom App in the search bar.

7.      The app will appear as a search result. Click on Install. Once the installation is done, you will find the app icon on the homepage of your emulator.

8.      Click on the app and launch Zoom

How to Download Zoom App for Windows

1.      Due to the increased popularity of the app, Zoom has also opened a download link for Windows which can be found on their website. The link is as follows:

2.      On opening this link, a download of the installer will automatically start.

3.      Once the installer is downloaded, launch the set-up files.

4.      Select the directory where you want this app to be installed on your PC.

5.      After the app is installed, you can use Zoom to conduct meetings and online classes from your Windows PC. Note that this is only for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, Zoom has no official download link for it. In that case, you have to follow the steps above and download Zoom using an emulator.

Salient Features of Zoom

·        With the Zoom app, you can video call with 100 people at a time from different parts of the world.

·        You can also screen share from your smartphones and PC. This feature is particularly helpful while taking online classes or giving an online presentation

·        You can schedule meetings, the ID for which is protected and secured. Only invited members can join. This helps in avoiding zoom bombers as they are newly called.

·        If you are driving while attending a Zoom meeting, Zoom has a driving mode that you can activate. This will automatically switch to audio and allow risk-free driving.

·        Zoom allows you to connect to people using all operating systems and also telephones.


Download the Zoom app for PC and start your zoom meetings. It is safe, secure, and increasingly growing to be the first option for online classes as well, alongside meetings and video conferences. Follow the guide and use Zoom on your PCs.