How to Download Orfox for Windows 10?

Do you wish to browse the internet and ensure full-proof security without worrying about any privacy issues? This can now be made possible with the Orfox application. Orfox is an application that enables you to do secured internet browsing while being completely anonymous. This application …

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Download TextMe for PC – Windows 7,8.1,10

textme for pc

Everyone in today’s world is connected with one another through texts, calls and messaging. Most of this communication is enabled through mobile phones or smart mobile gadgets but not via your personal computer. Textme for pc is one such application that helps you text, call …

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GoodNotes for Windows 10, 8, 8.1 Free Download


GoodNotes for Windows is a flagship document management and note-taking application that allows you to take quick transfer notes from icloud to android which are tailor-made to personalized requirements. With several hundred note templates to choose from, GoodNotes for pc transforms your tablets and laptops …

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Wyze App for PC Free Download 2021

wyze app for pc

Wyze products are the complete solution to a smart and automated house that adds a touch of magic to your otherwise simple lives by saving energy and contributing towards a sustainable society. By installing Wyze products in your homes or workplaces, you can control them …

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Guitar Hero 3 PC Version Download 2021

guitar hero for pc

Guitar Hero 3 is a part of the iconic series of Guitar Hero games. This is a rhythm guitar game that allows you to live the experience of a real guitarist and play in front of an audience. The audience also complements your guitar skills …

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Directv App for PC Windows 10 Free Download

directv app for pc

Directv is a portable video streaming solution that offers users a gamut of streaming choices. You can watch your favorite sports channels and view all the breaking news of the hour, watch your TV series as well movies that are being streamed, all while you …

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4 Reasons to Use a VPN for File Downloads

VPNs have become an almost ubiquitous part of online security, especially for tech-savvy users who download plenty of files. However, until the time comes when everyone is using one, there’s still room for improvement. There are dozens of reasons to use a VPN on Windows …

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How to Download VeryFitPro for PC Windows 10 Guide

Veryfitpro for windows

Veryfitpro is one of the best fitness tracker applications that record users’ movements with utmost accuracy and efficiency. As the name of the application suggests, the application keeps a track of your everyday activities with intricacy. The application also keeps a track of personal data …

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